Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kids playdate on 12 Jan 2014

2014 has been all good so far. Pace is picking up at school (for Adam. He's in K1 already?!) and work (for me) and home (getting ready for CNY, shopping for the kids' clothes - MUST be matchy-matchy, spring-cleaning etc).
Met up with Paul, A and Morgan last Sunday. Morgan has moved back to Thailand with A and thus the kids have not met up for a long time. 

Last Sunday, we went to Jim Thompson at Dempsey Road for Thai buffet.
These boys, born just weeks apart, carried on as if they have never left sight of each other!
Paul said they are gonna grow up and get pissed together next time, whaddya think? :P

Been busy the past couple of weeks, running around different shopping centres to get different items for the kids.
It's so tough buying shoes in the correct sizes for the kids! Went to Takashimaya and didn't realise they don't have Pediped anymore (there's been reshuffling of the departments. Kids dept is now relocated to Level 4 instead of 3). Ended up going to United Square which is just a stone's throw away from my work place!

Hope you are all ready and raring to go this Horse year!
One tip for kiddy shoe-buying without physically bringing your children - trace the outline of their feet on a piece of paper and bring it along in your purse and buy the next size up.

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