Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One oil at a time: Young Living Frankincense, my life-saver.

Many people have approached me with an interest in Young Living oils because "Veron you are selling them right?". No doubt I love to use them and so do my children and husband, and through my sharing of testimonials people started ordering their oils through me, but I'm not a business woman and I'm never cut out for a sales-driven job.
That's why I never ventured to help in my husband's two businesses and I much prefer to be a nurse and earn a stable income. Lol.

Therefore when it comes to Young Living essential oils, I always quote people (whether you are my personal friend/ neighbour/ blog reader/ colleague) the membership price. ie. the same price which I pay for the oils if I buy them myself.
I do not overcharge people, and I sometimes go out of the way to pass people the oils (eg meeting at MRT stations not along my route).
I do not earn any of your commission for doing such things, but why do I still do it?

The reason is very simple. It's because I genuinely want people to use the oils and find the usefulness in them, just like how my family and I benefit from the oils.
My children have hardly been sick this year and only Ashton has been to see a PD for chesty cough once this year, that was before I knew of the oils.
If you read my blog you know that my children travel frequently, and every parent knows that traveling with sick children is not fun! Oiling them periodically with Thieves on their soles have built up their immunity.

There are so many oils that can be used on children for various conditions that I don't even know where to start.

So let me start by first mentioning my favourite oil of all time, Frankincense.
I came to know of Frankincense by my massage-lady turned friend, Esther Goh. Somewhere in May, 1 day shy of Adam's 5th birthday, I experienced a painful lump on my right breast. I been to a GP who have me a week's antibiotics, but it didn't subside. So I went to Polyclinic to get a second opinion, who then prescribed me another week of Antibiotics (was told sometimes a longer period was needed for Antibiotics to work) and at the same time I was referred to Kkh Breast Centre. I did a series of ultrasound scans, the doctor at BC tried to aspirate my cyst with a syringe and needle, but was unable to get the cyst out.. In the end, I was told to go back in July for a cyst removal day-surgery. By then, I had already seen 3 different doctors (1 GP, 1 Polyclinic, 1 Breast specialist).

Esther suggested I try Frankincense. I thought why not, since I was waiting for a cyst removal surgery in July, which was a good 2 months away.
Instead of doing nothing about it, I started using Frankincense on my breast by applying 1-2 drops neat onto the cyst 3 times a day. In 2 days, the lump was not painful anymore and started to feel smaller . In 5 days, the cyst was totally gone and it was as if I never ever had it.
Sure, cysts in women is a common occurrence, but having escaped surgery sure is an awesome blessing.
From then on, I started using Young Living's other oils, but Frankincense was always "my oil".

One day, 3 months into my using Young Living, I was oiling myself in the locker room at my workplace. A doctor on attachment from Oman walked in and smelled the strong aroma (aromatherapy!). She politely asked to see my oils collection (I put several of the 5ml oils from Everyday kit in a makeup pouch and lug it everywhere I go!). I showed her "my oil" and she was immediately surprised. "Frankincense is from my country!" she said. The next day, she generously gifted me 2 packets of Frankincense resin as she knows I'm so in love with Frankincense.

She then told me that in Oman, every household will have Frankincense. They burn it in a burner and inhale the molecules, they put the "rocks" in a glass of warm water to drink, they sometimes even chew it like a gum. The healing and spiritual properties of Frankincense are no strangers to her.

Everyone whom I personally know who uses Frankincense has benefited from the miracles of the oil. My cyst episode was in May. In June, a friend's husband was diagnosed with Stage 1/2 tongue cancer and MRI showed lymph node involvement. Surgery was scheduled in 2 weeks to remove part of his tongue and his lymph node. It was a life-changing diagnosis and meetings were held with team doctors and at that point, the doctors were not certain if he would require Radiotherapy.
I recommended him to take Sacred Frankincense. He diligently took it daily (he's still taking it today even after op) in a glass of water for 2 weeks leading up to his surgery to remove his tongue tumor. After the surgery, the specimens of his tongue tumor and lymph node were sent for Histology reporting and guess what, the reports came back to be good news. The cancer cells were contained and no further treatment was required! He didn't need to go for radiotherapy or chemo.

A colleague then heard of this story and bought 1 bottle for herself to try. She's a young and healthy lady who has problems with acne and ovarian cyst. For a period of time, her face was always red (she's my colleague, I see her daily and I know). After using just a scarce amount of Sacred Frankincense oil on her face with her moisturizer, on-off for about a week, her face is now super clear and smooth. I will ask her about her ovarian cyst the next time I chat with her.

These are just a couple of my testimonials from myself and people I know. Just do a Google search on "young living* Frankincense uses" or "frankincense cancer treatment" and a truckload of information, testimonials and graphics come up.
  *I encourage you to only use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils like from YL.

My kinda rocks.
The disclaimer at the end of this post cannot be "this article is not contributed or created by doctors and therefore all opinions are our own" because of the simple fact that and even a medical doctor from Oman believes in the healing properties of what's considered an "alternative remedy" ie, non-mainstream remedy like medications. I'm a nurse and I use it liberally on myself and my family and know many nurses who do, too.
Hence, love Young Living or not, I leave it to you.


  1. Hi,
    I am interested in the Frankincense oil as I have cysts in the breast but I do not know where to get it.

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