Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Noelle's shower & red-egg party

Sunday 18 April 2010: Baby Noelle Goh's full month shower & red egg party
Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront

The diaper cake I baked for her:)

The hotel ballroom was huge, and they even provided a baby cot and children cutlery for eating. Thumbs up!

Baby Noelle dressed in Baby Ralph Lauren. All those pretty frocks and pink stuff makes it all worthwhile to have a princess! I soooo want a daughter!

Red egg party

Gong-gong and little Kai

My cousin Calvin & his gf.

This baby suffers no fools

Cousin Yanling and her little princess who just turned 1 last month.

Thank God for my wonderful Mom who helped me with Baby Kai, else Andy & I wouldn't have been able to eat and chat in peace :)

I totally miss Baby Kai's full month shower, where we were showered with so many pressies, so to speak - rompers, shoes, clothes, soft toys. It was overwhelming, but after the party I had ample time to rest at home for several months more, and that feeling of not having to wake up to an alarm clock was great. Baby Kai and I did everything together, except for sacred moments where I took a poop on the toilet bowl.
I wish my cousin Denise and her hubby Peter will enjoy their little bundle of joy in the long journey ahead called parenthood :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kate Spade Henry diaper bag

I've always wanted a Kate Spade diaper bag, and when my trusty babyish-looking one gave way, it gave me good excuse to splurge on a new one.
It may appear small, but it's actually quite roomy, with 2 side pockets for milk bottles, and an interior zippered compartment large enough to put my handphone and wallet, and 2 interior patch pockets to put Kai's utensil set and another bottle.

I like the matching changing mat and its functionality without compromising style and looks.
I've yet to come across any designer who does diaper bags that are affordable on the wallet and eye-candy at the same time.
This is The quintessential diaper bag for all fashionista mommies *thumbs up*

Baby Kai is 11 months!

My darling baby is 11 months old today! I can't believe it - I'm in awe. Not in a beaming proud Mommy way, but rather in a perpetually tired, chasing after my rascal and I-cant-believe-I-survived-thus-far kinda way!

and he has a new toy to celebrate this new milestone.

Tearing the toy apart.

New toy, again! Courtesy of the banker from DBS Treasures priority banking :)
Edit to add: Our lucky baby let Andy strike 4D 3rd prize again! 2nd time already. Mommy wants to go Takashimaya baby dept :P

Thursday, April 15, 2010

As told by Daddy A...

Andy about my car: You know how to drive car, dont know how to bring car for servicing, know how to scratch the rims, dont know how to bring for repair, know how to own car, dont know how to wash car. You know how to eat, dont know how to cook. Know how to crap, dont know how to clean your ass.

(err.. no prizes for guessing who sent the car for all those right?)

Andy about Baby A: Darling, when you go shopping for Kai's clothes, can help me ask the sales=girl got matching romper or sleepsuit in 300 months? I want to wear matching outfits with Baby. ^__^ *grins*

Sometimes, I dont know whether to laugh or to scratch head about my Hubby. Zzzz

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sista Maine!

Charmaine's birthday this year was spent at Crowne Plaza, Airport hotel.
The place was quiet and nice ambience, and good thing was we were allocated a secluded table so we could crack our dirty jokes without anyone sniggering at us LOL.

See what I mean by dirty?

Luckily, our dear gal didnt ask for 25 of these firecrackers!! (else we'll end up like NDP Parade)

Sisters forever!

After the buffet and huge-tits cake.. Look at Meena's tummy @@.. And by the way, Charmaine got a new eye candy from KW - Gucci ltd edition bag, only 80 pcs in Singapore! *cool!*


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good times at ECP and a secret Garden

Took a short drive with my boys to East Coast for MacDonald's breakfast. Yum!

My sticky and sweaty boys

Looking intently at the breakfast. "Daddy, quick gimme already!"
Daddy: "I'm checking for roaches"

Cant resist hotcakes. Drool!

After that, we went to our secret garden - a private place with lush greenery, where the dog is free to run, and a big pond full of terrapins and fish. Just like good old times.

Mavy running and playing like a puppy. Liberty is priceless!

Good times :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

2 of my favouritest

Went to Resort World with 2 of my favouritest people in this world.
What a tiring day it was, and to prove myself wrong - my red stilettos are not made for walking!

Hershey Chocolate World

Shopping at SG's 1st ever VS outlet

VS loot!

After all that feet-abusing, we headed to Vivo City for lunch, where we were joined by Uncle Ramesh... Afterwhich, Andy brought me to get my diamonds - dangling Chanel CC earrings and a pendant. Now this Happy camper needs to wait 3 weeks ^__^


I'm too excited to sleep. Partly because I'll be going to Resort World with my sista Meena tomorrow for some girly good time, and also because the Hubby will be bringing me to get my DIAMONDS done. *bling bling*

Chanel diamond dangling earrings and a new diamond pendant. I can't wait!
Just in time for: Mother's Day 9 May 2010, and Kai's first birthday party ^__^

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Baby Kai is growing up so much, so fast. He has developed individuality and his own preferences, whether I like it or not. And I, on the other hand, has gotten quite used to the idea that my Little Prince is no longer the teeny weeny 2.73kg bun that popped right out of my oven.

Sometimes I miss so much his wrinkled skin and milky smell, yet other times I can't wait to run at the playground with him, throwing balls to our dogs.

I am also thankful to have a wonderful Hubby who does the bottle-washing, sterilising, feeding, bathing and basically, ALL the chores of babysitting! He's brilliant with Baby Kai, just as long as he doesn't use his beardie to rub against Kai's face (he hates that!)

He is at times naughty, yes, he throws tantrums and kicks his legs rigorously in the air if he doesnt get his way, and yes we have our occasional food fights when all he wants to eat are fruits and not yucky porridge (don't tell Grandma!)... but Daddy & Mummy love him all the same.

I can't be happier. I'm having the best time in my life. Thank God for blessing us :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tornado-torn house

When Baby A was about 8 mths old, he started standing up. Then he started cruising and has been cruising ever since. He cruises along his cot, the tables, our beds, and has recently graduated to pulling things off em.
This morning, he cruised in his cot to my dresser and pulled off my entire makeup drawer, smashing my perfume bottles and shattering my glass makeupbrush-holder in the process.
On Saturday, I was home alone with him when he broke a vase and Alice's ceramic bowl.

But it's ok. I don't use much perfume now anyway, and I can always get a new brush holder, and a dog bowl. Made of plastic please.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of our broken wall, where our curtain rail used to hang. It came off when Baby A hauled himself up from lying to standing position using our unlucky curtain, when he was 9 mths old. When the curtain came tumbling down with the rail, so did the poor Baby. But of course, all attention went to the baby instead of the wall. Smart ploy I say.

They warned that once the baby comes, I will have no time for my dogs, so it's better to give the dogs away. But I beg to differ. Once the baby came, I have no time for the baby! Because my dogs can pretty much take care of themselves, the baby can't. 24 hours is never quite enough for a baby. Nor myself.

God. I need a bigger diamond pendant. And the brand new glistening Omega mother-of-pearl face watch. And that Martello gourmet coffee maker. Really. Really.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adam's Birthday Banner

Customising Adam's banner was met with some glitches, particularly with a highly-raved printing company who has printed many children's birthday banners.

I shan't disclose that company name for privacy reasons, but he wanted to charge me additional $10 for "designing fee" - which was really to crop away the background of my original photo. I obligingly agreed to the additional charge, but the final draft sent to me was CRAP.

Nevermind that I couldn't customise the banner because the guy told me that all the available design templates are already on the web, but the cropping was done shabbily and made Kai's head look out of shape. How can anyone say yes to this lousy excuse of an artwork I really am clueless.
This isn't to say all moms should avoid this company, I have read some positive feedback hence I had emailed them, but maybe I'm the unlucky one. Shrug. Move on.

Back to the topic.
I was met with no choice but to design my own banner, and 'cuse me, I think I can do a better job at cropping.


Mickey & gang photo courtesy of Disney

So yeah this is gonna be Baby Kai's birthday banner, and we're gonna bring it to a printer to have it done. I just hope I got the dimensions right :D

It was a Good Friday

Hubby booked us a couple spa treatment at Spa Sauvignon. What a gem!
Did a red-wine body scrub and bodywrap followed by massage. The Malay aunty who massaged me was terrific - she pounded and kneaded on my muscles and I emerged a brand new me :D

After the spa, we headed to Robinsons sale again. 2 days in a row. Woah.
Then we headed home to fetch Kai and went for dinner with Grandparents Tan, and to Giant hypermart for late night grocery shopping.

We ended the night by watching Marley & Me on DVD and I fell asleep halfway. When I next opened my eyes, it was 8.30am today and Baby Kai was chuckling at me in his cot, holding my mascara that he took from the drawer next to his cot and waving the wand at me triumphantly.
He has mastered the skill of standing at the edge of his cot and pulling out my makeup drawer, emptying the contents inside. (One morning, Andy called me at work and asked if my electric eyelash curler comes with a cap because Kai was trying to eat it and thankfully it had no cap, not that the baby had devoured it).

Anyways, I promised myself that I would catch up with lost sleep when he is napping but here I am typing furiously on my laptop, while the carrots are steaming on the stove for his lunch. Yawn.
Plan later: Go to the printer's to get his birthday banner printed (more about the banner later), buy diapers, go to Kiddy Palace. That's all on our to-do list today.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Robinsons Members Sale this weekend

It's every woman's favourite word - S A L E !
At Robinsons Centrepoint this weekend. For shopaholic mummies like myself, it is not to be missed, even more so if you are a member because of the discounts on top of usual discounts. How great is that? DOn't know where to go this long weekend? Head down to Robinsons Centrepoint then ;)

I went with Aunty Meena and she went crazy with all the newborn sleepsuits, booties, mittens. How reminiscent of those days when Baby Kai was still a newborn!
And oh, I love their Eath Baby organic bath product range as well and I bought a few bottles to stock up.

Check out Baby Kai's new toys. He seems delighted! Thanks to my colleague Jenny who recommended the Aqua Doodle which leaves no mess after water ink dries up :)

Busy baby and the busy bodies!

Last but not least, I wanted to buy this Little Tikes coupe car but it was too bulky & heavy for me to lug home on my own. Sigh! :(

This is officially on Baby Kai's BIRTHDAY WISHLIST. Can some kind soul please buy it for him? :P