Sunday, August 22, 2010

Outing with Girls, then Kai at the Garage

Today was the day, after so many weeks of delaying and more delaying, we gals finally kept our date!
First, Charm came to fetch me in her new Mini Cooper S cabrio, which was great because for the longest time, I've been missing the feeling of sitting in the passenger seat! It's always either I'm driving, or sitting behind with Kai if Daddy drives.
I love my first time sitting in a convertible! But I just cant stand the sun beating down on me. Contradicting, no? Heh heh!

So anyway, we went to Meena's place at Telok Kurau then walked over with Vetrin in the pram to Garden Slug cafe for our lunch. I had deliberately left Kai at home because it's almost impossible to bring him out these days - he's always running and trying to bowl things over in a vicious attempt to make his parents bankrupt!
Too many car-mods, Chanels and a recent Hermes disease maybe? :P

But at the cafe, I found myself checking out the kids' menu uncontrollaby, and then immediately I wished Kai was there with us. I'm sucha sucker, I know. Hur hur.

After the quick lunch, we brought the Baby Mobile for a service. With Baby Kai in tow of course!

So there he was at the garage with us, he's clearly engrossed watching Uncles Wilson and Nigel jacking this and turning that.

'cuse my car plate number, too lazy to edit away. But if you see me on the roads, you know to keep away from this kayu driver!

Kai was imitating the engine sounds of the Porsche. "Oooorrrhhhhh.... OOrrrhh" he went. And Uncle Wilson went "You be careful when this fella gets his licence!" .. Well, till the day he stops soiling his diapers, young man. LOL

Okay so this was our Satuday. Good night peeps!

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