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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Noelle's shower & red-egg party

Sunday 18 April 2010: Baby Noelle Goh's full month shower & red egg party
Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront

The diaper cake I baked for her:)

The hotel ballroom was huge, and they even provided a baby cot and children cutlery for eating. Thumbs up!

Baby Noelle dressed in Baby Ralph Lauren. All those pretty frocks and pink stuff makes it all worthwhile to have a princess! I soooo want a daughter!

Red egg party

Gong-gong and little Kai

My cousin Calvin & his gf.

This baby suffers no fools

Cousin Yanling and her little princess who just turned 1 last month.

Thank God for my wonderful Mom who helped me with Baby Kai, else Andy & I wouldn't have been able to eat and chat in peace :)

I totally miss Baby Kai's full month shower, where we were showered with so many pressies, so to speak - rompers, shoes, clothes, soft toys. It was overwhelming, but after the party I had ample time to rest at home for several months more, and that feeling of not having to wake up to an alarm clock was great. Baby Kai and I did everything together, except for sacred moments where I took a poop on the toilet bowl.
I wish my cousin Denise and her hubby Peter will enjoy their little bundle of joy in the long journey ahead called parenthood :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ingredients of Diaper Cakes

Hi everyone! The week has been hectic for me so my apologies for the short absence!
I had school every night of the week, and I saw very little of Baby Kai. When I came home, he was sleeping, when I left for work, he was still asleep. Can you imagine my heartache?

Well, it's all over now, I managed to finish a huge chunk of one of my essays, thank God for that!

And now to answer all the Mommies' emails!
I've received numerous emails pertaining to the ingredients for the diaper cakes, and pardon me for not replying your emails (because of you know why).. so here goes:

- 10 pc disposable diapers
- 1 hooded towel
- 5 pairs baby socks
- 1 wash cloth

- 32 pc disposable diapers
- 1 pink dress
- 1 pair pink sandals
- 1 hair clip

Didn't realise that it's a longggg weekend next week, else I would've arranged a short trip with Hubby and Baby Kai! But I have to say, it's near-impossible with my school and work.

Okays enough ranting. Ciao folks :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before we knew it

Our weekend came and went before we could even catch our breath, but it was a great weekend with rain and cooling weather :D
We managed to get some chores done as well - sent the car for repair of rims and full grooming; bought ingredients for some diaper cakes I'm going to bake this month, brought Baby Adam back to my parents' place for dinner, went to have my haircut.

My lil munchkin enjoying some time playing on his own before we went out:

So cheerful, so happy. He lights up our lives :)

A 2-tier diaper cake done! This is for Adam's cousin's 1st Birthday the coming Sunday (28 March).

I have another 2 more diaper cakes to bake, all girlsssssss! All for Adam's cousins :)
It is so fun shopping for girly frocks and pretty shoes for baby girls, even though they aren't for mine. I wish I have a daughter as well!
I don't bake Diaper Cakes for profit, only for my family & friends, however if you wanna DIY a diaper cake, feel free to drop a comment or email me at I will be more than happy to help you with baking one!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Adrina's Full Month Shower 170510

It was a bright and happy Sunday blessed with good weather.
Baby Adam turns 8 Months old today too. Happy one-month-older son!
After breakfast, we headed to Baby Adrina's Full Month Shower.

The gift for Baby Adrina! A one-tier diaper cake.

The star of the day

Mummy is very happy to have everyone pass Baby Adam around so she can enjoy her buffet. *evil sinister grin*

Daddy & Adam the Charmer

Sloppy kiss!

"Stop acting cute Daddy!" *frowns & glares*

If I'd known the pool is just next to the Function Room I would wear my bikini and bring Baby Adam for a swim!

Enjoying being kissed!

Mummy's little Prince charming his way into people's hearts.

and showing off his toothsome twos

Kids making merry and dancing around...

Baby Adam gives Donovan korkor a kiss!

Cake cutting time!

Kids really light up everybody's life.
With so many mommies around my age, we could talk about feeding and other babytalk.
It was a GRAND time with lots of food & desserts and everybody couldnt stop smiling and laughing at the cheeky children!