Friday, June 28, 2013

VIP Private launch of VW GTI + Magazine feature.

Heya everyone! Hubby & I were among the first in Singapore and the whole of Asia Pacific to experience the launch of the all NEW Volkswagen mk7 GTI.

Come join us in the experience!
The guests had complimentary car wash service while having our dinners.

A fiercer, more powerful little machine with lots of new technology!

Who can resist the smell of leather in a new car!

The VIP launch dinner.

Buffet by The Regent hotel with their Italian Chef.

The husband chatting with Ting (one of the event staff) about the differences of mk6 and mk7 GTI.

Afterward, there was a talk and movie about the new GTI before dinner proper.

We were extremely privileged to be seated with Mr Steffen Schwarz, MD of VW.

Grand Turismo Injection.

My outfit for the night:
White CELINE tee from
Boyfriend jeans from Levis
Alexander McQueen scarf
Ferragamo black patent Varinas
Hermes Lindy 34.

By the way, I was photographed by the talented Joel Tam and will be featured in the July issue of Volks Mag.

Behind the scenes.

The magazine feature:

To read the full article, click HERE.

Thanks to VW Singapore for the magnificent experience. Special thanks to Dawn, Ting, Colin and the entire staff who took such great care of us during the event.

It has been such a privilege.

Do hop on to any of the Volkswagen Centre in Alexandra or MacPherson to test drive the new GTI this weekend :)

Indonesian maid passport and work permit renewal

It's been a year since our helper, Dwi, has been with us. How time flies!
I recently had her Work Permit and passport renewed, so if your Indonesian maid's passport needs renewal, here are the steps you need to undertake:

1) Prepare photocopies of the following: your NRIC front & back, your maid's WP front & back, and her current passport's first and last 2 pages.

2) Go to Indonesian Embassy at Chatsworth Road near Gleneagles Hospital.
Embassy opening hours: 09:00AM - 12:00PM Mondays to Fridays.
You must be dressed in proper attire: no flip flops, no singlet or camisole, no shorts and bermudas.

3) Take Q number inside the embassy first, the rest can wait.
Then fill up the Passport renewal form while waiting for your turn. If you forgot items in Point 1, take this waiting time to go and get these photocopied at SGD$1.
We arrived at 9:30am and our Q was already 40. The counter was serving Q12.

4) After you have submitted the necessary documents at the counter, you will be issued a payment slip of $35 for your maid's passport renewal.

5) Your maid will then be called by name into their office to take her photograph.

6) Proceed to Level 2 for an interview (you and your helper will be interviewed by one of the Embassy staff) where you will talk about her new contract terms. According to MOM and the Indonesian Embassy, wef Jan 2013, all Indonesian helpers must be entitled 1 day off per week.
After discussion at the interview, Dwi's new contract states her salary as $450 per month (up from $420), and 1 day off a month (as per her current contract).

7) Your helper's new passport will be ready in 3 days' time.

We arrived at 9:30AM and was done at 11:30AM.

Dwi came to us as a transfer maid so although the standard contract states 2 years, hers was only 1 year. That is the reason why we have to get her documents renewed after her working 1 year with us.
Work-wise, I think Dwi is still considered above-average.
- She is clean in her work and honest.
- We can put our wallets lying around the tables and not worry that our money will go missing.
- She washes her hands before handling the kids.
- She can cook and follows instructions well.

However, according to my MIL, whenever they go to the market (when Andy & I are at work), when she speaks to other helpers or people they meet at the market, she would tell them she's going home next year (at the end of her 2 years contract with us).
I think she misses her home because by the end of her contract with me, she would have been working in Singapore for close to 4 years without any home leave (because of her Transfer status).
So if she wants to go home, I have to let her go. And my problem of maid-searching and shortlisting will begin.
Maids. Most of us can't stand them, but more of us can't do without them either.

By the way, *someone* woke up bright and early and insisted on putting on his gawky Angry Birds YELLOW cap with his Spiderman sunnies and his matching BLUE Mickey Mouse slippers (all accessories bought by different Grandparents. Dohh).

 When we got to the Embassy, it became apparent that he must've heard me mentioning to Dwi and Andy in passing about "passport", because he kept asking if we are boarding the plane yet.
Are we boarding the plane yet?? Er hello dear son, why you so cute one?!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

[Sponsored] New MindChamps Child Minding service in town!

Hi everyone! I have another idea to share with you and your children if you're thinking about what to do indoors to escape from the haze.
How about, shopping in town for Mummy while your little one gets entertained by the good people at MindChamps Paragon?
What is Child Minding service at MindChamps all about??
Conducted every weekend between 11am-5pm, MindChamps Child Minding service at Paragon helps your child develop literacy, creativity and physical coordination to build the vital neural networks essential for cognitive development.
This service is for children aged 2 - 7 years old. For children aged 2 - 3 years, an accompanying adult is required.
Activities involved:
1) Narrative intelligence (story-telling)
2) Junior Chef (cooking session)
3) Neuro-Mooves Gym
Child Minding is a new initiative by MindChamps and we were extremely privileged to attend! 
Warming-up session with Teacher Maira before starting the story-telling with some music and movement.

Story-telling session

Next, cooking session: 

The kids were all eager to help Teacher Maira cook!

After cooking their scrambled eggs, it's time for Gym! 

Attention children: bum-scratching and spider-crawling do not constitute as neuro gym mooves!

Thank you Claire and Maira from MindChamps for the great experience. The teachers here are so pro!
It must be so tiring conducting the sessions with so much zest and animation, to so many children, that even I feel exhausted just being an observer. Good job!

Special thanks to Mr Christopher Minjoot, their Asst Director, for this invite. It has been a pleasure!

More information about Child Minding @ MindChamps Paragon can be found here:

For bookings and enquiries:

MindChamps Paragon:Unit #06- 19/20. (Located just above Mothercare)
Tel: 6828 2650


Thank you for dropping by. Hope you enjoyed our review as much as we enjoyed writing about it.

Friday, June 21, 2013

[Sponsored ad + FREE Giveaway] LolliBox *newest* edition

Hi Mummies & Daddies, how are you dealing with the haze?
If you are at your wit's end wondering what to do with your little ones,
How about a LolliBox giveaway?
LolliBox just sent Adam their newest theme of project subscription box - OFF TO SPACE!
Now if you are a Mummy of boys like myself, you probably know dinosaurs, mud and rockets at your fingertips.
Adam is very intrigued about astronauts and the outer space, so when LolliBox told me the newest theme they'd be sending me for my blog, I just knew Adam was going to be excited!
Come check out what's keeping Adam busy :)

Came right to our doorstep: parcel addressed to Adam with love!

Check out what's inside the box: 1 Space rocket and rocker launcher project, and 1 Space mobile project.

Adam gets busy...

To infinity and beyond!

Learning a little about the science of the Moon, Stars and Solar system, as well as honing fine motor skills and creativity in our kids, LolliBox is a great and fun way to spend a couple of hours bonding with your kids.
For older children, it even serves as a means of keeping these little Astronauts occupied to free up some time for yourself.

What's more, I have good news to share. You can now win LolliBox's newest edition for your child. Yes, FREE!

Simple steps to WIN your free LolliBox edition:
1) Like and Share Mumzilla's Facebook page.
2) Like and Share LolliBox's Facebook page (if you haven't already done so).
3) Comment on this post your Name & Email, and the age(s) of your child(ren).

Closing date for giveaway: 28 June 2013.
Winner will be notified via email on 30 June 2013.
**** Contest is now closed and winner has been notified by LolliBox. Thanks for participating! :)

Good luck Mummies and Thanks for participating. I'm sure your little one will be stoked to receive a parcel addressed to him/her! :)
P.S. I hope everybody stay safe, especially our very young and the very old or sick ones.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day celebration 2013 [Part 2] - No Signboard seafood at ECP

As my youngest brother and Mum could not make it to join us for dinner tonight, my other brother and I had a change of plans and brought my Dad out for dinner with my in-laws and Hubby.
Yup - 3 Dads in the family celebrating Father's Day!

My 2 able assistants for the night!

A DAD is: a son's first hero and a daughter's first love. (quote from Google).
He set the high standards for any man to treat his daughter. I Love You Daddy!

I love this light and flouncy one-piece which is great for the humid weather tonight.
Frills and flowers, a girl's loves.

I am totally smitten by this baby!

I may have not mentioned this before, but my in-laws and my family get along pretty well.
Very blessed to have great family ties.

Outfit for the evening:
Floral playsuit in Pink:
Bag: Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST) in Beige with GHW
Shoes: Miu Miu nude maryjanes