Saturday, January 3, 2015

[Sponsored review] Star Master night lamp, the perfect gift under $20!

Hi everyone! The Tans had an extremely busy end to 2014 with Mummy being on leave for the month of December and being SAHM to Adam and Ashton but there just ain't much staying-home to do at all because everyday was filled with different activities.
While we were away for our family holiday in Bali during the Christmas week, a lovely little parcel arrived for us.

Star Master Night Lamp projector light

Photos are not colour edited nor specially enhanced. Taken with my Canon 10-22mm lens.
Thank you for this lovely Christmas present. The children like it so much and I am glad the coloured LEDs could be turned off when they children are asleep, leaving only the subtle white light which isn't too glaring and is just nice even when I co-sleep with the boys (I'm the type who needs to sleep in total darkness).
Their Outer Space themed room is further enhanced with this Star Master Night Lamp! :)
If you're looking for gifts during this festive period, the Star Master Night Lamp is priced at an affordable $12, and all Mumzilla readers are entitled to a $3 discount if you enter this discount coupon: bicyclesdiscount
This discount coupon is applicable for other purchases as well.
*Doorstep delivery of SGD$6 applies.

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  1. Always choose designs that are child safe. Look for lights which are made of child-safe materials including non-toxic paints, anti-impact and non-removable parts. home decor


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