Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June holidays trip: Philippines PART 3 - Fish feeding and fish house-building.

Believe me when I say, the kids will never run out of stuff to do at Shangri-La Cebu!
Adam loves feeding the fish and swimming around them, pretending to be one of them.
The fish food can be gotten from the Watersports centre and is free.

Both my children come from the same place but they are slightly different.
My scaredy baby Ashton is terrified of water. Or the fish.

Prefers to stay on dry land to watch us.

A fish just jumped up and splashed on Adam's face.

When we were all still dripping wet, we went to dry off by building a fish house.
Fish house building needs to be arranged in advance so again, please check with the Watersports Centre for schedule and availability.

Everyone chips in on our family project.

Adam asked if we can engrave all our names on the cement and I was like Okayyyy can don't want??.....

Ta Dah! Our family project completed after getting all our hands dirty and making sure all the pieces stuck and decorated the Fish House with shells and corals.

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The family that travels together, stays together.
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