Friday, March 18, 2011

Steamboat dinner with my Family

Went for steamboat dinner tonight with my Aunt LY, Grandma, brother JJ and his gf Liping.... and of course, my boys.
It's a rooftop steamboat at AMK central. The spread is decent with my favourite shelled cockles and prawns.
Unlike most steamboats I've been to, due to its outdoor rooftop concept and a huge industrial fan, the venue is actually very airy and well-ventilated. We enjoyed ourselves eating and laughing and didn't sweat one bit!

Kai and his favourite person in the world

The contrast between young and old is compelling

The it couple

After dinner at the playground

I absolutely adore my family!
This weekend, we'll be busy sourcing/confirming our sofa, refrigerator, etc etc... and we have not one but TWO baby functions to attend - my niece's 1st birthday and Andy's distant nephew's full month shower.
It's gonna be a busy weekend.

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