Friday, March 11, 2011


These days, Kai is often raising his hand (always his right hand, don't ask me why) in a threaten-to-beat action and saying "Beat" in Mandarin. My apologies but I am not in the mood to look for a translated Mandarin substitute for the word.

And everytime, I would ask him (in Mandarin) "Who beat Kaikai?"
Kai: Teacher. *short pause* Beat.
Me: Teacher beat Kaikai??
Kai: *usually smiles sheepishly or smacks me lightly, or both actions simultaneously*

Last night, he did it again. When asked, he said it was Teacher at first. When asked again, he said "Daddy" and he grinned. The Daddy in question was of course, just beside us so I turned and asked "Daddy did you beat Kaikai?" Andy gave me a blank stare trying not to laugh and Kai grinned sheepishly.

This action has been going on for quite a few days now, so I asked one of the teachers at his playschool this morning. The teacher explained to me that every teacher adores Kaikai because he is lively and happy in class. After I got home, his teacher-in-charge called me and explained to me rather anxiously that the school has a no-hitting policy and nobody has ever smacked him before and that she has to clarify with me.

Ok, to make things a little clearer - in our family (including my in-laws), we do not practice corporal punishment. We do not even have a cane in the house and we have never laid hands on Kai. So if he was really smacked by anyone at all in school, I would at the very least like to know the situation preceeding the beating and be given an explanation.
I won't do drastic measures like sue or write to the press of course and his teacher really needn't be so anxious because I know how difficult it is to look after pre-schoolers and I won't complain to MOE and cause her to lose her job or anything. But surely I had the right to be informed?
But seems that my son is not beaten afterall.

What's up with the words & actions?

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