Monday, May 4, 2009

LSP = Life's simple pleasures

Want to know what I've been doing lately?

Andy bought the full set of Planet Earth blu-ray DVDs for us to watch during our free time.
We both love animals and hope that our Baby will too, so by the time he is old enough he will watch the same set of documentaries as we did :)

It's a good way to learn new things about Mother Nature and kill time, especially so for me now that Andy is super busy with work.
I would watch some episodes while he is at work, and then re-watch them with Andy when he comes home.

We also bought my favourite icecream to pig out while watching the Dvds. Perfecto!

Actually, I am supposed to go back to work this week because Dr Don thinks it's better than cooping up at home.
However, I called up my boss and she asked me to stay at home until I deliver then go on Maternity Leave, partly also due to the Swine Flu alert.
So for this year thus far, I have only worked like 2 months and am still getting paid my regular monthly wages. How lucky!

With the extra time on my hands, I have more or less organised the Baby's stuff (tops, pants, mittens & booties and diapers into drawers) and getting ready for his arrival.
I have also packed my hospital bag and am only left with some miscellaneous things that need to be done.

Now I can just sit back and enjoy my Ben & Jerry's :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random updates

Andy is shifting his warehouse from the old Pasir Panjang one to Changi Biz Park, as such, he has been busy like a bee.

This morning, the phone calls started coming in at 8AM from his Dad and the electrician for him to go down and inspect the new place.
He asked if I wanted to go with him to inspect the cabling and electrical matters but I was too tired to move a muscle and decided to go back to sleep instead.
He kept touching my face, saying "Good morning Mummy!" and kissing my bump but all I could manage was grunt "Honey dont disturb me I am tired..." and roll over to sleep somemore. What a PIG I've become!
Oh well, maybe another time.

The Changi warehouse is cleaner and nicer and so near to our home which is only 5-10min drive away. Compared to the Pasir Panjang warehouse, Andy can actually save alot on petrol.
I hope he has a smooth shifting transition and everything works out beautifully for my man.
Also, I've been experiencing menstrual-like cramps these few days but no "show" or waterbag break yet. Just sometimes accompanied with lower back or pelvis pain.
Is Baby coming out soon?! Another 4-5weeks to go before D-Day. Geez! *nervous*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank God

I cant even bend down to put on my undies anymore - that's how big my watermelon is.

It's depressing not being able to do stuff that used to be 2nd nature to you. I sat on the bed naked and felt like crying.
Thank God for Andy because he helped me to wear my undies and shorts and talked to Baby, asking him to be a good boy.

He has been really patient and nice to me throughout the entire pregnancy, and it's not that he wasnt sweet to me during our 6yr long relationship to begin with.
I must've done something good in my past life to deserve a guy like him.
Thank God.
And I love this man so much.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 34 Antenatal checkup

Went for our Week 34 antenatal checkup this morning.
As usual, my weight is Ok, my urine test and BP are normal, Baby's weight is a good 2.2kg.

Today, he used his hand to cover his face again. This naughty little fella doesnt want his Daddy & Mummy to see him... Hmm..

This photo is from my previous checkup - also used his forearm to shield his face:

I received some news from Dr Don today - Baby is in breech position.
2 visits ago, he was already in vertex position (facing down). However today, he decided to turn back up again.
Dr Don mentioned that by 2 weeks' time (our next visit at Week 36) if baby still doesnt turn back downwards, he most probably wouldnt, due to the restricted uterine space. That means, I have to deliver Baby by Caesarian.
He also added that my pelvis is small which could be the reason why Baby doesnt turn vertex, because I am still very petite for a 34-week preggy lady. All the weight gained goes to Baby.
Maybe I will have trouble squeezing him out vaginally and end up needing an emergency C-section instead!

Initially when Dr Don mentioned to me about C-section, I was caught off-guard and quite worried about being cut up. Moreover, lately I been feeling increasing pressure on my pelvis and pain in my *ahem* whenever Baby kicks so I assumed he had engaged.
Now I know why it hurts so much - because of the obvious reason that his legs are kicking me down there.

Natural birth Pros:
- Shorter healing time
- Smaller postpartum wound

Natural birth Cons:
- Got to snip an episiotomy "down there" OUCH
- Got to endure the contraction and labour pains which might take forever!

Caesarian Pros:
- Wont feel contraction and labour pains
- Vagina will still be in "pre-birth" condition.. *ahem*

Caesarian Cons:
- Wound takes longer time to heal
- Would have to reschedule my massage lady, which I went through some pains to book this amazing Malay aunty who helped massage Fandi Ahmad's wife, Wendy Jacobs, back to shape for her 5 births! She is costly but Andy doesnt mind splurging. If I go for C-section I might have to reschedule her or have her replaced entirely if her schedule cant fit mine!

It's all Andy's fault for joking about naming our son Julius Caesar Tan. Hmmph.

As usual, we enjoy every visit to Dr Don. He happily answered all our questions about genetics and giving birth.
We're getting more and more excited about my nearing D-Day and Dr Don said I should expect a letter from my hospital soon indicating details of what to: bring upon admission / pack for my hosp bag.
I'm feeling excited, scared and a little impatient as well.
Finally, he will be done serving his belly time and coming into the real world. I cant wait to see our baby!
Already there are tons of people calling up our families to ask about the Baby's arrival and there will be TWO Baby Showers for him - one for each family.
Whenever some relative/friend calls our mums, it's often "June", "grandma", "faster have one as well" and along the lines of it.

Well, all I hope is to have a smooth delivery and that Baby is healthy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend again!!

Thank goodness it's the long-awaited weekend again!
We have to go for my Week 34 antenatal checkup, go runs errands like buying lightbulbs for our fused lights, buying baby stuff to prepare for his arrival.

It's those mundane stuff you have to do which takes up your entire day and then you wonder why your weekends are never enough!

I'm really excited to "see" baby again after waiting 3 weeks since the last checkup.
This time, we have thought of a list of questions to ask Dr Don about genetic counselling and about my nearing D-Day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poo poo

Was chatting with Andy on MSN while he was at work and he suddenly had this hilarious idea of letting Baby poop amidst the serenity of water feature. *dohh*

And yes, we have decided to name our boy Adam. A very down-to-earth name which originated from Hebrew.
Actually, Andy was the one who thought of the name. In fact, he has thought of 90% of the baby's name because he is a fussy possessive Daddy who pored through "What's in a Chinese name" to shortlist a few suitable names.

ADAM: Of the Earth, the first man on Earth in the Bible.

Another thing is, we might not have mentioned, but we conceived Adam while watching Dont Mess with the Zohan on DVD *blush*... and it was after deciding on this name that we realised what a coincidence it is that the actor is also named Adam Sandler. Hilarious!

So nope, we're not naming our baby Julius Cesar Tan afterall :P

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The sweetest thing

I often wonder what life would be like with the dogs and Baby.Well for one, I am not exactly sure how they are gonna react with a screaming crying pooping vulnerable new family member who wouldnt reciprocate to their requests of play-biting and butt-sniffing.

I was enjoying abit of female bonding time with dear girl Alice after we both had a nice cold shower on humid Saturday when she suddenly, out of the blue, leaned her face onto my tummy.

This is the 1st time she does something like this and it touched me so much - because none of the dogs seem to acknowledge my ballooning tummy and stupid Mavy continues to jump on me when I come home.
She pressed her face on Baby for a long time (long enough for me to capture this shot but pardon the quality because that's the best I could get from sucha closeup angle) and Baby was kicking/wiggling inside as she did that, responding very well to her gesture.

Sugar and spice and everything nice - that's what little girly Shelties are made of :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Norman's 29 Bday celebration

Siling decided to hold a Surprise birthday party for Norman's 29th Birthday.

Andy & I arrived before Norman and we hid in Siling's mum's room and waited for Norman to come


Our steamboat spread. Andy always craving for steamboat ever since I'm preggy. My only hope now is for my labour pains to transfer to him as well, not just the food cravings. Heh heh!

Norman's Swensen ice-cream cake

Silly guy singing his own birthday song and clapping along haha! Dry ice for the special effect :P

Andy feeding him

The 2 lovey-doveys on the couch with Cookie the weird growling Shih Tzu!

BACK AT HOME AT 11pm....

My ballooning tummy! I was taking out a $1 coin to pay for my drink during lunchtime and my butter-fingers dropped it. The coin did a flip and landed on my tummy!
The only advantage I can think of is - I didnt have to bend down to pick it up from the floor, though it was quite a perculiar sight to the coffeeshop waitress -__-

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Charmaine's 24th Bday Party

Crazy Maine's 24th Birthday and we went to her house on 12 April 09 Midnight.
Supposed to surprise her but this aunty busted our bubble and saw Andy & I hiding behind a bush at her carpark followed by Meena and Ramesh driving into the carpark..
SO anti-climax lah this aunty!

Bought her this cake - Fraisier from Bakerzin, the Cheesecake behind was baked by KW. So sweet!!

With Uncle Roland, Aunty Christina and Clare

With her beloved KW

with US the aunties!

with the Hubbies

We had a dandy good time chatting and catching up. Charmaine's folks are so nice and friendly and didnt mind us intruding into their home so late at night hehe

Next up on our sleeves: Fondue party! because Ramesh is going to Sweden for 1 week and aunty Meena can have the car to herself Heh Heh!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clumsy whale

Extremely clumsy lately. I keep dropping things on the floor and my once-opposable fingers now become butter-fingers.

Instead of squeezing some concealer onto my fingertip, a whole glob flew out and landed on my coffee table-size belly.

As if that's not enough, I also somehow sent some toothpaste flying from the tube onto my belly while trying to brush teeth.

Instead of walking, I now waddle and sometimes accidentally knock into Andy or something/someone. I've become even more 3D than I had ever imagined.

My nesting instincts are also getting quite strong now because I keep wanting to shop for stuff for Baby and I've started doing weird things again like buying jams.
I added something new to my "List of weird things I do in pregnancy" - Washing Andy's shoes. (HUH?!)
Yeah. I actually helped him to wash his shoes right down to the laces. For the record, I dont even wash my own shoes lah!

And as for Baby? Somehow he has shifted and I feel him "dropping" into my pelvis because his movements are now concentrated at my pelvis and suprapubis, no longer the cute loveable hard knocks that make my belly jump and which keep us entertained watching my tummy have a life of its own.
Now, his movements make me wince and want to scream profanities because they are so painful, as if he is trying to perforate my uterus/bladder. At times, he jabs me in my ribs and I thought I was getting a fracture. OUCH. -__-
I even called up Dr Don in fear that Baby would fall out from "down there" (Yeah pregnant women are wierd & paranoid creatures) but according to him it is normal as long as Baby is still moving it should be alright, and that Baby has run out of room to move about, plus it is getting crowded in the uterine home that's why.
Little comfort huh...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Being confined at home sure sucks!

Why? Because I have been missing out on all the fun!
Meena and Delphine went for the Class 95 Dog walk at Bishan Park and Charmaine went prawn fishing till wee hours in the morning.

See the happy faces on dogs and owners!

It seems like a long time ago that I did all these with the dogs and my friends - ever since I have to be home bound and RIB (rest in bed)
What irony! Because I have always been an active person and up to the point of my hospitalisation, I was still working full time and walking the dogs 2x a day, picking up poop and bathing & blow-drying them and pretty much doing all the chores I normally go about doing.

I have always wanted to have an active pregnancy because I think all the exercise and endorphines will do us much good!

Now I am stuck at home, Andy, scared that I will go nuts, has bought me PS3 game to play and I have started playing Pet Society on Facebook.
I wish to resume some hobbies like Dog Agility but am afraid my body cant take it, I want to do some cross-stitch but the pantang elders always tell you not to sew in your pregnancy yadayada. So... looks like nothing much is going on these days.
The furthest place I've ventured on my own is to the coffeeshop few blocks away to grab lunch.
Other than that, everywhere I go, Andy insists that he is around to play driver or I have to take cab.

And we still havent found the Breakfast-in-bed tray yet. Hmmph...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Antenatal checkup on the weekend + some updates

Our weekend was spent busy running errands and with a doctor's appt to keep!

Went for our 31-week checkup with Dr Don on Saturday.
This time, I am very happy because I put on 1.2kg (highest record ever throughout my pregnancy) and also, baby weighing about 1.7kg.
All the home rest and pampering from Andy & family must be doing me good :D

Didnt get a decent shot of Baby because he used his hand to cover his face as he happily drank some more amniotic fluid.

He drinks until he gets hiccups at times, which Andy & I find very amusing to feel the jerks on my tummy haha!

Sunday was spent with my Mum to buy some bb's stuff. Being 1st time parents, Andy & I also dont know what we need / dont need to buy so having Mum along was great.

Though, more often than not, my Mum will end up buying things the baby doesnt need (yet)... like this rocking chair:

Andy and I helped eachother fix it up to test the functions and there is my Mum with her silly cat Mango

Mango also wants to help (read: kaypo).

Finally, it is done!
It has adjustable rocking speeds and music, lights and toys hanging above baby's head.

Actually, what we really REALLY need for the nursery are:
- Baby cot (a White one to go with our furniture, food-grade teething guards on rails, adjustable bed heights, 4 castor wheels, and can convert to toddler bed when child is older)

- Fitted sheets and pillow for the cot
- White basic baby clothes and rompers for home wear (can buy at baby wholesaler shop at Bugis)
- Nappies and waterproof nappy covers (can buy at baby wholesaler shop at Bugis)
- Bath non-slip mat
- Bottle steriliser tablets
- Wet wipes (Pigeon ones which our dogs are using also)

OTHER ITEMS (Bought or given)
- Bean sprout husk pillows (my Grandma making)
- Baby soap & shampoo
- Diapers (bought a lot of Huggies Ultra from
- Bottle brush
- AVENT bottle steriliser (Charmaine gave)
- Baby 2-way sling carrier (Charmaine gave)
- Kodomo Baby laundry detergent
- Cotton buds & cotton balls
- Breast pads and sanitary pads

Looks like our nursery supplies are halfway complete! We still have about 9 weeks to prepare along the way as we go :)
Initally, I was worried about how I should train Andy to prepare him for Fatherhood and to get him involved as much as possible so he doesnt feel alienated and overwhelmed.
But thus far, he has been great (sometimes even better than me) in the know-hows of Babyhood. He reads ahead and gains his knowledge from Motherhood forums and our pregnancy books and he compares specs & prices of cots and strollers on websites to shortlist which one we should buy (like telling me which stroller has 4WD and suspension and which cot is slide-open with adjustable height)
He also talks to Baby a great deal - complaining to BB when I am naggy or telling BB to "ask mummy not to be angry" when I am in bad mood.
Did I mention I'm very proud of him? :)

And Oh, I am so looking forward to this coming Good Friday long weekend because it is my cousin's daughter's full-month shower and also, my Crazy Charmaine's bird-day! :D

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Smooth Coat Border Collie

Sent Mavy for grooming today and he came back looking like this:

He became super conscious and shy about his new haircut and wouldnt smile for the camera like he always would. (Refer to photo below)

Plus, it didnt help that everyone at home kept laughing at him and teasing him which makes Mavy even more self conscious.
Andy was quite furious and shocked and he said this will be the last time he is sending Mavy to the groomer. *Oops*
I even got scolding from him...

Andy: Dear I thought I said dont shave all botak? You ask them to shave all botak is it?
Me: No lah I never!
Andy: This will be the last time I'm sending him there ok.
Andy: *talks to Mavy* Puppy dont worry, will grow out very fast ok? I must give you fish oil from now on.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to the SAHM Club!

I've officially, inaugurally joined the Housewives/ SAHM Club.

Inevitably, I have been doing abit more online shopping than I normally would.
Thankfully, Chris has recommended me several good websites. Ah, the wonders of Online Shopping just a click away! has a week-by-week update of your pregnancy progress and tells you what you can expect at a particular stage of gestation. is a good place to order diapers and have them delivered FOC to your doorstep. So convenient.

Check out the prices of Huggies. 53% off retail! I ordered 3 packs of Huggies Ultra Newborn, intend to give 1 pack to my cousin's baby.

I recently just learned about BPA-free milk bottles. BPA is a chemical that is found in plastics and can be emitted after prolonged heating of the bottles (eg sterilising, warming etc)
Naturally, Andy & I got super kiasu and replaced all our milk bottles with BPA-free ones.
They are pricey - $29.90 per bottle for 250ml - but we dont want to take any chances.
We are also lucky that my Mum has staff discount at KKH so she helped us save quite alot.

For other stuff like cot and strollers, we will be ordering from
which also provides free delivery. Thanks to Chris' recommendation! She is a genius and knows all the "in" and must-go websites/ good deals etc.

We also received lots of goodies from Charmaine's aunts, my colleagues and friends - who gave us free pregnancy books, classical music CDs, baby sling etc etc.

Of course, I still have so much to learn all the other Yummy Mummies :)
And I am proud to say Andy is learning at his own very fast pace as well. In fact, he might know more than I do. He is the one who read my pregnancy book and told me "Risk factors of Premature Labour" and he has been doing his own research and comparing stroller and cot specs to see which one is better. He is gonna be one helluva Daddy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A day in the life of a patient

"Threatened premature labour". These 3 words are more than enough to send any mother-to-be into a bottomless pit of worry and anxiety.

25 March 09 2.30AM
Couldnt tahan the contractions anymore so called up Dr Don. He said to monitor the contractions again. If they dont die off and persist for the next hour, get myself admitted into the hospital.
I was damn scared. Woke Andy up. Packed my bag. Went to take a quick shower and dress up and get prepared.

25 March 09 3.30AM
Reached hospital and greeted by 2 friendly security guards. They looked so happy and excited to see me. "Cesarian or normal labour??" one uncle asked.
"Er actually my due date in June but I am having cramps so doc ask me to come. I am not going to deliver yet"
Poor security guards dont know how to react.
So got admitted to labour ward for monitoring

Put on 2 straps on CTG machine to monitor my contractions and baby heartbeat.

This is the CTG graph readings.

An hour later, contractions still on and strong. No choice, gotta be admitted.
So I was changed into hosp gown and put on IV Ventolin drip to stop the contractions.
The nurse did a vaginal examination to see if my cervix has been dilated and it was HELLUVA PAINFUL MAN!! I think I could feel her whole fist going in reaching for the cervix. GOD!

my first time put on IV drip. So painful. Had to take blood for blood tests and have 2 steroid jabs to increase the surfactant in baby's lungs in case he really pops out now at least his lungs are mature.

The only thing I look forward to during my 2 days stay in Hospital is the food. Very yummy!
Everyday the nurse will bring me the day's menu and ask me to choose.

Steamed fish, bak kut teh soup, french beans with black fungus.

For tea break I ate apple struddel and drank Milo.

For dinner I ate Western menu - beef steak and veg soup.

25 March 09 8AM
Mum, Dad and gugu came. Andy was still around. He slept on the visitor chair since admission till morning. Poor thing. It must've been uncomfy plus the cold aircon.
Dr Don came to check on my progress and said if the Ventolin drip is working to stop my contractions it can be titrated down by the next 12hours and I can be sent to a normal ward.

25 March 09 8PM
Transferred to normal ward. I chose 4-bedder because I am scared to be alone when Andy goes home.
I see the woman in front of me, she is 40yrs old and just gave birth to her 1st child. So happy when they wheel her baby in.
Then the Malay girl beside me, she is about my age also, and she is going to deliver anytime so just waiting out her contractions only.
I think of those women who have contractions and going into REAL labor, and those daddies all so excited and happy that it could be "anytime now" makes me feel so sad.

Because I am also having contractions but nobody wants Baby to pop out yet. Sigh I hope Baby can wait another 10 more weeks.

I couldnt sleep well at night because strange environment and I keep fearing I might experience another onset of contractions again then cannot go home the next day.

26 March 09 8AM
Dr Don came to check on me again. I told him I am feeling much better now. Still have on-off uterine hardenings but spaced irregularly and not accompanied with pain and cramps.
He let me go home but warn that if contractions come again like the previous night I need to be hospitalised again.
I asked him if I can go shopping? He was quite surprised and told me to "take it easy" and I would be better off staying home and resting in bed.
He must think I am crazy or got some kinda Shopaholic Disease. But the thing is, it is these 2 mths before Baby pops that Andy & I would like to get our baby shopping done and there are so many things we havent buy yet, so I just asked out of curiosity mah.

Well, looks like it's time to get a breakfast-in-bed tray.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's 2AM and I'm experiencing contractions again now - 5min apart.
Going to call my doctor first thing in the morning, and prepared for the worst- admit to hospital.

I'm not due yet! That's why I am so scared.

SIGH looks like Baby has answered my own dilemma. Maybe he wants me to have more rest and enjoy before the birth.
I am really scared and this is nothing like I imagined it to be. Will keep everyone updated once I get back from the doc/hosp

Monday, March 23, 2009

A matter of when

As I am advancing in my pregnancy, and as my tummy gets bigger and heavier, I also experience more and more discomfort and the "freebies" of pregnancy, such as:
- lower back pain
- sleepless nights
- waking up 2-3x a night to pee
- sciatic nerve compression causing me difficulty in walking
- Braxton Hicks (false contractions)

Of course with these symptoms, it is increasingly difficult for me to continue working, since I am required to walk and move around alot at work and carry/squat/bend alot too.
Not to mention, my obstetrician did warn that if I experience strong contractions again I might need to be hospitalised and be put on a drip to delay labour.
That thought alone scares me so much :(

Andy urged me to clear leave and take 1 month's no-pay leave all the way till delivery then start my m-leave. Though it sounds like a great idea to spend 6 mths in a stretch at home, but then I am quite hesitant also.

First of all, I will miss having an income. Andy told me he would support us and give me an allowance so "dont worry" but then there are so many things I plan to buy for Baby and I would feel greater satisfaction if the $$ came out of my pocket instead of hubby's.
I never like the idea of having to ask for $$ because makes me feel so useless and inadequate.

Secondly, without work, I will have nothing to do at home 'cept look at 4 walls and talk to the dogs.

I planned to work as long as possible and save my precious leave but pregnancy is such an unpredictable process. Sigh..
Should I or should I not take a rest??

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fathers are expectant too

As all my friends and colleagues know, throughout my pregnancy, I have not had weird food cravings eg. waking up at 2AM and forcing Hubby to go out to tapow Mee Pok.
Andy feels lucky and we both agree that it is just an evil plan for wives to exploit their hubbies when they are pregnant Haha..

But seems like Andy is the one having all the funny food cravings instead.
He has cravings for:
- Ice cream
- Durians
- Steamboat
- and other food items according to that day's events / moods

Once every 2-3 days, we would drive to Geylang to buy durians (and I take the opportunity to buy grapes, nectarines and plums). The durian stall Wonderful is very happy to see this preggy woman and her husband. They must be thinking "Wah this preggy aunty always got craving for durians almost everyday must come and buy"

And when we go out with friends, Andy would want to eat Steamboat. And I thought it's the pregnant wife's right to choose what to eat??!
Since I cannot eat seafood, I am left with not much choices for the steamboat spread.
But still, I dont mind. Because Andy is the one with the craving instead. If I dont give in, he will keep talking about steamboat at night before we go to bed.

The other night, he told me he had cravings for dim sum for the next day's lunch. He even listed all the items he wants to eat.
But the next day, we didnt have dim sum for lunch so I thought it's Ok, he has conveniently forgotten about his craving. But at night when driving home from work, he drove to Geylang to buy his durians and dim sum - including all the items he listed the night before.

So you see my point? Fathers-to-be experience all the weird pregnancy symptoms as well, it is even mentioned in our pregnancy book.

On the other hand, I feel happy because pregnancy has brought us to a new-found level of intimacy we have never experienced before.
Andy reads "Chinese names" while I read "What to expect when you are expecting" before bedtime.
It has become a routine every night for us to:
Andy: Goodnight Baby *kiss tummy*; Goodnight Mummy *kiss my lips*
Me: Goodnight Daddy *kiss his lips*

before we both roll over and fall asleep.

This is my 29 weeks tummy. D-day is another 10 weeks or so away!

Daddy & Mummy love Baby!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Diva dog

Andy was playing Baroque at Bathtime classical music to:
- Let me relax after a hard day's work
- Sooth baby
- Stimulate baby
And look who's stimulated and soothed too??

Happy faces!
Alice doesnt like sharing her Queen sized bed and Mavy, being a gentleman, is happy to sleep on the floor and let her have the bed to herself.

When they share the bed, Alice is clearly sulky.

Sadly, I have to arrange for Ms Diva Dog to board at Alan's gf's place during my confinement.
That's because confinement is a dreadful long month where new Mummies aren't allowed to go out of the house, and I will be expecting my Malay massage lady to come daily and it would be inconvenient for 2 dogs to be in the same house.

Looks like Alice will have to get used to a month in Alan's gf's, which isnt too bad. In fact, not bad at all!
She stays in private property at Loyang and has a garden where Alice is allowed to go do her business. And Alice gets to sleep in the room, not be some garden guard dog.
During CNY Alice stayed there for a week and Alan's gf cooked fish and pork for Alice everyday.
It's clear that they both adore Alice so very much.
I feel so jealous that someone is able to provide sucha good life for Alice and that person is not me :(