Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Saturdate at Park Royal on Pickering.

In the days preceding the departure of our helper, Hubby decided to book a spa appointment for the two of us at St Gregory, situated at Park Royal hotel on Pickering.
Such couple dates are much cherished, because God knows when we will be able to enjoy such dates again in the near future.
We arrived slightly earlier to enjoy the infinity pool.

The view was captivating.

I could do this all day!

Sipping bubbly and eating samosas, simply lazing around and whiling the afternoon away.
 The waters and perfect weather provided such respite.

Keeping it simple: beating the heat with my Raybans (matching with Hub's) and Hermes Oran slippers.
After that, it was time for our spa appointment where the skilled masseuse kneaded and pulled and pressed and tugged.

Thank you Hubby for constantly spoiling me. For loving me.

source: tinyme on Facebook.


  1. hi Veron,

    Im just so envy that you have such a perfect body without any stretch mark after birth. Mine is terrible. And how to keep such a perfect body even after 2 babies. Any tips?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for dropping by to say Hi :)

      For both my pregnancies I only put on about 10kg so I shed off the baby weight quite fast.
      During pregnancy I applied J&J baby oil to my tummy to prevent stretch marks , cheap & good! :D



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