Sunday, February 23, 2014

Birthday celebration - Part 3.

It's not my birthday yet. Not officially anyway, but I have had celebrations with some of the most amazing people on earth for the past coupla weekends.
Today, I celebrate with my own family.
At Peach Garden, Thomson Plaza, having Peking Duck dim sum lunch.

Adam and my Mum

My cool baby Ashton.

My rosette cake which Hubby ordered from Sweet Perfection. Thanks Hubby. You are too sweet!

Family photo, missing my youngest brother because he is in the hospital nursing an injured leg.

Thank you, God, for blessing me in so many ways.
I know my life is not worry-free, but it is blessed with the most amazing people I can imagine.
Thank you, Hubby and my family, for loving me, for accepting my flaws and weaknesses as a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Birthday celebrations - Part 2.

It's a super packed weekend for me with my birthday celebrations with friends, my own family, and my in-laws.
My bunch of crazy gals whom I know since Secondary school decided to have a birthday celebration today. We are a group of 5 - Siew Wei and I are born 4 days apart in Feb, while Angeline and I are born 4 days apart with her birthday in March. As for Carol and Huiwen, they are both December babies.
Busy as we all are with our own commitments, we always try to set time aside for one another on birthdays, Christmases, New years and special occasions.
I was initially rather worried about not being able to meet my gal friends for our birthdays' celebration due to a hectic work schedule and family engagements.
Thankfully, Hubby did a bit of re-scheduling with his parents and I got off work at 4pm (on a Saturday!) so I quickly rushed home to bathe, change and get the kids ready for our party.
Huiwen's boy Liam, She is not pictured at all tonight :( because she was the first to arrive and by the time Angeline came, she was carrying her baby boy Keith to sleep.

Crazy Carol who kept claiming Adam as her boyfriend and asked Andy if we mind having her as our daughter-in-law.

My 38 sisters and I.

Some crazy facts about us:
- We used to call ourselves (Huiwen, Carol, Siew Wei and I) Funkiest Four (in the beginning Angeline, on the right, was in another class and we only got to know one another later).
I was the one who came up with that name! So cheesy now but so cool then Haha.
- We used to get into all sorts of trouble together, with the school authorities and with the Ah Lians those days. We still joke about our epic Giordano wind-breaker in bright yellow and white, and had to wear black bra underneath on purpose. OMG!
- And those Ferragamo and Fendi headbands, Ferragamo 4-plates belt, orange sharp plastic comb, JPG and Valentino long wallet.... HAHAHAH who else remembers those?!
I wonder where we got the money to afford designer goods last time!
- Carol got in trouble when she went to Canto and borrowed Angeline's IC (because Angeline's birthday in March while hers in Dec so she was technically still underage) but she got in trouble with the bouncer because she couldn't remember Angeline's address! She only memorised her IC number.
- We always had sleepovers (mostly at my place) and my Aunt used to help us cheat Home Econs sewing.
And so many other memories which we still remember so WELL! But ask me what I ate for lunch yesterday and I cannot remember ... Hehee..
18 years of friendship and still counting.
From singles to dating to getting married and having kids of our own (except for Carol cos she is the wildest one always don't wanna settle down), we still make it a point to keep in touch and keep our friendship flame burning.
This pic was taken just recently during CNY when we had steamboat and MJ session.
We so Aunty and 38 but we love it :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be my guest!

Invited my gals over for CNY lunch and celebrating my 31st Birthday at my humble home last week!
They had wanted to celebrate my birthday in advance, since we hardly have time to meet up.
Every year, no matter how busy we are, we make it a point to gather during our birthdays.
This year, however, something different is that I decided to cook for them instead of being given a treat.
This is because 1 of my resolutions this year is to give more, take less.

Really blessed to have these angels in my life, to support me, to love me, to knock sense into me when needed, to guide me when I'm lost.
My tried-and-tested recipe: Oven baked stuffed chicken, and shitake mushrooms with minced meat, chopped tomatoes and cheese.

Using the cashew nuts my Aunt roasted for me, I cooked butter fried rice with raisins and cinnamon. New recipe that I tried today which turned out Ok.

Charmaine made garden salad.

Adam's favourite guests whom he has been asking and talking about the entire day!

My gals gave me a HUGE ANGPAO. Super novel idea!

Charmaine, Clare, Royce and Tommy joining the photo-taking :)

My birthday "cake" was a Lemon meringue tart!

My lovelies!

Prankster gals make me literally count my blessings untillll................
 Thank you for being my friends :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

River Angpao 02-02-2014

My in-laws wanted to bring the kids to River Angpao to soak in the tradition and festive mood of CNY.
We braved the jams and crowds even though we would rather break a limb than to even go near a sale on normal days.

Stopped at Uncle Ringo for a damn long time queuing for the rides. All because Adam wanted to play. Glad it made him happy :)


Tired kids at the end of the night.
Good night!