Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A trip to Jurong Bird Park.

Once upon a time, Andy and I decided to bring the boys to Jurong Bird Park.
It's a first for Adam and Ashton, and I was really enthusiastic about exposing them to the aviary.
I even wore a nature themed outfit in blue and green with lots of colourful flowers (which you'll soon find out is the cause of my indignity).

We started off with lunch with the parrots, but halfway through eating, Adam was getting impatient that there weren't signs of any parrots. He started playing games on my phone. I pretended not to be dismayed by his lack of enthusiasm and finally, the emcee appeared and announced that the macaws and cockatoos were making their entrance!
We (I) were getting hyped up until the point the emcee asked me and the kids to go up on stage to volunteer for the performance.

Here I was wearing my jungle-themed top which was sleeveless and I was required to stretch out my arm ninety-degrees, exposing my armpit and granny-flap-arm to approximately 20 families, while waiting for said cockatoo to perch on my arm and husband snapping away on the camera.
It was a glorious moment. The expressions on my children's faces say it all.

After that, we adjourned to the rest of the Bird Park, and all the kids wanted was to hurry and make a beeline for Birds of Play, which seemed to be the highlight of the whole trip.

We had spent some good money on tickets to Jurong Bird Park and all the kids wanted was to play on slides with water which are free on the rooftops of many malls.

Ashton's diaper was so soaked that it dropped off and I had to let him change into his cotton shorts.

New thing I learned about my children today - they are not so into birds as I'd thought.

*Edited to add: When two weeks later, we received a notification of Adam's field trip, Andy and I looked at each other and laughed.

Life is uncanny like that!


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