Friday, July 30, 2010

Champagne & Red wine party

Well, some person got upset with my post on wanting to buy a H-bag. I'm not sure why, but if talking about bags makes certain people upset/unhappy/angry, then I guess I shall stop talking about bags then. I really dont mind :P since life is more than bags and material stuff.

I am not apologetic for the way I live, because nothing comes to us for free - Hubby & I work hard for what we have.
But I do realise, we cant please everyone whom we come across.
Thankfully, we do have supportive and true friends who will stick it out with us and love us for who we are. And that's what matters.

On a parting note, it's the weekend! and Hubby & I are *hoping* to throw a Champagne & Red wine party cum fishing trip on the N-day long weekend on a chartered boat.

I love love love weekends, dont you? :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A long longgg time

When I went back to work after my M-Leave, it seemed like a long eternity before I could count down to my final days in my company... but now, it is already turning August. What a long and agonising wait.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because *hopefully* by the end of year, our home sweet home will be ready and I will be a full time Tai-tai dropping my boy off at school and then going shopping with my other SAHM friends at Chanel and Balenciaga, discussing about throwing dinner parties and playdates at whose house.

Nah, just kidding... I will probably be a full-fledged Aunty cum Housewife cum Maid to my 2 men. HEHEHE
I m soooo counting down to the final days.... :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday family times

After Gymboree, FIL threw a treat at Grand Copthorne because of our 4D 2nd prize winnings.

Daddy A & Baby A

My cheeky monster grinning because of the food spread on the table.

We were simply too busy gorging ourselves with the crab legs and buffet spread to take anymore photos... But it's Ok. I'm so full that I look like I'm 2 mths preggy!

After dinner, Andy & I went for a spin along ECP. The wind is therapeutic to our tired souls.

Back at home this morning before going out....

Kai has a new muse!
Something from Munchkin which Chris recommended that's good for snacking tods

"look Ma, no spill!"


It's a brilliant and inexpensive little contraption, but just dont be ambitious and put too tiny pieces of snacks in it ^^

Friday, July 23, 2010

I can smell the Weekend :)

The precious long-awaited time of the week is here again - I'm cherishing it more than I ever did for the past few weeks because Period.

Damn I can hardly pry my eyes open and I felt like keeling over to sleep at work.

But well, the week is all over and tomorrow, it's Gymboree again, and FIL is giving a treat at Grand Copthorne :)
I'm so happy just thinking about it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playgroups in the East

Andy & I have been searching for a suitable Playgroup for Kai for the past 2 weeks, and the outcome has been disappointing :(

Our criteria are:
- daily 2-3 hour sessions
- must be near our home so MIL can drop him off and pick him up.
- must be clean and the children happy
- must not be too much of classroom learning, and more of play, music, art & craft and preferably outdoor activities
- Teachers turnover should not be high, and they should be happy in their job

is that really such a tall order? I thought that was common sense, yet so hard to fulfill.... -__-
Initially, I've thought of sending Kai to those chi-chi centres but to be realistic, unless I'm a SAHM, I can't really do that because there would be nobody else to bring Kai there.

If any Mommies have any recommendations for Playgroups pleaseee please let me know!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our precious Sunday!

First, Baby A went for a haircut. A melodramatic one.
It was Daddy A's and MIL's idea... but I always objected, until Aunty Meena said I should shave his hair so that it would grow out thicker. Those were the words that changed everything.

My mohawk baby!

Back view of my mohawk bebe

Then we went to support Daddy in his soccer game at ECP.

Now you see it, now you dont.. the HAIR I mean

There was a bunch of older boys playing soccer as well

and Baby A wants to join them!

A mother watching her child from the sidelines came up to us and said that he's the youngest soccer player she's ever seen. :P

It was raining but it did nothing to dampen our moods.

Halfway through Daddy's 2-hour game, we went to Polliwogs which was just beside the street-soccer court.

Baby A definitely changed the whole universe for us, in more good ways than bad.

Tomorrow can wait, because we're having the best times of our lives :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bargain-hunting with Meena and Gymboree with Kai

Woke up at 7.30am together with Baby Kai... on a Saturday?!?! It was raining, really chilly and the perfect excuse to sleep in late but my son thinks otherwise. So I made a date with Aunty Meena to go bargain-hunting at Pigeon Warehouse sale :)))

Kai & I took a warm bath, dressed up and went to fetch Meena and my godson Vetrin. Loaded all the adults and children in my Baby Mobile and ready to head to Macpherson. Perfecto!

The sale was like something I've never been to before - we queued to get it, shoved around with mostly the preggy women, then queued somemore to pay up and leave. Woah.
Thankfully, praise the Lord, I ran into my ex-polymate Huixian and her hubby Ming Qiang and I bumped my small purchases with them. They are expecting a baby girl come November.
It's always fun shopping for newborn stuff, dont you agree?
Buying nappies, receiving blankets, hooded towels and teeny clothes never felt soooo retail-therapeutic :)

I carried Vetrin and showed Kai, and he loves the baby so much. He smiled and wanted to gently touch him. I think Kai needs a sibling. Heheh

Afterward, Kai had class at Harbourfront - our weekly routine. Kai is always happy to attend school. He loves the children and the activities. Wait till he goes to Primary School.. hahaha

My darling son playing on the carousel...

which gave me a really wild fantasy - how nice it would be to throw a birthday party for him at a Carnival, complete with gazebos and carousel, with servers giving away popcorn and cotton candy for the children while they went on the free rides.
The parents can relax while having a picnic on the grass and watch as their children run after bubbles and eating cotton candy.

Well maybe for Kai's next birthday we should rent a bungalow chalet, set up a gazebo, rent toys and cotton-candy machines, and give out mylar balloons to the children. Life would be grand :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Date with Hubby at Grand Copthorne

It feels terrific to be able to enjoy some couple-time minus the guilt. That's why, family support is so important. And married couples shouldn't be afraid to ask for help when they need it.

Hubby was a darling.. he booked us a nice buffet dinner at Grand Copthorne just to let me unwind, because lately I've not been feeling too well and the exhaustion nearly killed me.

They had indoor buffet and outdoor BBQ station. I love BBQs!

and seafood too~

I can never do without bread & butter at every buffet, and Hubby says he married a country bumpkin. "Never eat bread before ah"... :P

The snow crab legs are just delish delish delish!

The crabs were sweet and juicy. As we bit into them, the juice just trickled out. Slurp!

After dinner, we went for a stroll and caught the movie "Inception". It's wonderful to be back in those dating days again, and for just one evening, not talk about poo poo and tantrums.
We ought to do this more often. We love Baby A and being his parents so much of course, but it's about striking a balance in our lives :)

Photoshoot of my baby

An abstract from the article:
"This clean white Golf GTi Mk6 has found a new voice! Fitted with a full Cat-Back system from Borla®, the car not only saves weight and gains significant power in the mid-high rev range, it finally sounds the way it should!
Listen to the video and hear the deep bassy growl this GTi now has - pay special attention at 00:24 - 00:30 for the rich overrun gurgle."

Full article write-up and video can be found here:

Special thanks to car journalist Joel Tam for his precious time in doing the video and photoshoot.
And for giving us the exclusive chance to be the 1st GTI to review this new exhaust.
Didnt know that my Baby Mobile can take on a fierce image as well :P
All pleasure is ours :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some photos from a secret garden

Im on MC today - think all the work, school and late nights are taking a toll on my health :(
Anyway, since Im at home, might as well upload some photos from Sunday evening.

We went to our secret garden to feed terrapins and fish, and Mavy was free to be off leashed and romp around. Still dont know where it is? hehehe

Andy caught a photo of Kai tearing away from me. He's just like a gangly border collie, and a walking disaster :P

Okays off to rest now. Feeling light-headed and all giddy :(

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

These Chanels are made for walking

I'm still waiting for my Cambon long wallet, so meanwhile here're photos of my Chanel thongs.
They are really comfy and it's definitely worth the price. *grins*

Now I wanna get myself onto the Birkin waiting list, but for you fashionista mommies out there, the list is currently closed till probably next year. But good things are sweeter for the wait ya?

"A girl should always be two things - classy and fabulous" - Gabrielle Coco Chanel

Sunday, July 11, 2010

News to share

Ooohh we are the first GTI to review the new Borla exhaust from USA and the best thing is - my Transformer will be going for a photoshoot next week by some online car journalist, with the new exhaust installed of course!
I've washed and waxed him up real good - All shiny and sexy.

Oh pray pray it doesn't rain...


We had lunch at Marche's today after Kai's Gymboree class.
He's having fun doodling in his own good time, leaving Daddy & Mummy free to eat our lunch. However, once the Strawberry sweet crepe came to the table, he kept pointing to em strawberries and stuffed himself silly.
In the end, Mummy ate the crepe while Baby A ate the strawberries.

Now, he's gotten really expert at pointing to things he wants and if you deliberately give him something else, he will point to it again and again until you get the right item.

Realised that on Sunday AMs, the class is made up of mostly boys. think we'll be switching to the Sunday AM class in future.

And I did a simple search on Google, found out that Gymboree has a branch in Tsim Sar Tsui, Kowloon HK. That means Kai can still go for playgym come our holiday :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Little boys love

Was a fruitful day in town today, because by the end of the day, our car boot and passenger seats were loaded with our shopping!

Kai at The Better Toy Store:

Then we went furniture browsing again.. What do little boys love? Is it a cool Ferrari bed?

Or is it F1 Racing bed?

At the Robinsons sale... we found these cool little gadgets!

Do the boys love their personal Popcorn maker when being couch potatoes at home?

Or do they love our awesome new gourmet coffee maker which took a month to arrive?

This machine is so easy to use, and so fuss-free. Just pop a capsule into the maker and out comes your piping hot coffee. Comes in many different flavours ranging from Intenso to Light.
I was happily making cups of coffee for my in-laws and Hubby.

I am not usually a coffee-drinker, but after getting this brilliant new toy, I'm a coffee convert!
If anyone wants to try the coffee I make, do feel free to swing by our home yah?

So the boys got their toys, what does Mummy love?
Well, she got her new Chanel loots.... shoes and a long wallet to match her flap and diamond CC earings *swoon*
Photos coming up soon ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bed browsing

In between my hectic schedule and the weekend, we managed to squeeze in some furniture browsing.
Went to different places to try their beds etc.. and Kai took the honour of testing the bounce factor of the mattresses.

After breaking a vase at Simmons showroom and running into Robin Leong & his partner bed-testing, and all the hooha of sweeping the showroom floor, we kinda decided that we want this!

Bling bling bedframe with hydrolic storage facility and soft mattress with plush pillow-top.

Okays gotta go!
In classic Aussie fashion, it's POETS Day (piss off early tomorrow's Saturday)!
It's Gymboree, picking up our newly arrived Martello, going around browsing more furniture and family time :)

Ciao people!
V. yummy mummy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've resumed my schedule of work, school, home, work school home again.
Very tough to function on little sleep. ZZzzzz...
By the time I reach home, if Kai is still awake and active, I feel lousy and wish that he could quickly go to bed so we can all catch some rest.
If I reach home and he's already asleep, I feel guilty that I don't get to be the last person he sees before he sleeps and the next day I leave for work before dawn.
What a weird emotion.

I love the sourish baby smell he emits. Kinda like a mix of his sweat from all his activity, plus some ru yi oil, plus some milk scent.
It's uniquely him. His signature smell. If only I could wear his smell to work like a perfume.
I miss and love him so much, my heart hurts. I don't even know how to go about describing this feeling - I guess one knows only once one becomes a parent.
Being a parent, a full-time working and part-time schooling one at that, is no easy feat.
I wish time can fast forward to Dec so I can start evaluating the course of my future - it's high time for me to move on from my current job.

It was a miracle that I passed my exam and survived the last semester in school.
Maybe tomorrow I shall go out and buy something nice for myself as a reward :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday at Vivo City

Kai bounced back to being his cheeky self, all thanks to Chris' recipe of boiled apple & almonds, plus my Mum's Manuka honey ^_^
So Gymboree was on our to-do list on Saturday again. Whee!

"I'm all right now and ready to go!"

First we stopped at Marche to fill our hungry tummies.
Kids had free color pencils and drawing sheets to keep themselves occupied. I love love their sweet crepes. I always eat them whenever I'm at Marche's. Yum!~

Another must-have fav: potato rosti

After lunch at Gymboree: the class was slightly smaller that day and most of the kids were new, 'cept for Vera a pretty likttle princess who was there last week as well.

Kai loves the A-frame.

During the class sit-down and sing-along-songs session, Kai hit his classmate in her head with a toy he was holding. It was entirely accidental and unintentional of course, and I apologised profusely to the girl's parents. Both Andy & I felt horrid about it. Luckily, the parents were quite candid and forgiving about it and didnt get angry or anything.

Kai is by now, quite literally a walking disaster.
He bumps / knocks into things and terrorise the dogs by pulling them out of their resting place under the sofa. He gets himself cuts and bruises all over his face.

At night, Andy & I watched "Back Up Plan" on DVD and we both had a good laugh over some of the funny scenes, like those of J.Lo getting her ultrasound done, and her friend giving birth in the water tub.
Andy then told me while he was looking at Kai sleeping soundly on our bed, "all babies are angels"...
I guess that's what parenthood is all about - it's "awful awful awful awful... then something magical happens"