Friday, August 17, 2012

Skincare review: Hada Labo.

You know how the media always portrays Pregnancy - a woman looking adoringly at her baby bump, exuding an air of radiance and glow?
After being through TWO pregnancies myself, I can honestly tell you : Do not believe any of those bullsh*t.

Being pregnant has made me anything but.
My hair becomes wavy and curls funny, my face is a greasepan that may effectively trap small insects, I pop pimples like an angsty teenager, and my skin on other parts of my body has become dry and scaly. Most of my pre-pregnancy skincare regime do not work anymore.

Since I'm on home-rest till I deliver, I have a lot of spare time sitting around playing the "waiting game".
I hog the TV and computer, and start seeing ads on Hada Labo "Lock up an ocean" nano-technology moisturising lotion. I read some reviews on Makeupalley and was surprised that actually this brand has been around forever but I just never paid any attention to Drugstore brands.

Boredom and curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a go. For the uninitiated, you can request for free samples by clicking HERE and liking their Facebook page.
See the sample is actually in a nice bottle instead of satchet?? *thumbs up*

Alternatively, you may also buy them at all Watsons stores. I got mine from Watsons at Changi Terminal 3. Did I mention I love T3? Because of GST-free shopping. Heh. (Good thing I stay in the East).

I bought the Whitening version as well as the Sunblock.


Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising lotion:
Before I tried this product, I was using SK-II "miracle water" and L'Occitane moisturising cream. I always thought that you pay more, you get more. Moreover, I have sensitive skin with oily T-zone and chin, while my cheeks are very dry and sometimes peeling. Even though I have been using SK-II and L'Occitane for quite long, after every face wash my skin is back to the "peeling on cheeks but oily on T-zone" state.

However after using Hada Labo for just 2 days, my skin has become so supple and more importantly, NO more imbalanced dryness/oilyness. Even after washing my face, my cheeks are still supple and did not flake. And the milky colored lotion means it's lighter texture than creams and serums which make me break out in Singapore's humid weather. This product really lives up to its name. I'm impressed!

UV Moisturising milk SPF50 PA+++:
This is a small bottle with a ball-bearing inside and requires shaking, something like Sunplay's Sunblock.
When I first opened the packaging and saw that it requires shaking, and that the liquid is actually opaque white, I was quite skeptical because such products usually leave a white tint on my face.
But I used it nonetheless since I already paid for it anyway, and thought that if it doesn't work out I can always use it on my body.
I found that to my surprise just a very small half-pea-sized drop is sufficient to cover my entire face and it gets absorbed very quickly and leaves no trace of "white tint".

And the fact is that it offers me higher SPF protection than my Ocean Health Therapeutic sunblock which actually made my face feel a bit sticky after application due to its cream texture, for just a small fraction of the price.
A very hardworking 3-in-1 product: UV protection, Moisturiser, Makeup base.

This is my sans makeup face after applying lotion & UV milk on a cleansed face. Sorry for the quality because it was taken on my lousy phone therefore you can be sure it was not edited to blank out blemishes or zits.
Mums are busy Bees who need to be proficient in: Caring for self, caring for family, time management and budgeting.
Bottomline: we need products that are multi-taskers like ourselves and can do everything!


I have been religiously using Hada Labo products for 2 weeks now.
I'm highly impressed with Hada Labo because their products obviously exceeded my expectations of Drugstore skincare lines.
I will highly recommend Mummies to use Hada Labo products, because it is free of fragrance, mineral oil and colorant, and PH-balanced. Makes it safe even if you rub faces with your babies or if your kids plant sloppy kisses on your face :)
Best of all, you don't have to break an arm to be able to afford effective skincare.

Next I might want to try their cleanser ^o^


  1. You have the best blog ever. Love it so much :)As me mummy too of little six month old kidoo, you just make my day with such an interesting and funny posts.

    1. Hi Anon, thanks for dropping by & liking my blog.
      Congrats on your baby & enjoy motherhood. infancy is what I missed most.
      If u hv a blog pls give me the link :)



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