Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grand Aunt

Aunt LY comes over during her free time to help Andy's mum babysit Baby A.

She sings to him...

plays with him...

and talks to him...

She is a godsend.

A random photo at home which Daddy A captured of Baby A playing with his saliva.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Recent going-ons.

Met up with my babes Charmaine & Chris (and our respective men plus babies) and had a dandy good dinner at Swensen's ION.
I would like to comment that the Nursing Room @ ION is 6-star with its Pigeon warmer, hot & lukewarm water dispenser, chair, changing station and air-humidifier! *loves*

Talk about multi-tasking!

Dinner was great. We had a good time catching up and discussing Exersaucers, Haenim play yard and feeding.

Time for dear Charm & KW to start their training for their Dragon baby.
PS. Kaikai is available for your kind babysitting services!

Nat looking sweet as candy in her pinky frock. Makes me want a daughter as well!

Thanks babes for the great company!
I'll be meeting Charmaine next weekend to check ourselves in for a day of girl-time and full-grooming. We'll be going to get our lashes extended and go for my 1st Brazilian Wax in 6 mths!
Yes it's gonna be 6 mths like what the Strip therapist advised me, can you believe it?? YAY!

Oh, Kaikai just turned 5 months young on Saturday! Happy one-month-older!

Friday, October 16, 2009


I've learned to become like my dearest Charmaine - to treat work nonchalantly and be a Drama Queen.
These days, I just go to work without a care and knock off on the dot so that I can race home to see my precious Baby Kai.
When Im not feeling up to it, I take MC and leave.

When you have a baby, all your priorities shift and you notice what a fool you have been for having taken your job once so seriously.
What was once your driving force for everything suddenly seems like nothing at all.
I am such a changed person now. But most importantly, with this new found nonchalance, I am a happier person.

I realised that when you are a Drama Mama at work, make noise and demand to have your rights, your boss and colleagues suddenly become cautious of you and they sort of accept your crazy behaviour because they kinda "expected" shit coming from you.
Then you become more and more withdrawn from the responsibilities because they doubt they can rely on you anymore. (Read: less stress)

But who cares? really...
You can always go back to work but you cant go back to their childhood.

Family Photoshoot

Looking snazzy in a shirt and bow tie.
We were bringing him to our family photoshoot and poor boy waited for us adults to get ready till he started blowing bubbles with his saliva and looking bored!
Luckily he was generally well behaved and didnt scream or cry and the photoshoot was over before we knew it!
All the makeup aunties and staff at the Studio adored him and took turns carrying him while I was getting my makeup touched up :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Double take!

Andy's folks came over with us to my parents' one afternoon and the Grandparents were discussing among themselves how much Baby Kai looks like Andy & I when we were babies. My parents said Kai looks exactly like me when I was a baby. "No lah, Kai Kai looks like Andy when he was a baby" Andy's parents claimed.
Both sets of parents have photos to back their claims. See for yourself, what do you think??
Daddy as a Baby:

Baby Kai:
it must be in the DNA to open his mouth and give an expression like his Daddy 2 decades ago!

Daddy & Baby Kai sleeping look:

Mummy as a Baby:

Baby Kai:

Mummy with Mummy's mummy haha

Baby Kai:

Mummy in the bathtub at 3 mths:

Baby Kai in the bathtub at 2mths:

It must be so nostalgic for them Grandparents whenever they look at their Darling Grandson hehehe. Little wonder why Baby Kai is overindulged.

Foot Fetish

For the past week, Baby Kai has developed a new motor skill - feet grabbing & sucking.

He could do it all day...

How do the toes taste?
Gotta ask the acrobat.

I like this photo of Baby Kai and my Mum-in-law in (almost) matching colors :D
These days, we're eating alot of outside food because poor her cannot/too tired to cook.
She has her hands full with our Little Dynamite. I hope I can find a better-hours job real soon so that I have more time to look after this lil Rascal.
Meanwhile, kudos to this Super Granny who cleans, washes and looks after everyone in the family!

Mummy's tiny precious feet at rest.

Monday, October 5, 2009


So, this Mummy has gone back to work last week.
Work has been hell-ish. I miss Baby A like crazy and it doesnt help that with the restructuring and all, things are really quite sucky.
I have no time to eat or piss, not to mention go express BM. By the time Im home, my boobs already engorged and damn painful.

I've been busy with work, Baby A, Hubby and everything.
This week I'm attending a course at TTSH so it's office hours for me. My CPR license expires this month. Need to go on course again. (read: busy again)
Thankfully, Aunty LY comes over in the noons when she is free to help Andy's mum with the babysitting. Im lucky to have such a supportive family.
Will most probably be jumping ship to another hospital because of the shorter travelling distance and broader career prospects.
Sent out my resume today. It took me a good long hour to compose it! When was the last time I updated my resume? I honestly dont remember.

Hopefully things will go like clock work!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First passport

Getting babies to take passport photos is not easy. Luckily for parents, digital photos are allowed. Phew~

Take 1: Erm, no son, thumb-sucking is not approved. How about a happy face?

Take 20: That's better! but too comical. Like Elmo in Sesame Street!

Take 101:

We 'll be flying first class on SIA Airbus A380 to Melbourne... Woo-whee!
We'll be taking the night flight which coincides with Cheeky mon-mon's bedtime and Cheeky mon-mon will be given a bassinet to sleep in beside Mummy's seat :D

Mr Chuckles

I'm having our guest, William, over this afternoon so I attempted to coax Baby Kai Cheeky Mon-mon (our baby speak for Monster) to take a nap so Mummy can play a nice host.
Seems like, he is enjoying the bouncing action of his hammock so much that he has turned the whole thing into a GAME!
He chuckled and screeched, clearly delighted by all the bouncing action.
Mummy then got influenced to join in his game as well, by playing Peek-a-boo and "tickle the baby" ... Doesnt look the least bit sleepy.
Hmm... time to rethink this hammock ploy??

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Personalised rompers for Prince Adam

Spent 2 hours at my beloved Charmaine's home today..
with Clare helping me with embroidering Baby Adam's new rompers.

The finished products:

I didnt know how hard it is to embroider rompers until today, though they are just simple words on tiny clothes.
Sorry Clare, I had to make you endure me for 2 whole hours! HEHE

After 2 hours, we both gave up! I was getting really hungry and tired staring at the threads..
Dear Charmaine will be helping me with the "Prince Adam" one..
Thank God for gal friends. They rock!

By the way, *someobody*'s been proposed to!! Isnt it exciting! Woot! *somebody* also owes everyone a HUGE explanation and first-hand stories :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little family outing

I love weekends, it's the time when Daddy doesnt have to work so we can bring Baby A out.

I'm glad he enjoys his new car seat. But then again, there's nothing not to like!

We brought Baby A to Kiddy Palace to shop for his stuff, then to the nearby eatery for a meal. The entire level of the shopping mall was filled with parents and kids.
Andy & I grin like every proud parent whenever some stranger stops to touch our baby or smiles at us when passing by :D
Funny how I'm a completely transformed person now, when I used to think that kids were a nuisance! These days, Andy & I are always looking at other couples with kids and giving each other a knowing smile and exchanging ideas on parenting style, what stuff they are using which we might find useful, etc.

Baby A with Popo in matching polos:

Dressed in Carters top which Popo bought for Baby A: he is wearing 18-24M sizing now and there are no more "another size bigger" rompers for my wriggly baby *sob*. I dont really like putting him in seperates these days because the top always rides up whenever he is bouncing on our laps or wriggling to grab something.
Really miss his babyness..

In the evening it was dinner at Boon Tong Kee.

Towkay Adam at dinner with the old people (haha), entertaining himself

There is better use for the safety bar of the stroller: to rest his legs!

The waitress, waiters and soon-to-be parents at the table next to us were amused by all his blabbering and cheekiness!

We're super glad that Baby A is a sociable and outgoing bubs, and he has become so inquisitive of his surroundings, eager to find out everything about our huge, huge world.
So huge, yet so small. Perhaps huge and small are one, and all?

First food

4 Months is getting pretty exciting. Baby A is starting to drool whenever we eat, and attempts to reach out for everything within view to put into his mouth.
He has become so much more vocal, adding more vowels, chuckles and sounds into his vocab.
As you can imagine, we've been kept on our toes here!

We've also started him on his first semi-solids.. Isnt it exciting!

Mummy has been doing alot of reading up and preparation. This book has lots of Asian recipes and sample meal planners to help first-time parents.

Organic iron-enriched cereal.

Form & function: Carter's bibs. Terry clothed on the top and waterproof backed.

Opening his mouth wide wide and having his first taste of food!

"Ahh..mmmm"! He really loves his cereal. He polished the whole bowl with ease and could even finish his milk. WOW!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Was supposed to bring Baby A to Ikea with us to do some shopping for our new home but just as Andy drove home to pick us up, Baby A decided it's time for a nap - in the evening.
One thing with kids, you cultivate a wry sense of humour because kids always choose the most inconvenient times to come up with something!

When he finally woke up, it was 9pm. Time for bedtime milk milk then off to bed he goes. By the time we tucked him into bed, it was already 10pm.
Thank goodness for the wonders of staying in the East - you get late night shopping and 24hour food :)

Baby A: all dressed up with nowhere to go.

We tucked our little one into bed and headed to Ikea for a quick walk-around.
We're a social couple and this lounge chair set looks casual enough for our spacious balcony when we have friends over whaddya think? :)
Too plain? Wood corrodes and a metal framed one with glass table is better? So many possibilities!

Furniture shopping with Hubby is fun! We love exchanging ideas on how to do up the deco, and it makes me happy whenever we see something we can both agree on.

Luckily for us, the kitchen department has been kindly taken care of by none other than my Mother dearest. She has already bought us a whole lot of kitchen ware that one can possibly imagine - pots, pans, slowcooker, etc which are all stacked up in her storeroom.

Im really eyeing my Dad's tube amp on which Baby A listens to Nursery Ryhmes in the comfort of his Fisher Price swing Heh heh..

Okays going to sleep now. More of home-shopping to come ^_^