Sunday, January 4, 2015

[Sponsored] Order your meal at!

As part of their #save1hourSG campaign, we were sponsored by the kind people at Food Panda to try their online meal order system.
It was very timely as three days ago, we hosted an intimate dinner for 01012015 with our immediate families and meal ordering was what we needed!
*Ding Dong* goes the doorbell and it was the Food Panda delivery guy at the door with our order!

We even ordered a suckling pig (but not from Food Panda).

Hubby cooked chicken curry. Yummeh! This is one of the only 2 dishes we cooked that night.

This is what we ordered from Food Panda: Shi Fu Ge Imperial Pot (something like Crab in a bag).
Second time eating Imperial Pot and we only have praises for this seafood-in-a-bag dish.

My younger brother playing Minecraft with Adam.

No party is a party without bubbly!

Thank you Food Panda for your generous sponsorship to us this festive season.
Words cannot express how much I appreciate your gesture!
Ordering our food online makes the whole party-hosting a very stress-free and fuss-free affair.
No oily walls and kitchen floors to clean up. No need to scrub the stove.
No need to get all dirty and sweaty cooking in the kitchen. Yay me!
I spent quality time with my family members and kids. It was winsome.
#save1hourSG #foodpanda
Check out Food Panda for ordering your meals. They cater from a range of restaurants such as Omar Shariff, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, and serve a range of international cuisine :)

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