Monday, December 20, 2010

Bali Indonesia Dec 2010... Lifes a beach!

We are back!

Enjoyed loads of sun, sand, water, and seafood. Even our little riot enjoyed himself running around, swimming, and getting his tan. I dont wanna come back to reality!

Adam was actually dancing outside the Hard Rock shop to the Rock 'n' Roll music!

and he danced his way back to our room :D

My Kuta cowboys!

Having dinner by the beach watching sunset. This is the life :D

Julia Roberts was here.

Natural water spring temple.

Visited coffee plantation. Coffee from civet cat poop? No thanks for me! :P

Andy is roasting poop coffee beans :D

at Kuta Beach...

Our lil Rascal!

Came back with (small) presents for my gal friendssss :)))
Recharged and rejuvenated now.

Happy Holidays dear all!
Lotsa love,
Veron, Andy, Adam :)

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