Friday, April 1, 2016

{sponsored review} The Rock School - vertical challenge for your kids.

Before I had sons, I never knew I would be ever getting anywhere near scooters, snot, dirt, or rocks, for the matter.
Sure, I envisioned different shades of blue, and trucks and stuff, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself needing to get down and dirty with them.

Obviously, I've come to learn this the hard way and I may have to spend the next 20 years doing stuff like that with them!

After Adam's limited exposure to the obstacle course at Forest Adventure during the March holidays, I thought of finding more outdoor activities for him.
I don't mean the run-around-your-neighbourhood kind of outdoors, I mean the stimulating, mind- and body-building structured kind of outdoor activities.

I enquired with The Rock School as recommended by my mummy friend Serene (read about their rock climbing experience here), and as luck would have it, they were happy to offer Adam a complimentary rock-climbing lesson.
I was thrilled!

Benefits of rock-climbing:
In fact, rock climbing is one of the best sports to develop your child’s psychomotor, cognitive as well as affective skills. The exciting sport intrigues their little minds and challenges their physical abilities.
It improves their motor skills, co-ordination, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Off we go to check out The Rock School!

the rock school bedok
Located conveniently at Bedok Community Centre, it is directly across the road from Bedok Swimming Complex.
Address: Address: 850 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467352.

the rock school review
We started off indoors, with his instructor Joy.
He told her he was a little scared of falling as he has not done this before.

They have a selection of rock-climbing accessories and shoes for sale too.

The rock school review

"Look Ma! I'm not scared anymore!"
The boy had loads of fun! Thanks to Rock Guide Joy for making his first rock-climbing session a thoroughly enjoyable one for him, as well as for me because I could just concentrate on taking photos knowing my son is in safe hands and expert guidance.

The Rock School review
After 30 minutes of indoors introduction, we progressed outdoors.

Rock School bedok review

The Rock School review
Thank you The Rock School and Rock Guide Joy for the fun-filled and stimulating 60 minutes of exercise!
We had fun!!

More about The Rock School:
The Rock School is located at Bedok Community Centre.

Address: 850 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467352

Tel: 62422106.
Lessons available:

A,B...C's for Climbing!
ABC's for Climbing is an introductory workshop specially designed for first-timers.
Several timings available. $30/pax per session of 2 hours.

Individual one-on-one coaching with a Rock Guide.
$27/pax for 1 hour session.

Step Up!
If your child is eager to progress to greater heights, he or she can join the Step Up program aimed at furthering one's climbing skills through games and activities.
$150 for 4 lessons (1.5hr each lesson).
Timings available:
Fridays 7.30pm - 9pm.
Saturdays: 10am - 11.30am / 5pm - 6.30pm.
Sundays: 4pm - 5.30pm.

The Pebbles program keeps climbing affordable and accessible for enthusiasts and graduates of the Step Up program.
There will be instructors on stand-by to help the climbers, but most of the time it is an independent program.
$160 for 8 lessons to be completed in 10 weeks.

Parent and child pair up to climb!
$58 per parent-and-child pair, for 2 hours per session.

Do call The Rock School at 62422106 or email to make your enquiries today :)


  1. We have been to the Rock many times in the past. And I must say it suits beginners better because there are only 3 external walls. But it provides a good training ground

  2. Well Done, Adam ! I bet he must be a rocking fun time at the rock walls ! Way to go and yes I love it when the instructors will be there together with them ! Get the daddy to join in next round, Xav loved it ! Thank you for the mentioned too ! Happy Weekends !

  3. Cool.. Well done Adam for overcoming your fear! This looks like something MF would love!

  4. Rock-climbing is super fun!! The boy and I used to do it in uni and I still want to get back to it but as usual, not enough time. Hopefully we're get to make it a family activity in the future too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Well done Adam! I can keep this in mind and let #1 try it when he's older.

  6. What a brave boy Adam! This is very interesting, definitely something I will consider trying out with my boy next time!

  7. I have to take Aayan for this rock climbing stuff as he tried once at a show and was super excited with it. It is a good learning for kids to balance themselves.

  8. Kids would surely love this experience. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I Hope my kids will be sporty enough to love rock climbing and some of the dangerous sports too! Live the life I never had hHah

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