Sunday, January 25, 2015

[Sponsored review] My Messy Box sensory play for kids + Discount code and freebie.

After becoming a Mum, I now have absolutely zero desire to be out in town, queuing for the changing room, toilets, carpark, and squeezing in the malls.
Sundays are now best for sleeping in, and nua-ing at home.
This arrangement can only be best enjoyed if the kids are kept suitably occupied, without putting their lives in danger.
And by suitably occupied, I don't just mean propping them in front of the TV or Playstation :P
Thankfully, the good people at My Messy Box sent us an awesome parcel:

My Messy Box + 1 premium tool kit (*this description will be useful at the bottom of this post) 

Easy peasy, not messy! As long as it doesn't involve lots of cleaning up afterwards, I like =)

Adam and Ashton are proud of their creations :)
P.S. Soak the jelly overnight in the plastic bin and they will become even bigger!
This month's subscription theme is - I hope you guessed it - Sea of Dreams.
But of course, there are many other themes available too:
Check out their website: My Messy Box!
How is My Messy Box different from the other subscription boxes in the children market?
-Focused on messy sensory play (which explains the rectangular plastic bin and expandable jelly cubes)
- The process of play is more important than the end-result. How your child(ren) interact and engage themselves during the play process stimulate their senses and evoke different thought processes.
- My Messy Box crafts require very simple steps with minimal cutting/ assembling, which promotes self-play and as little parental involvement as possible.
My Messy Box has 3 types of subscription plans:
A) 1 month (SGD$34)

B) 6 months + free basic tool kit (SGD$192) - you save $12.
*Basic tool kit includes plastic bin, pail with scoops and apron.

C) 12 months + free premium tool kit ($360) - you save $48.
*Premium tool kit includes what the Basic kit has, but also comes with sorting tray, funnel, sponge, rake, spade, tweezers, pipette, and magnifying glass.
Right now, how about some freebies?
My Messy Box is giving away FREE reward charts. All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list.
Look out for this icon on the right hand corner of the webpage.
Once you sign up, an email with the download link will be sent to you.
That's not all.
Mumzilla readers can enter the discount code "MUM5" to enjoy 5% discount off your subscription, courtesy of My Messy Box.
Check out My Messy Box today.
Check out My Messy Box today.
Check out My Messy Box today.
Cheers & hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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