Saturday, May 19, 2018

Life lately.

The other day, I secretly ate Adam’s snack which he had saved for tea-time consumption and when he couldn’t find it, I had to pretend to search high and Low for it when it’s actually in my stomach.
Eventually he started losing his shit because we couldn’t find it (because it was in my tummy) and he was SURE it was in the fridge as he put it in himself, I had no choice but to confess to my crime and needless to say, he was soooo mad at me. 

He said he won’t friend me anymore because I’m naughty and a liar, horror of horrors!

Thankfully, Mother’s Day rolled around and I was quickly forgiven over a lovely brunch at Marriot Hotel Poolside Grill.
I let my kids order whatever they fancied on the menu even though they always can’t finish their food and their strawberry milkshakes cost $18 per glass. Husband’s treat :)

I had a dandy good time savouring the seafood platter and sea-urchin spaghetti with my mom, my brother and my in-laws. The food was top-notch! 
For dessert, I forced served everyone my 3D flower jelly which I had spent hours doing with my bestie Twinkle.

She came over at 5:30pm on Friday evening and we finished at 12:30am Sat!!! 
But of course in between we had moments of shouting at our kids not to break anything in the house, we ate KFC, drank white and red wine, we talked rubbish (she told Andy she’s gonna bring me to a male stripper club as I’ve not experienced my life as a 30-something until I’ve been to one but anyway please don’t take her too seriously, I think she was drunk).

Amidst all the nonsensical moments we had, we managed to make some pretty awesome jellies alright!

Our kids had so much fun that night. Our husbands brought them swimming until the sky was dark, they came back to eat KFC for dinner, and continued the second half of their evening playing catching and Hide-and-seek in all the nooks and crannies of my house (all our bedrooms connect to the patio and my Study connects to the backyard which connects to the kitchen).
My house was like a frat house that night: nobody sleeps, everyone's drunk and hyper.

The next morning.... finding Adam asleep in the aircon without covers, and Ashton was on the floor.

Anyway, Mother's Day wouldn't be made possible without my sometimes annoying but mostly lovable offspring.

Adam, my Happy Pill, my firstborn and thus making me a mom. 
I was none the wiser, and made many mistakes as he was the first baby in our families, at a time when most of my friends were either married-without-kids or not married yet. Sorry for being my lab-mouse. But you always have your signature smile for me, and never stop telling me you love me. 
When I’m angry with you, you will brave my beatings and cry but you never ran away to avoid the beatings or said you hated me. 
You showed me what unconditional love is all about, when I should be the one showing you instead. 
Adam is the one I can count on for directions to the mall carparks, to fix things, set up my Netflix channel, when hubby isn’t around.

Ashton, oh my sweet little baby. 
You’re polar-opposites from your rowdy and rambunctious brother, and you are such a joy to parent. Always the quiet, fuss-free baby, I thought I was particularly biased towards him as the last baby of the family, but when his Teachers told me they’re very happy to be teaching him and what a good kid he is, I feel so proud as his mother. 
Ashton is the one to fetch me a drink in my room, or bring me my bedroom slippers without me asking. 

To my children, I love you fiercely and every day I am trying very hard to give you my best💕👦🏻👦🏻 

To all you moms out there, working moms, stay-home moms, single moms, wishing you strong women a [belated] #happymothersday2018 #母亲节快乐

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