Saturday, March 29, 2014

[Sponsored review] Online shopping at

Hello! If you do most of your baby-shopping online like myself, you would be like me, constantly on the lookout for reliable websites which offer a wide product range at competitive prices. carries every conceivable baby and Mummy product you can possibly think of.

I have been purchasing Bellamy Organic Milk for YEARS now, starting from Adam and now Ashton.
As Bellamy Organic is expensive and hard to find in local supermarkets, I really appreciate a trusty and low-cost supplier.
Navigation of website:
Idiot-proof with a search bar for quick listing of your wanted product because there are simply too many items to browse through!
However, had to click on the header banner or any featured product on the default loading page to go into the main site.

Product range:
Wide range of products from more than 80 different brands!
Strollers, wall stickers, food blenders, breast pumps, toys, you name it.
Prices are comparatively about the same as some online retailers, and slightly cheaper than in a brick and mortar shop. They offer free courier service (for orders $30 and above), which most online retailers will charge $6 - $10 for, so that's effectively like $6 - $10 off already!
They also offer bundle pricing for Bellamy milk powder which is means further savings.
Delivery time:
From checkout to delivery it took 3 days which is reasonable.
They use Ta-Q-bin for courier service so a tracking number is provided.
When the delivery man was on his way, he also called me on my mobile to make sure I was home.
Very prompt service.
This was my first time ordering from them, and it was a breeze from payment to delivery.
The following modes of payment are available: Paypal, cash on delivery, or iBanking transfer.
Best of all, offers FREE island-wide courier for purchases $30 and above.
Now isn't that marvellous!

I did mention has every conceivable thing a baby can have. I also picked out a Tiger Tribe inflatable globe for the kids which I think is really useful for them to learn the world map.

Have bookmarked BabyOnline to my list of trusty suppliers of baby stuff.
Thank you, BabyOnline for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with you!

Thanks for dropping by this post, and hope you have a fabulous weekend :)
If you have not purchased from before, do check them out!


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