Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I feel shitty

Since I am now full-term and can go into labour anytime, we have decided to let Adam sleep over at my MIL's so that we don't have to worry about the logistics problem should I need to go to the hospital at some odd hour.

Last night, Adam wanted to come home with us and wouldn't leave to go upstairs with my MIL, and I actually bribed him with $5 to go buy toys and promised him I'll see him the next day.

I feel like crap now. I bribed my son so that he won't go home with me.

Oh gosh Baby Buns, you'd better come out soon. Mummy & Daddy are getting quite impatient with this waiting game. Please come out asap so your kor kor can come home with us and we can all be together as a new family.


  1. Hi there French Kitty! I saw your link from mummysg and came to your blog. :) I am officially full term today as well! And, I totally totally understand the agony of the waiting game (Eck!). When are you officially due (my EDD's 31 Aug)? I suppose yours is close too? :)

    Preggomama, central Singapore

    1. Hey Preggomama, thanks for dropping by :)

      My actual EDD is 26 Aug, not too far off from yours.
      I'm currently hitting 38 weeks in 2 days' time. Hubby is asking if we should just opt for Csect instead since I had a previous Csect for my 1st born.

      Is this your 1st child?? Opting for Natural or Csect? :]



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