Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last leg of pregnancy

I'm 32W+ now, and I'm feeling more tired than ever. I am on leave this week due to the arrival of the new maid, so I spend most of my time sleeping and just resting in bed.
My back and pelvis are in immense pain, to the point where sometimes when I'm getting up it just catches me by surprise, the kind of paralysing pain which makes me feel like my lower body and upper body are gonna fall apart.

I've not been very mobile, I can't walk too much now, and even walking from Tampines Interchange to Century Square requires so much effort and I feel the constant need to sit down.

As for preparation for the baby's coming, well I've been far more relaxed this time. Or is it because my mind is willing but the body is not? I haven't packed my hospital bag yet, but good news is I managed to buy Adam's present (from his sibling), and also a button-down night dress for the hospital stay.

How's the Hubby prepared for the birth? I would say he's feeling very "pregnant" as well. These days he is always complaining of tiredness and goes to bed early.
And he's not talking coherently at times. For example we were discussing about Adam's birth and he asked me "Was Adam induced?" I was like "Are you nuts? He broke the water bag and when we reached hospital, they inserted a urine catheter for me and wheeled me off to OT already. Where were you?? Abducted by aliens?"

Ok. That's it for now. I'm feeling tired. Again. I need to go take a power-nap before picking Adam up from school. Ciao.

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