Saturday, July 2, 2011

Steamboat dinner with our old friends

Angeline and I go a looooooong way back.
No, we're not closet lesbians but really old friends dating back to the old Doggysite days.
Like.... really really long... 8 years?!?!?!
Now we are not only dog-mummies, but also mums to little boys as well!

Had them over this Saturday noon to chill and have dinner, but we dont happen to have any exciting programs running on TV so we had no choice but to bore everyone with our Planet Earth blue-rays... Especially David Attenborough's monotonous voice... Heeehehe!

You can tell my silly son really yearns for a playmate, can't you?

Silly babies! Adam & Matthias! How come Adam's friends' names always start with 'M'??
Tomorrow he has a date with Morgan again!

I didn't realise how un-baby friendly our home is until today - no high chair, no playpen, no safety gates. Just lots of space for my silly Pre-schooler to zoom around.
Maybe my little boy is all grown up!!!

Oh by the way, my hair looks super Aunty today, but that's because I'm trying to grow long hair again. Very sick of short short hair already..... Been 2 years now. Time for a change yah??

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