Saturday, May 31, 2014

Adam is F I V E!

Our Adam turned 5 on 17 May. Oh wow. Our firstborn, five YEARS old.
I became a mum when I was 26 and have not looked back since.

Okay, I told a lie.
I look back all. the. freakin. time.
When the kids make me mad because they fight over the same toy despite having twin toys/ refuse to sleep no matter how long I pretend to sleep/ refuse to listen to instructions/ etc, I look back at my single days.
When I make the kids cry, I look back at what they have done, and what I have done.
When I see how tall the kids have grown, I look back at their baby photos.
Anyway, I digress.
On 16 May 2014 Friday, we were supposed to celebrate Adam's birthday in school with his teachers and friends.
It was raining on the fateful morning, and Ashton had to take a dump as we were leaving the house, making us late for Adam's party (Murphy's Law)!
 Adam started to get worried when all his friends were seated and waiting for his cake and his Daddy & Mummy weren't there! His kind teacher offered to call his Mummy and assured him we were on the way. Thankfully, we... managed to make it in the nick of time, cake, baby, camera and all.
All his friends and his teacher sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM and he was grinning from ear to ear. The kids enjoyed the cake and had 2nd servings.

On the day of Adam's actual birthdate, 17 May Saturday, our parents and siblings joined us at Peach Garden Thomson Plaza for a steamboat celebration.

Thanks to my friend Carrier who had kindly arranged everything for us, we were given a private room to enjoy away from the evening dining crowd.
And thanks to Aunty Angela, your restaurant service and food very naiseee!!

The epic 4-tier Pagoda steamboat only available at Peach Garden Thomson Plaza.
They were in the news HERE.

If you are wondering why Adam has 2 different theme cakes this year, well, that's because he is so fickle-minded and couldn't make up his mind.
One morning before I left for work, he told me he wanted a 3D Angry Birds cake with playable catapult and birds (!!!??!) That sent me into a frenzy and I emailed several home-bakers to find one who could accommodate my last-minute order.
That evening when I got home, he suddenly wanted Batman cake. And he didn't even like Batman before!
Long story short, in the end we went to Bengawan Solo at T3 Changi Airport to order his Batman and Spiderman cake.... *rolls eyes*

I can't believe I've been your Mummy/ chauffeur/ cook/ handyman/ nurse for 5 YEARS. Not in an awe-struck kinda way, but more like Im-surprised-I-haven't-died-of-seizures-yet kind of way. Parenting is such a tough job, and you are both so different, but I promise to do my best son.
Do keep that sparkle in your lovely eyes, and as I say it every year, don't grow up too fast.

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