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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Adam's 1st Birthday Celebration - Part I

Here's the 1st Prequel to our precious Prince's first birthday, which is in exactly 2 days' time. How time flies!

Date: 15 May 2010 Saturday
Venue: Rochester House

A tranquil dining place for adults to tempt their tastebuds, a huge playground for children to lose themselves.
This is the place for: yuppy young parents, ang-moh parents and kids of all ages.
We love this place so much that we've decided to book this as Adam's 2nd birthday venue, perfect for all my cousins and friends whose babies by then would be old enough to run around & play.

Our young master choosing from his menu

Baby Adam's American breakfast. He loves hotcakes, and I can never seem to make them so flawless.

The Play House: a huge haven for the little ones in the comfort of air-con while the adults can dine & chill outside. There are 3 ladies manning this play area so parents can have complete peace of mind. It is totally brilliant. Two thumbs up!

Daddy making a silly face haha!

He's smiling at the lady who mans the Play House.

Our son is totally engrossed in the little toy paradise and ignores the parents.

Daddy: "Are we ready??"

"Here we go!"

Here's the narcissistic Mom having the blast of her life.

Having a ball. Literally.

I would give anything to put that smile on his face :)
Happy eve-of-the-eve of your Birthday son!
You are our pride & joy, the greatest surprise gift from God, and we all love you more than words can ever describe.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Closer and closer

My darling son is getting closer and closer to being ONE. 5 more days to be exact. I'm so nervous!
I even applied a day's leave on 17 May Monday (his official birthdate, 5 June the party date is his Lunar date).

I dont know what to do with him - literally and not figuratively this time.
Should I bring him to the ZOO with my Aunt LY and brothers?
Do 1 yr olds know what to do at a zoo other than get frightened by screaming animals?
I'm not a bimbotic mum who thinks spending hours at the mall is best. For boring noons maybe, but not on a first birthday please.
How about a swimming session with his first float and UV suit?

Ok let's see what the Grandparents say.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Learning with my Baby

Baby Kai has many toys - that's an understatement. I found out when I decided to match his flash cards with his existing toys, and realised that I could find most objects in the vocabulary.
Anyway, since I am on MC today, decided to do something fun and educational with him, making full use of the rare times I have with him :)

He's been super naughty lately, for instance, he wants to eat EVERYTHING with Blueberries. Blueberry in yogurt, blueberry with oats, blueberry in porridge (what?!?!!)... We all know he loves his blueberries, but Sigh.
What I did was pretend to eat his porridge, then offer a spoonful to him, which he obligingly ate, then I picked up a blueberry using pincer-grasp and ate it as is (without mixing in porridge), and he did the same. Funny thing was, after a few repititions, he picked up the blueberry and put it in my mouth, feeding me! Super cute can! He must be thinking what a hungry mother he has, eating his blueberries. Can't get angry with a mon-mon like that :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Sunday morning

Baby Kai is featured here with his sidekicks

Did my baby learn this trick of holding things in his mouth from the sidekicks?!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Expo 30 April - 02 May 2010

Venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 4A
Dates: 30 April Friday - 02 May 2010 Sunday
Time: 11am - 9pm daily.

Took leave, and went with Aunty Meena & her sis-in-law Jothi on the 1st day of the Baby fair to get her last-minute baby-shopping done. I woke up early and fed/watered/bathed Baby Kai, and we took a 10min drive to Expo. Living in the East rocks!

We all arrived at 11am, and did our shopping inside. I let Baby Kai play on the Evenflo exersaucers, but as I expected, he doesnt enjoy them very much. Baby Kai isn't really into toys. He enjoys interaction and using his hands. Then we moved on to every booth and sniffed out good buys like hounds on narcotics.

Now, what good deals did we aunties-and-a-baby snag?
There was a booth selling really cheap and authentic Carters bibs, Carters rompers and Korean baby clothes. Bought 1 sleeper pants with dog-print for only $10! Carters bibs went 3 for $10, and rompers 5 for $20.
Also bought a Pigeon Mag Mag sippy for Kai.

So kawaii!

Aunty Meena's NUK loot and Moo Moo Kow cloth diapers, a cheaper alternative to Bumwear. 3 pc covers + 6 inserts for only $85.

I felt the BEST buy for the day was this Combi Miracle Turn DX lightweight stroller for only $566! RRP is $629. With this purchase, a Combi bath seat is thrown in for FREE. What a steal right!

"Mummy can I climb onto the chair?" My lil rascal has upgraded to climbing furniture at home. After his breakfast (and before we left the house) when I was doing the dishes, he climbed onto the coffeetable and grinned at me when I emerged from the kitchen.

After the baby fair, I sent Meena and Jothi home and brought Baby Kai to my mum's, where we went to Causeway Point for Yakun kaya toast and more shopping at Kiddy Palace.
By dusk, Baby Kai & I were sticky, oily and sweaty but we enjoyed ourselves so much. One of the rare times where I wasn't working and could spend 24hours with my darling munchkin. Life is bliss :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kai's attempt in self-feeding

Question: What is Baby Kai up to??

And why is the greedy dog involved?!

Answer: This is actually Baby Kai in his food adventure.

With some success in self-bottlefeeding, I'm trying to get him to self-feed as well. But as you can see, more food ends up on the table and floor than in his mouth -__-"

Also, he likes to use his hands more than his utensils. Even though I offer utensils to him, he will end up using his hands instead.
Any recommendations for successful dining etiquette??

P.S. You can tell I'm not the fussy freak kinda Mom can't you? :P
I won't fret over my children rolling in the grass in the name of good clean fun, so to speak, and call me insane, but I actually think ingesting some dog fur won't kill em children either.

Baby gate

Havent had time to update for our weekend that just passed. Have we been missed? :P

Remember I said Andy won 3rd prize in 4D? So we brought Baby Kai to Kiddy Palace at Century Square, and everytime we go there, he's greeted by his favourite sales assistant.
He put Baby Kai onto a HUGE motor horse, but Baby Kai doesnt like it!

In the end...

we bought a safety gate for him instead. Seems like it's high time we installed one, cos he is getting around the house really fast!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Noelle's shower & red-egg party

Sunday 18 April 2010: Baby Noelle Goh's full month shower & red egg party
Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront

The diaper cake I baked for her:)

The hotel ballroom was huge, and they even provided a baby cot and children cutlery for eating. Thumbs up!

Baby Noelle dressed in Baby Ralph Lauren. All those pretty frocks and pink stuff makes it all worthwhile to have a princess! I soooo want a daughter!

Red egg party

Gong-gong and little Kai

My cousin Calvin & his gf.

This baby suffers no fools

Cousin Yanling and her little princess who just turned 1 last month.

Thank God for my wonderful Mom who helped me with Baby Kai, else Andy & I wouldn't have been able to eat and chat in peace :)

I totally miss Baby Kai's full month shower, where we were showered with so many pressies, so to speak - rompers, shoes, clothes, soft toys. It was overwhelming, but after the party I had ample time to rest at home for several months more, and that feeling of not having to wake up to an alarm clock was great. Baby Kai and I did everything together, except for sacred moments where I took a poop on the toilet bowl.
I wish my cousin Denise and her hubby Peter will enjoy their little bundle of joy in the long journey ahead called parenthood :)