Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: Baby carrier

Hi Rac, thanks for reading my blog. Here is the Baby carrier review you wanted, I hope it is helpful to you!

For my first child, I did not use a baby carrier. In fact, buying a baby carrier for Adam has never ever crossed my mind because mainly I am very petite (read: short & skinny) hence I did not think I could handle all that weight on my shoulders and back. Also, I drove everywhere if I needed to get out with Adam and I had a lightweight one-hand-fold stroller (Combi Miracle Turn) in my car boot at all times.

For Ashton however, the logistic situation in our household is a little different now.
With 2 kids under the age of four, I need hands-free and hassle-free when getting out and about.

I consulted Hubby's cousin for her opinion on baby carriers - she has a baby one month older than Ashton - and she said it was a great purchase because it is so convenient.
She is using Manduca carrier, which is made of organic cotton.
Speaking of baby carriers, there are just so many in the market, many of which I have never even heard of! Ergo, Manduca, Beco, Combi nina-nana, you name it.

I popped by the nearest Kiddy Palace to take a look at their carriers, and they only had Combi and Baby Bjorn, and some other lesser-known brands. I ended up getting a Baby Bjorn Active.
Just Baby Bjorn brand alone has several models, I found a Baby Bjorn buying guide here detailing the differences of each model.

Purchasing the right baby carrier is a very personal choice - in my Google searches on "Baby carrier reviews", so many results turned up, including topics like "Baby Bjorn vs Ergo", "Baby Bjorn Active vs Synergy" etc etc. The more I read, the more confused I became!

Bottomline: There is no right or wrong carrier, you have to find one which fits you.
I chose Baby Bjorn because it is an established and trusted brand and I see many parents using it.

Personally, I have only used this one and only Baby Bjorn Active, so my opinions would be biased, but I find it a good enough carrier. It can be used for baby up to 13kg as stated, though I am not really inclined to carry a 13kg anything on me for that long.
I used my Baby Bjorn yesterday and today to go from my home to my in-law's, and it is quite a dream.

Here's a Youtube video on Baby Bjorn usage instructions (embedding was disabled).

I strongly recommend you to get one with lumbar support as the basic requirment, so that you wont have the weight of baby bearing down on your shoulders and back.
You may also want to check out Motherhood forums and eBay as there are many pre-loved ones in good condition selling for a fraction of the retail price, and you can always sell it again once you are done with it.

Happy babywearing!


  1. Hi Veron.. Thks for ur review.. Ya the more i read up the reviews the more confused i become.. Maybe I shall just trust my own instinct to see which suit me best.. Haha.. Happy baby wearing too..

    1. No prob. Do let me know your purchase decision, we could exchange pros & cons Haha.
      Good luck in your purchase :)


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