Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Maid updates

After growing up without a maid, Adam is still not used to the idea of live-in help yet.
Initial few days, he would ask me at bedtime, "Where is Aunty sleeping?", "Where is Aunty's home?" and I have to explain she's sleeping in his Play Room because she has no home and she needs a room to sleep, otherwise she will be very poor thing sleeping in the streets.

Another issue is, he's very annoyed with Dwi following him everywhere.
There are times when he prefers to play alone, but she'll be following closely behind him, which pisses him off.
She's making alot of effort trying to get Adam to accept her and play with her, but I pity Dwi, this boy of mine isn't one to suffer any fools.
He will growl at her (I think he learned the growling from Maverick), and if she doesn't back off, he will cry and shout for Mommeeeeee!!!!
On one hand, here's a 3 year-old who wants to explore independence and autonomy, and on the other hand, I have a helper who's trying so hard to win her new charge over. It sure is tough.

I have to constantly assure her to leave him alone to play on his own, even if he falls he has to learn how to get back on his own feet.
I certainly hope she gets the idea one day.
I see many maids chasing after running children these days - at parties, in malls, in general public - a far cry from the "children should be seen, not heard" generation I grew up in. If my brothers or I ever ran amock in public I think my Mum would have given us a good spanking and dragged us home immediately.
Maybe that's why the maids' mentalities nowadays is to follow their little charges everywhere, because God forbid these precious children suffer a scratch?
Classic scenario - Adam is playing with his helicopter, Dwi takes his aeroplanes and initiates play with Adam. Adam gets angry and asks her not to touch his planes and accuses her of "spoiling" his game because apparently it is about Helicopter and not Planes. If she doesn't back off, he cries for me. So far I've been the "referee" to their saga.
He scolds her "I don't want you, I want Mommy!" and things like "Go away!", "Don't touch my toys!", which makes me extremely mortified that my child is being so rude!!
I always explain to him that Aunty has no toys, she doesn't know how to play with toys, can you please share and teach her how to play??
It doesn't work all the time though. When he's already in the midst of his crying and tantrum, it's hard to get anything across his little mind.

** I need to work harder on this Adam vs Dwi issue.

Other than this, Dwi has been quite a good help in our household.
She finishes her cleaning and mopping early in the mornings, and by 7.15am she helps me in getting Adam changed to go to my MIL's (I change his clothes and remove his diaper, she helps me dispose diaper and takes clothes to be washed, since Adam won't let her touch him).
I also taught her how to use the Nespresso, so every morning Andy enjoys a mug of Nespresso and kaya bread.
She uses diluted Dettol to mop the floors, and I'm pleased that the house is so clean everyday that I can not bother about Adam rolling on the floor. In the past, nearing the day where my PT helper comes in every week, the floor would've been littered with hair and some dust.

It's still early days yet. I still have my fingers crossed everyday.

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