Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hong Kong Feb 2011: my Birthday weekend

Hubby went to see us off at the airport.

Hello Hong Kong!

in the hotel room....

At their local markets. My Dad & I love their beef tripe noodles so much we ate it everyday.

The first night at Women's Street

Met up with my relatives for yum cha and dim sum at their cha chan tengs in the noons

and some home-cooked goodness at the comfort of their home

We feel so at home! The weather was freezing outside and it's great to hide in the cozy indoors.

Like what you see in the typical HK movies, their homes are all tiny flats with the CCTVs and mailboxes at the lobby.

my cheeky bubs.

Chanced upon this MUFC restaurant bar & merchandise store.
My mum bought MUFC merchandise for a happy Kai.

the entire street behind our hotel were rows and rows of petshops selling cute puppies and kitties. I brought Kai there everyday. Those were the only times he was free to run around and be happy.

Poor kid was strapped into his stroller most of the time, which was fine when he was a younger little bundle, but not anymore it seems.
Now, he's all for running and exploring. Our future trips need to be more carefully planned, with kid-friendly activities.

Wokie dokies! That's about all from our HK trip.

I had a blast on my Birthday celebrations this year, I truly did.
I'm counting my lucky stars for being blessed with wonderful people in my life, whom I'll never trade for the world.
Thanks all once again for making everything special for me.

With a busy but very happy February behind me, I am now going to concentrate fully on Kai's 2nd birthday preparations. Stay tuned for more! :)

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