Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A weekend with family & friends

My exams' results are finally out - I PASSED! Yay~ I passed and scored even higher than in my 1st sem! I'm soooooo happpppyyyyy. So now Sem 2 is officially over. Time to cough up the school fees and get ready for Year 2 - Semesters 3 and 4.

Cousins playdate
Some random photos from a random noon at my Aunt's place - with my cousins' kids. The four of em munkies again. This was before both Bryan & Chloe broke out in measles. I thought it is compulsory to vaccinate babies with MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) in SG but apparently they still got it??!!? Poor kids. Poor cousins. Hope they recover soon.

together with Aunt LY, we brought Kai to another aunt's house for playdate.

Friends got married
Arjun & Deepa tied the knot after 12.5yrs of dating. All weddings are unique and special in their own ways just like every couple is unique, but this wedding was different - it was exceptionally happy. There were a lot of wine, laughter, music and dancing.
Luke & his awesome band performed live. The bride & groom danced. Their parents danced. Even the grandparents danced. Needless to say, Andy & I danced. As did everyone else.
As I quote Deepa's mom - "when children find true love, parents find true happiness".

Cousin's daughter turned 1yr old
Crystal's (Andy's cousin) daughter Adrina turns one. That's a major milestone, and we were happy to celebrate with her. Demure and pretty little princess :)

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