Thursday, September 10, 2015

[Media invite] Roman tile workshop by B&G Lifecasting studio.

Hello Mumsies! We spent last Sunday morning very meaningfully as a family.
Instead of nua-ing at home or la-kopi at some coffee-and-brunch joint, we went to Orchard Central for a Roman tile workshop Okayyyy.
What is this Roman tile workshop and who is the mumpreneur behind it? 
If you have not heard of B&G Lifecasting, don't worry, neither have I prior to this!
JJ is the lady boss who set up this casting company.

And how is casting different from impressions?
Ans: Casting is actually concaved outwards to form a 3D image, while impressions are just that - a depression in a mould.
Here we are bright and early at the studio in our half-awake faces! #uglydie

JJ helping us with making the impression first.

After this impression is done, a special medium specially imported from UK is then poured over these hand moulds and left to dry for an hour.

In this hour of waiting, hubby & I MIA-ed to Marche downstairs for brunch while the kids played with JJ's son in the studio :P

The finished product will look like this!

We left our castings with JJ to get the gold painting done. I'm so excited to see what Adam's and Ashton's hand castings will look like!

By the way, B&G Lifecasting has a history of more than 10 years already and I didn't even know that before this workshop.
Right now, the ladyboss JJ is running a charity cause for The Collective Effort for children hoping to sponsor up to 500 kids.

Check out the video below:

Proceeds from your business at B&G Lifecasting will go to The Collective Effort to help these children.

P.S. I love supporting local businesses especially those run by Mumpreneurs as I know how difficult it is being a working Mummy myself. More so being self-employed as you have to worry about profit & loss and the viability of your business as compared to a salaried worker like me who just waits for money to come into my bank at that time of the month.
P.P.S. I love to support charitable causes too! I make monthly donations to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and also to Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF).
So yeah, please do support B&G Lifecasting as a meaningful way of having your children's hands or feet frozen in time for keepsake :)
B&G Lifecasting is available at:
Orchard Central 10 Square
181 Orchard Road Level 10,
Singapore 238896
(Once you exit the elevator, turn left and turn left)
Tel: JJ at +65 66505886

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