Sunday, March 23, 2014

March School Holidays: trip to Bollywood Veggies farm.

Wanna know about our first school holidays this year??
Blur Mummy-me totally forgot this week is the March holidays. On Monday, I woke Adam up at his usual school-going time and after getting him dressed, we proceeded downstairs to wait for his school bus. Only that the bus did not come. I called up the bus operator, who then promptly reminded me "Aunty, today is school holiday! 小朋友没上学 (little children have no school)"

Luckily for me, Adam's school has a flexible program that allows drop-off and pick-up during school holidays where they just go to school to play and revise on the term's work so I drove him to school before heading to work and arranged for my MIL go fetch him at noon.
Note to self: mark future calendars on school holidays please!

Since it's the school holidays, we decided to keep Adam home the rest of the week due to logistics problems.

We, however, managed to squeeze in ONE outing with the kiddos this weekend!
So what did we do on the last day of March holidays?
Boring folk like us travelled from Eastern side of Singapore to the West, and considered that a done deal.

We ended up at:
Bollywood Veggies farm, at 100 Neo Tew Road, to be exact. Tel: 68985001.

Opening hours:
Wed to Sunday: 9am - 6:30pm.
Mon & Tue: Closed except for PH.

We shared a hearty meal at Poison Ivy.
First time eating in a local farm so we ordered a little bit of everything!
Tried the banana curry which was something new to me.
Their Warrior chicken was also nicely roasted as it was not oily at all.

Outfit of the day:
Grey t-shirt: Zara
Distressed denim romper: @shopmehgees from Instagram

Slippers: Tory Burch

If you are bananas about bananas, you can buy home some souvenirs from the Poison Ivy café as well.
Heard they are known for their Pisang Rajah cake.
Ironically, despite its name, there were no vegetables on sale, much to my mother-in-law's disappointment. 
The kids and I, however enjoyed the visit because of the lush greenery and the huge land for them to run around in, and also due to my love for growing my own vegetables.
These are the eggplant and capsicum Adam harvested from our own mini garden!

An entire week of having the kids cooped up at home has reduced the house to catastrophic proportions. Thankfully for us, it's back to school tomorrow!

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