Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bye bye work. See you in December!

I'm officially not working as of last week. Been given Hospitalisation leave till I deliver, so basically everyday I'm just sitting around waiting for "it" to happen. I'm currently 35-weeks. If Baby #2 decides to come on Week 37 like Adam, then it won't be long from now. *jitters*

Meanwhile, it feels terrific having the housework taken care of by our helper. I feel less tired and happier, having more time to rest and simply do nothing since I've been working full-time all the way up till recently, and having to deal with an active 3 year-old.

We should be mostly settled for now. Andy decided last minute to get a playpen instead of fixing up Adam's old cot because our bedroom is obviously too tiny, so we went out to buy a Graco Pack & Play Barcelona bluegrass. We haven't got down to fixing it up yet but I reckon it's rather easy peasy.

I guess I'll just enjoy the good times before having to deal with night-feeds and diaper-changing all over again.

P.S. Last night, as Andy & I were preparing to leave for dinner, Adam suddenly declared that he was tired and wanted to sleep. What surprised me was that that was actually the 1st time he said he wants to sleep because all along using the Zzzz word is like taboo to him. We need to go through a routine of watching 1 or 2 iPad movies, drink milk then followed by sleep. So yesterday was like skipping 2 steps and going straight to bed. Makes me feel that my boy is all grown up now, having a mind of his own and deciding things for himself.
I'm proud of him but at the same time sad to let his baby side go!

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