Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June holidays trip: Philippines PART 3 - Fish feeding and fish house-building.

Believe me when I say, the kids will never run out of stuff to do at Shangri-La Cebu!
Adam loves feeding the fish and swimming around them, pretending to be one of them.
The fish food can be gotten from the Watersports centre and is free.

Both my children come from the same place but they are slightly different.
My scaredy baby Ashton is terrified of water. Or the fish.

Prefers to stay on dry land to watch us.

A fish just jumped up and splashed on Adam's face.

When we were all still dripping wet, we went to dry off by building a fish house.
Fish house building needs to be arranged in advance so again, please check with the Watersports Centre for schedule and availability.

Everyone chips in on our family project.

Adam asked if we can engrave all our names on the cement and I was like Okayyyy can don't want??.....

Ta Dah! Our family project completed after getting all our hands dirty and making sure all the pieces stuck and decorated the Fish House with shells and corals.

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The family that travels together, stays together.
source: www.lacybella.com

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Adam's Minecraft 6th Birthday.

Look who's turning SIX today?
Full of fun and laughter and play!
Oh boy, our first born, Adam, is SIX.
Which means I've been a mother for s i x years. Scary!
Adam wanted a Minecrafty birthday theme this year and as his [ahem] awesome mother who's brilliantly gifted at throwing fabulous themed parties, his wish is my command! 
Adam's AWESOME, smashin' Minecraft cake!

Jess from Sweet Perfection is my only favourite cake lady who has the special ability to transform any idea or photo sample into reality.
She does magic with her hands I wish I am half like her.
If you click on the Birthday links on the right hand side of my blog, the 3D fondant cakes are done by her.
A cake is the centre piece at any party, and the last thing you want to worry about is having an epic fail cake! With Jess, I never have to worry. #notasponsoredpost

My Birthday Boy is Steve, and Ashton is Creeper. I think Ashton doesn't mind being Creeper because he doesn't know how creepy Creeper is. HEHE!

I went to source for Minecraft head gear and bought Minecraft Lego for his present. (There are 2 sets because the smaller set is for Ashton).
My kids only receive big ticket presents on three occasions every year - their birthdays and Christmas.
Yeap, my children lead very deprived lives.

Poor Adam had a sudden onset of fever the night before his school party and I stayed up all night oiling and sponging him.
I prayed that by morning his fever would break but it didn't.
He woke up at 0700am on Friday morning and told me feebly "Mummy I cannot go to school today, can we celebrate with my friends on Monday?"
In my head I was thinking Shucks. I can't be taking so many days Childcare leave at one stretch right?!
Time for a contingency plan. I oiled him, bathed him in cold shower and fed him some Panadol syrup.
Thank God the fever went off so I called his school and said he will be missing lessons today as he is not well but we will still be there for his party.
Thankfully his school agreed to let me bring an ill child to school just for the celebration otherwise a poor boy will be mighty disappointed. *Phew!*
So off to school we went, with Ashton in tow!
Look at the happy grin of my precious Adam.

Adam was overjoyed to be surrounded by his friends and showing off his Minecraft cake.
Apparently, Minecraft is a hit with all the children because they all went crazy over it. The boys could name all the characters on the cake!

Class shot with his teacher Mrs Ang. She's a nice and motherly teacher, God bless her.
This will be the last birthday celebration Adam has in kindy and I feel a bit sad already!

This year, I have an ordinary wish for you, Adam:
"Do  not  ask  your  children  to  strive  for  extraordinary  lives.
Such striving may seem admirable, but it is a way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show   them   the   joy   of   tasting  tomatoes,  apples  and   pears.
Show   them   how   to   cry   when   pets   and   people   die.
Show  them  the  infinite  pleasure  in  the  touch  of  a  hand.
And   make   the   ordinary   come   alive   for   them.
The    extraordinary    will    take    care    of    itself."
- "That Parent's Tao Te Ching" by William Martin.
May you grow up to be a healthy and happy child.
Lots of love,
Mummy and Daddy.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Movie date with my children!

Last weekend, at the screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hubby & I brought both kids with us.
There are certain things about motherhood that keeps getting easier with age, and going on dates with your children is one of them.
No more heavy diaper bags with water flasks/ bottles/ milk powder/ diapers/ handkerchiefs/ chew toys in the shape of keys/ nursing cover if you're breastfeeding/ baby nonsense.  
Look at your Ma, kids, hands free!
Here we are at Downtown East. I swear I never want to get out of the Eastern part of Singapore if I can help it. We have everything here, and I mean EVERYTHING.
Old folks like us don't quite fancy the town crowd anymore.

Shorty Ashton had to carry his own booster because our hands are all full holding drinks, popcorn, hotdog and nuggets. Sorry baby!

My elder son has a talent of smiling upside down while the younger one has no desire of looking at the camera. At all. #sweat

Ok lah, I don't disturb my children with my irritating handphone flash.
Let them enjoy the popcorn and movie :P

It was a good movie. Thor is so suave and Chris Hemsworth looks like Brad Pitt. Ashton took a nap halfway at the part where the twins joined the Avengers' team. Adam watched it to the end.
It was an overall good movie as the kids enjoyed it and didn't fuss at all.

[Sponsored] #FrisoMoment II: Flower Power at Gardens by the Bay.

I'm super OVERDUE in my blog post!
#FrisoMoment is ending tonight!!!
Don't miss your chances of winning the weekly draw prizes!
For the second instalment of our #FrisoMoment outdoor activity with the kids, we went to Marina Gardens by the Bay for the TulipMania.
On weekends, we are constantly on the lookout for fun places to bring the kids.
We love the kids to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

This is called the Oleander or Sweet William. According to our Aunty Mary from US, she warns it's important to note that all the parts of this plant are poisonous. So do not let your children touch them if you see them!

Wah, got tulips and windmill in Gardens by the Bay, no need to go to Holland already!

My in-laws don't like to take photos so I'm glad I sneaked a photo of my dear MIL in this photo.
 After the flower power, we took a little stroll to Satay by the Bay to makan hawker food.
 Thank you Friso for inviting us to participate in your #FrisoMoment campaign.
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