Sunday, March 2, 2014

My birthday staycation at W. 31 really IS the new 21.

Hubby booked a staycation at W Sentosa Cove for the weekend.
This is the end of my birthday month of celebrations!
The boys were thrilled, despite their expressions.

Some drinks at Woo Bar before check-in.

Hubby had booked the Away Suite which the kids would find entertaining with its whirl pool.

It's official - we have atypical kids.

My Hermes 90cm x 90cm silk scarf worn as a top for the resort look down pat.
The SA was very generous to throw in a pack of knotting cards on the different ways to wear your Hermes scarf.

Here, I am wearing it as a halter with 2 simple knots, possibly the easiest way to wear it.

On Saturday night, a complimentary room service came!

Which really caught me by surprise as you can see, I was dressed in nothing but a robe and glasses.
You know you're old like me when you get ready for bed at 10PM.

On the second morning, breakfast beckons. 

At Kith, Sentosa Cove.
My Hello Kitty power bank is really handy in times where I am on the go all day, especially during the Chinese New Year period last month. I got mine from for only $19 shipped.

Hers: Vegetarian sandwich. After all the  sinful feasting, it was time for some greens.

His: Big breakfast.

Ended breakfast with a walk along the Cove.

Thanks for dropping by to read on my birthday celebrations.
Wishing you a good week ahead!


  1. Hi Mumzilla! Lovely shots there. Will you be interested to be shortlisted in our photoshoot? We are shortlisting for cover models for an upcoming mag.

  2. You can reach me at

    Hear from you soon

    Cheers Mumzilla!

    1. Hi Kevin,
      I am flattered, but I have to turn down because I have no time >_<

      Thanks for offering anyway :)



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