Thursday, March 11, 2010


I can't figure out how to use my new laptop - other than the Internet Explorer. I'm sucha Technophobic!
I can't seem to find the product key for MS Office 2007, no matter how hard I try, clicking on the links on microsoft website leading to more links and more, more links!
It's like Click here to enter your 25-character product key -> Free trial user? Click here for product key; Full version user? Click here for product key.
*click click click* then -> Click on this link to dowload your FREE version of MS Office now.
We're sorry, but the 25-character product key you entered is not valid. Please verify and enter your product key.

ARGHHHHhhh dammit.

I remembered buying my old laptop slightly more than 3 yrs ago, and had the Ah Beng at Sim Lim Square install everything for me and I just had to bring it home to turn it on, viola!
I don't remember having to go through all the hassle I have to now, and I certainly don't understand why technology has become more a complication than a convenience nowadays.

You know it's like when you desperately wanna call your credit card company or the bank and you get put through lists and lists of voice-automated choices?
Press 1 for your Account enquiry. . . . till you reach the point "Press 9 to f***ing scold the operator for putting you through so many options yet still no human operator on the line?!?!" and you forgot what Options 2 - 8 were about!!

I'm a Full-time working Mom doing my Part-time Bachelors with a full-on 9-mths+ Baby on my hands! I don't have all the time to press here, click there, lah!

Why can't Internet and Banks make things a little more user-friendly (read: idiot-proof)??

Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Kai's sippy

Baby Kai loves his bottle, but I'm trying to teach him how to drink from a sippy as well.
He's pictured drinking cow's milk from Australia.

When we were in Aussie, I learned that the Angmoh moms give their babies fresh cow's milk once their babies start semi-solids.
Here, they don't recommend giving cow's milk to your baby until at least 1 year of age, but I am sure there is nothing majorly wrong in giving cow's milk either, as long as your baby is receiving full nurtrition from his food and/or BM/FM.

Ragi porridge

Abstract from Asian baby recipe book:
"Ragi, also known as finger millet, is an excellent source of iron and calcium. It is also rich in Methionine, an amino acid lacking in most cereals."

My colleague VJ was very nice to buy this for me because I had absolutely no idea where to get Ragi flour. I tried many branches of NTUC and Cold Storage in vain.

Ragi has a starchy taste to it so I sweeten it by adding fruits or yoghurt.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brunch at Prima Tower

Baby Adam had Dim Sum brunch at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant today to celebrate my Father-in-law's birthday.

"I have 4 teeth now!"

Our weekend came and went in a whiz before I even had time to recuperate!
A birthday here, a shopping trip there, back to my folks' place, etc.

We brought Baby Adam to Vivo City on Saturday and no trip to Vivo City is complete without making stops at Toys R Us, and the flagship Mothercare at Harbourfront.
We bought a Fisher Price toy wagon for Baby Adam, more puzzle mats, organic food from the Harbourfront organic store, and other barangs.

Very tempted to buy Bugaboo accessories to accessorise his pram, but I think what we really need is another lightweight compact stroller. Duh!
You see, I sold his Combi Miracle Turn thinking we could didnt need so many prams but seems like he cant fit into Maclaren Quest Sport anymore, the straps are too tight even at the max length, and Maclaren doesnt have the safety bar in front. Looks like Mummy sold the wrong pram :(
Our Bugaboo is brilliant, but every parent needs a lightweight stroller to chug along to the malls so that all the shopping can fit into the boot.

Baby Adam needs:
- a lightweight stroller
- a new diaper bag (his current one is giving way)
- new shoes (Mummy has no time to shop for a suitable soft sole pair)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Table for Three at Shangri-La

had a dinner date at Shangri-La tonight, and what used to be Table for Two is now of course, Table for Three :)

My dates!

My chirpy Bubs :D

Mr Popular waving "hi" to every patron around us...
The girls behind...

The Russians beside...

"hello Mummy!"


Monday, March 1, 2010

Hanging out with the Ladies

Were hanging at Angeline's & Sean's new pad at Tanjong Ria. Neat little studio apt for 2 pax.
Really trendy & cosy!

Daddy & his mini

The crazy aunty who declared to everyone that she's gonna breastfeed him! Muahahaha!

Carol: "No Adam you cannot eat those pearls, they are not ORGANIC!"

The hot babes showing off flawless legs!

Some bedroom photos...

Carol: "Come, let's take Doggy-position photos on your bed!"
I need to remove Baby Adam from this bad influence! -__-

Baby Kai and sexy ladies on the bed, including his (self-acclaimed) hot Mom with her new hairdo :P

By the way, Thanks for the lovely Swarovski birthday present gals :)

Organic apple snacks

Baby Kai loves this. It comes in handy especially when we are visiting during the CNY period and go to homes that are not baby-friendly, which is like, 99% of the time, since he is the 1st baby for both sides of the family.

It keeps him happily chewing and he forgets about other distractions - table clothes, wires, glassware etc, until it is time to go to the next house. ^_^

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Turning 27 on the 27th is a BIGGIE to me.
Can you believe I am 90% to my Big Three??

I took the plunge and had my tresses chopped.
My buddy Shaun (whom I'd known for 9yrs & counting, my bitching buddy!) encouraged me to go for it. Heck, I was nervous as hell, because I've had long hair ALL MY LIFE.

But now, to celebrate my 1st year as a mother, 2nd year as a wife, and being 27 on the 27th, I decided to just go for it!

The outcome:

I love my stylist Kevin. He gave me this concave bob which instantly erased some years off my biological age.
Thanks Shaun this post is for you *wink*
Andy loves my new hairstyle and can't stop saying I look like so hot & chic, Mama!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


From the gals:

Did I mention I love STICKY? But it's one of those items I can't bear to buy for myself because they look too good to be eaten. How nice it is to have them given to me :]
I'm chewing on one as I type this and it tastes like Barbie & cupcakes. Yum!

Oh, I need this so! I've wanted this gadget forever! Ok, maybe not forever, but ever since I got my car - because I am a kayu driver who loses my way one time too many.
Thank you girls!

And from the main man:

Another Chanel to add to my collection.

And a laptop from Hubby too!
I havent even bought any pressie for myself yet because you all bought everything I need & want already!

Thank you so much my babes and Hubz. You're all undoubtedly the very best people God created in my life!

27.. But none the wiser!

Last year, Andy & the gals fixed a surprise Birthday Party for me. So did they this year, but I still didn't suspect a thing and got fooled into another surprise party again!
Two years in a row and still none the wiser! Shame on me! LOL

When we walked to Lava from our car, first caught sight of these 2 women.. Then I knew!

Our family shot.

Chris baked this. Isn't she AWESOME?

My crazy friends roped in the staff at Lava to sing my Birthday song as well... *blush*

Surrounded by the people who matter :D

The candle kept reigniting, giving me more wishes! HEHE

Crazy Maine & I

I feel like a Princess again, after all these YEARS!

Adam: "Oh just gimme the darn cake already!"

Another happy family shot: Chern Wei, Nat Nat & Chris.

The Godma.

Mr Popular being passed around by the aunties / jiejie.

My girls & 1 Prince! Besties forever!

I LOVE YA ALL! Thanks for giving me a Fantabulous Birthday every year.
The surprises and presents are a bonus. Your company is Godsend.