Birthday Planner: Fun to be One! Mickey Mouse theme

For easy reference, I am dedicating a page just to talk about planning Baby Adam's FIRST BIRTHDAY.
All info can be found here. If you need help or any questions regarding planning your tike's birthday, you can email me at or simply leave a comment :)

The birthday banner:

The invites:
I decided to make them as Admission Passes for our guests, which they have to present to the staff at the entrance. Courtesy of the Museum for giving us permission to use their Logo and Map :)

Front of invite:

Back of invite:

The theme:
Mickey and Baby Disney gang.
Baby Adam doesn't have a favourite character yet, and we thought of choosing Mickey as a classic character that will never go out of date even if he were to look at his photos 20 yrs later.

The venue: Andy & I both decided congruently that no chalets, no hotel buffets, no condo function-rooms for our son's 1st. We don't want to do what all other parents are doing, and in our opinion - if you hold a baby's party at these places, you're doing it more for the sake of your invitees than your child's enjoyment. We chose Toy Museum for Baby Adam, because it is afterall his party. He deserves a bash, not just a venue where all other kids held theirs. Thanks to Hubby for being the brains behind it, we managed to secure the entire Museum for our private use on that evening! but of cos to keep the crowd manageable, we are gonna limit the guests to only 2 floors.

"Thank You" cards:

Party favours: Hand-made towel Cupcakes in Pink and Baby Blue

On the day of the Party:

More photos of the Party at: Actual Day Album