Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dempsey brunch and icecream on Sunday

American breakfast, pasta, icecream - brunch at Dempsey today was terrific with a different mix of yappy and angmo crowd.

It's Adam's first time there, we had initially wanted to bring him to Go Go Bambini, but it's nothing fantastic compared to Rochester House, therefore probably not worth your time bringing your child there because one accompanying adult has to be there so it really defeats the purpose of having an indoor playground to let parents have a meal in peace.

P.S. My men are spotting the same hairstyles now ;D

I love Sundays, dont you?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

More photos of our new home

My new neighbourhood is starting to grow on me.
- It's nestled serenely amongst the landed propoerty estates
- near the expressway
- 10 minute's walk to Simei or Expo MRT
- short drive from the airport and Singapore Expo

Anyway, here are some photos taken some time ago when our contractor came by to take pictures for his company blog.

We went to Robinsons sale and bought heavily-discounted Balmain sheets :)

Simply love, love the Chanel-inspired quilt designs on our furniture, bling bling bed frame and chandaliers.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adam is enrolled for Nursery!

Come 2012, it will be time for Adam to attend Pre-Nursery (or N1).
Andy & I have been searching/short-listing high and low for a good preschool for our preschooler for some time now, in fact, ever since we moved - and we finally found one!

Today, I took the morning off and went with Andy to the new school to have Adam registered. Kiasu I know, but in Singaporean context, we are considered very late for registration, considering hordes of parents do it a year in advance!

We met the Principal who was very patient and friendly and didn't rush the whole process.
We then did a school tour of the huge premises.

The classrooms

The Principal placed emphasis on the importance of outdoor activities and play for children and I totally agree. Check out their magnificient outdoor area, which actually consists of uphill and downhill.

Uphill, it's a little garden corner with a rabbit pen

and flower beds where the kids do gardening

Kids out at play

The school is spacious, clean, has a seperate kitchen area and even a canteen for the children to have their meals, and of course the well-kept great outdoors.
I have to admit I'm really impressed and most importantly, I can now heave a huge sigh of relief :)
Next up - to buy white school shoes and new sets of uniform!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Maverick just turned 7 this July but he can't get enough of being a puppy!!

The house is in a mess - Adam was playing Fetch with Maverick near the fish pond, wet paw prints, wet dog, wet kid, spilled drink and food bits on the dining table..... But I just can't be bothered today. Zo tiredzzz....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girls' date @ St. Regis

Spent a lovely afternoon with my bestie-cum-neighbour-cum-gossip monger bff Charmaine having High tea.
Our men can never justify spending the amount of $$ on pastries and tea, but that's the whole plan isn't it, to have some girly time away from the boys ;)

I miss all these girly dates so much but we just cannot find time to accomodate everyone, especially with our difference in work schedules, families etc, it just makes meeting up for the occasional Tai-tai session more scarce, but not entirely impossible!
We had a splendid afternoon sipping old English tea and watching the world roll on by in slow motion.

From this Sunday onwards, Charm would have completed her house-shifting and we can shout profanities at each other across our balconies! *whips out binoculars*

I'm trying to grow out my hair again, and a bow headband to keep my tresses in check is just what I need :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Champagne brunch

We had a gastronomical experience at Mandarin Oriental today. The brunch spread is in my opinion better than The Line at Shangri-La's.
On top of that, Mandarin's staff were exceptionally hospitable and they even have a Little Fan Land where parents can bunk their children FOC while they enjoy their meals. Even The Line cannot beat that. Perfecto~!

The spacious play land which comprises of 2 rooms adjunct to one another.

You can see our Darling enjoyed himself loads.

After brunch, Hubby got me a little something.
I've been up to my neck lately, what with school starting, keeping a hectic schedule at work, and let's not forget the never-ending amount of laundry and cleaning to do.
Thanks Hubby, I needed a liiiitttle perk-me-up, and these lovely pink Mius fit me to a T! (considering what tiny feet I have)

My husband is feeling generous today :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Steamboat dinner with our old friends

Angeline and I go a looooooong way back.
No, we're not closet lesbians but really old friends dating back to the old Doggysite days.
Like.... really really long... 8 years?!?!?!
Now we are not only dog-mummies, but also mums to little boys as well!

Had them over this Saturday noon to chill and have dinner, but we dont happen to have any exciting programs running on TV so we had no choice but to bore everyone with our Planet Earth blue-rays... Especially David Attenborough's monotonous voice... Heeehehe!

You can tell my silly son really yearns for a playmate, can't you?

Silly babies! Adam & Matthias! How come Adam's friends' names always start with 'M'??
Tomorrow he has a date with Morgan again!

I didn't realise how un-baby friendly our home is until today - no high chair, no playpen, no safety gates. Just lots of space for my silly Pre-schooler to zoom around.
Maybe my little boy is all grown up!!!

Oh by the way, my hair looks super Aunty today, but that's because I'm trying to grow long hair again. Very sick of short short hair already..... Been 2 years now. Time for a change yah??

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life at 2

Nothing much's been going on lately. And no, we didn't adopt Joi the Poodle in the end because the husband is not convinced. Nonetheless, we hope that Joi gets rehomed successfully to Andy's cousin who's been pestering his folks for a dog since Maverick was 1 year old!

Here's Adam enjoying his buble bath in the jacuzzi this morning.
Hubby had a naive plan to make him come to bed with us so we could all sleep in late on Sunday but obviously that plan failed miserably!

Look who's all rise & shine???!

After his bath, Daddy got his act together and we all headed to Parkway Parade for lunch and Adam's haircut.

Alfresco lunch at PP

and the plunge!

For the uninitiated, Junior League is serving children with style at:
- Junction 8 - 91354151
- Parkway Parade - 91551744
- Suntec City - 96196053
- United Square - 98452266
- Forum Mall, Toys R Us - 91893198
- Vivo City, Toys R Us - 91288646

*** Promotion: Collect 8 receipts and redeem for 1 Free Children's stylecut.
Every cut includes styling, optional washable color hair spray, cartoon programs, toys, sweets and stickers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New member of the brood?

Ever since we moved, we've been contemplating with the idea of having another dog.
Maverick, our 7yo Border Collie, stays with my in-laws because he practically grew up with them since he was 3 months old and my MIL is very attached to him, therefore we left things as they were and our new home has been kept void of another doggy being.

Thing is, Hubby has always liked big dogs and we were actually thinking of either another Border Collie or a Golden Retriever, the latter which is milder and more placid for our lifestyles.
However, it is timely that my Aunt is giving up her Toy Poodle, Joi, for adoption at a fee to anyone who is sincere in keeping a dog.
She said she would be more than glad to let us have Joi since she knows she will be in good hands and at least it's family and she can still see Joi once awhile or at family gatherings.

Joi is a 2.5 yo Sterilised female Poodle.
Color: Apricot (as you can see lah)
Toilet habits: Goes potty in a pee tray
Feeding: eats 2 small meals everyday and then does her business after meals.
She is obedient, knows simple commands and is healthy, free from skin problems or any illness.
Reason for giving away: Due to having a baby and some disagreement with Hubby and her elders.
Adoption fee: $300 comes with food, cage, pet carrier, pee tray, EVERYTHING.
T&C: New owner must be sincere dog lover and should never sell or give Joi away in the event that new owner is unable/unwilling to keep her. At such a point, Joi must be returned to my Aunt and never be given away or sent to SPCA.

Pros of Poodle:
- Doesnt shed
- No skin problem (as opposed to my ex-Sheltie Alice who had chronic skin problems)
- small and portable
- obedient

Cons of Poodle
- It's another living thing afterall, therefore the added responsibility
- Needs regular grooming at the groomer's

How how how? Should we adopt Joi???

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day - 19 June 2011 Sunday

Two of the world's most fantabulous Dads celebrated Father's Day today by having a BBQ and lots of wild wild wet fun!

wagyu beef patties & bacon skewered with capsicum

Our two little men: Morgan and Adam

2 awesome Dads


Mummy's present to Daddy :)

Adam's present to Daddy

He did it by himself! *Somebody* happy like bird, lah!

Anything that's worth a celebration, all in good time :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Updates on my new job & staying on our own

Hello! Welcome to my cam-whoring-at-work look.

This is not ter-kua!!!

If you are still debating which hospital is the BESTEST place to deliver your bundle - it has to be Mt Alvernia without a doubt!
The confinement food is nicer, and the nurses are much friendlier, being a Christian hospital and all.
I'm saying this not only because I delivered Adam in MAH 2 years back (lucky me to have had yummy food and caring nurses/lactation consultant checking on me all the time), but also based on my experience shuttling between MAH and GEH :)

Anyway today is one of the good days, I finished clinic at 3pm and went with my boss to MAH for a THBSO. After work, Andy & I brought Adam to the 1st day of Motherhood baby fair at Expo Hall 6B and stocked up on our fast depleting baby supplies.
Funnily, I happen to subsist in a tiny but extremely expensive family of 3 now.
And speaking of which, I have not gone on a date with the Husband for MONTHS. The occasional dinner out with the kid is not counted!!!!!

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddd a proper sit-down dinner-for-two and spend some couple time alone!