Sunday, August 4, 2013

Baby Ashleigh's 1st Birthday

Today it rained a little so swimming was out. We left Ashton with my in-laws and headed to Downtown East, where we bunked Adam at Explorer Kids for an hour.
That gave us a golden hour of peaceful, uninterrupted breakfast at Coffee Bean.
After that, we had a party to attend.
Our neighbours Iris and Garren's baby girl, Ashleigh, turned ONE so we went along to join in the fun :)
Ashleigh is born 2 weeks earlier than Ashton, and both babies share the same first 3 letters of their names.
my pretty neighbour Iris and the birthday girl Ashleigh

Mummies and our A-babies.

Ashton and Adam. Just brought Adam for a haircut yesterday just in time for our HK trip next week.

Why do you look so fierce, baby?

My next-door neighbours Peifen and her brood.

A hit with the kids - everybody say BOUNCY! Best $200 spent at a kid's party, ever.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Ashleigh!
Hugs & kisses from Adam and Ashton :)
p.s. Adam will be having his National Day celebration and Sports Day in school next Wednesday and we'll be flying off to Hong Kong that very evening. Yes, we're bringing both kids. *sweat*
Thankfully, my in-laws are going with us. Phew~
I'm still packing their stuff sporadically and I've bought more clothes for them than I ever would throughout the entire time spent overseas.
So many "in case" stuff to pack!! So hardcore. zzzZzzz

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