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Monday, November 9, 2015

SG50 National Play Day Singapore: Shout out and Giveaway!

Hello all!
The inaugural National Play Day happening on 19 December 2015, Saturday, 0800am - 1000am, invites you to celebrate parenthood and enjoy a great time of family bonding with them!
 You wouldn’t want to miss the key highlight of the event -  National Play Day Stroller Walk, which marks the finale of SG50 Jubilee Baby campaign.
So join them as they strive to set a new record for the “Most Number of Strollers in a Walk Event” in the Singapore Book of Records!
You will  also  love  the  endless  fun  and surprises lined  up  just  for  you  and  your  child.
Walk Highlights:
· Strive to set a new record for the “Most Number of Strollers in a Walk Event” in the Singapore Book of Records
· Photo opportunities with the SG50 Baby Mascots
· Take part in the scavenger hunt to spot the SG50 Baby character to win big in the lucky draw
· Share your walk moments on Social Media and win prizes worth $3500, including travel vouchers, electronic and many more!

· Enjoy endless play time after the race from 10am onwards. Look out for free rides, art and craft workshops, photo fun with your favourite superheroes, and much more!

Starting point: Riverside Walk next to Kallang Wave Mall.
End point: OCBC Square.

I have a GIVEAWAY for you!
2 lucky readers will win yourselves a Family Bundle pass each (each pass good for up to 5 family members, one of whom must be a child in stroller) + Get a FREE fun pack with the goodies listed in the photo above worth $150 :)

Click on photo for enlarged image.

***All you have to do is to go to my Facebook page "Confessions of a Mumzilla"
1) Like the post

2) Share the post (make sure it is public)

3) Tell us why you should win a family bundle, 
and hashtag #NationalPlayDay and #StrollerWalk in your comment.

P.S. Please do not comment on this blog post. Head on to Confessions of a Mumzilla on Facebook now :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stroller review: Maclaren Techno XT

After trolling the HK streets with my Combi Miracle Turn, I vowed never to buy those pansy prams with tiny wheels again.
I recently got myself the Maclaren Techno XT, and to my delight it is easy to open-fold with one hand, and most importantly, this stroller can really take a beating.
I bring it out alone to malls all the time, it can go up and down escalators with ease, and we even brought it along to our recent Bali trip.

Techno vs Quest (and other smaller Maclaren models)
- Slightly heavier by approx 1kg
- Doesnt have a front safety bar (same throughout all Maclaren models but the bar can be bought at additional cost from Kaki Bukit)
- Handles are rubber and can get sticky with sweaty palms, but I overcame this issue by covering with Adam's outgrown newborn socks. Another idea I thought of: You can buy those badminton racket handle covers from sports shops.

- Bigger chasis and frame
- Bigger wheels (good for grooves and crevices)
- Extendable canopy to offer full coverage with a window for viewing
- Full decline, suitable from birth onwards
- Doesnt topple backwards when your bags are hanging on handles because of the bigger frame

With this hard-working stroller, I am not sure if I will ever turn to my Bugaboo Cameleon again.
This is definitely value for my $$!

P.S. Flying off to HK again in Feb ... my wonderful parents suggested the trip, on my Birthday weekend. OOoooohhh Happy Birthday to me in advance! :D
But first things first, MERRY XMAS and HAPPY 2011 to everyone!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Expo 30 April - 02 May 2010

Venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 4A
Dates: 30 April Friday - 02 May 2010 Sunday
Time: 11am - 9pm daily.

Took leave, and went with Aunty Meena & her sis-in-law Jothi on the 1st day of the Baby fair to get her last-minute baby-shopping done. I woke up early and fed/watered/bathed Baby Kai, and we took a 10min drive to Expo. Living in the East rocks!

We all arrived at 11am, and did our shopping inside. I let Baby Kai play on the Evenflo exersaucers, but as I expected, he doesnt enjoy them very much. Baby Kai isn't really into toys. He enjoys interaction and using his hands. Then we moved on to every booth and sniffed out good buys like hounds on narcotics.

Now, what good deals did we aunties-and-a-baby snag?
There was a booth selling really cheap and authentic Carters bibs, Carters rompers and Korean baby clothes. Bought 1 sleeper pants with dog-print for only $10! Carters bibs went 3 for $10, and rompers 5 for $20.
Also bought a Pigeon Mag Mag sippy for Kai.

So kawaii!

Aunty Meena's NUK loot and Moo Moo Kow cloth diapers, a cheaper alternative to Bumwear. 3 pc covers + 6 inserts for only $85.

I felt the BEST buy for the day was this Combi Miracle Turn DX lightweight stroller for only $566! RRP is $629. With this purchase, a Combi bath seat is thrown in for FREE. What a steal right!

"Mummy can I climb onto the chair?" My lil rascal has upgraded to climbing furniture at home. After his breakfast (and before we left the house) when I was doing the dishes, he climbed onto the coffeetable and grinned at me when I emerged from the kitchen.

After the baby fair, I sent Meena and Jothi home and brought Baby Kai to my mum's, where we went to Causeway Point for Yakun kaya toast and more shopping at Kiddy Palace.
By dusk, Baby Kai & I were sticky, oily and sweaty but we enjoyed ourselves so much. One of the rare times where I wasn't working and could spend 24hours with my darling munchkin. Life is bliss :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stokke Xplory spotted

Stokke Xplorys spotted at Takashimaya Baby Dept yesterday.
This foreign couple with not one but TWO Stokkes. That's $5k worth of pram!
The green one is being pushed by whom seems like a nurse, with another one in blue uniform following behind.
Either the babies are very sick, or the parents are very rich man! Though I reckon is the latter :P
Maybe in future I'll dress my helper up in Nurse uniform also HAHAHA just kidding!

For the uninitiated, Stokke Xplory is what Celebrity Daddy Seal is using as well.

and that's what my sista is intending to get sometime soon*whoot!*

It looks really cyber doesn't it?
When I showed her the pic, she went "So super right?!! I want I want I want!" Teehehe

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Takashimaya Baby Fair

EVENT: Taka Baby Fair
VENUE: Takashimaya Atrium near the fountain
DATES: 11 Mar - 28 March 2010

Went there with Meena and our men in tow.
It was crowded as expected, and we went to check out the baby monitors, carseats, and s t r o l l e r s.
I had every intention to buy a lightweight one, either from Aprica or Combi.
I love Aprica's pretty designs, but I had to face it - even its 4-swivel wheel stroller can't beat the Combi Miracle Turn in terms of functionality, because Combi MT has auto-lock of wheels, whichever way your stroller is facing: parent- or front-facing.

But Daddy A wasn't too keen on another stroller for Baby A.
Andy: He has been through 4 strollers (Baby Ace, Combi, Maclaren, Bugaboo) even before he turned 8 months old. How many strollers do you wanna buy? You just bought the Bugaboo so why does he need another one?

I am not a spendthrift. I just tend to pamper Baby A, often too much.
Sometimes I think men really have no idea. Hmmph. I should've just left him at home while I went with Meena. So anyhow, we left the fair without buying anything except for wetwipes.

And since we're on the topic of fairs, I think some parents are just so inconsiderate.
It was insanely crowded, but we were lucky enough to find a bench just outside the parameters of the fair so I sat down to feed Baby A his lunch while Andy went to buy some finger food.
While waiting for Andy to come back, another Mom with 2 toddlers came and sat down at what was supposed to be Andy's seat.
I was gracious enough to let them have the seat but that stupid mother didn't even have the brains to discipline her chicldren. Her 2 kids were trying to climb onto the bench and nearly kicked and toppled Baby A's drink and food. GRRRRR!!
Without hesitation, I scolded the mother to be careful with her children.

I mean, if someone was kind enough to let me have a seat in a super-crowded mall, I would be more than grateful and make sure Adam doesn't misbehave. Isn't that common sense?

Some parents are just overtly concerned about having a place in top schools, sending them for enrichment classes they don't enjoy, shouting orders after orders at their poor children to "Sit still and don't move can?", "Stand properly can anot! I cannot see lah!" (yes that was what I witnessed of a mother shoe-shopping for her daughter and the girl stood with one leg slightly behind the other), "Don't sit on the floor dirty!" and Dont-do-this-dont-do-that.
And these are the same kind of parents who can't even speak proper English in a single sentence and they wanna send their kids to top schools...( "This one not your one you don't take I tell you hor") yet they don't bother to teach their children basic things like consideration, manners, kindness to animals and humility.

Ok, enough ranting already. Don't wanna ruin my precious weekend :)
Ciao folks!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good times in Melbourne - DFO @ Essendon and St Kilda beachfront

We did the flagship DFO at Bulla Road, but only managed to spend 2hours there including lunch.
Tommy Hilfiger and other brands like Ralph Lauren were going at 40-60% off, but really nothing much to buy.

After that, we went to St Kilda with Philesia.

In Melbourne, you can have 4 seasons in a single day. Sometimes it was chilly at 15deg, but when we were at St Kilda it was just insanely hot. I think if we'd stayed there any longer, we would see sun spots and just black out.

Unable to tolerate the heat anymore, we headed to a nearby cafe and had drinks with freshly shucked oysters. Chill!

Good times in Melbourne - Great Ocean Road

Stop-over for our Fish & Chips lunch

where Baby Adam met a hot Taiwanese chick!

Clearly knocked out by the intensive whole-day tour!

"I'm on top of the world!" (or at the bottom, depending on how you look at it!)

Good times in Melbourne - Home away from home

During our short stint in Melbourne, we stayed with Aunty Irene, Uncle Leong and my cousins Philesia and Jacqueline.
Home away from home was at Scoresby, and we pretty much did what the local folk did - dine at Asian restaurants and had dim sum at Yum Cha, go shop at the local supermarts etc.
The only touristy thing we did was probably joined a local tour to Great Ocean Rd to see the 12 Apostles (or 8, whatever's left of em).

At the airport departure:

My happy family shot

as usual, Gonggong is very proud of his fav Grandson.. because he's the only grandson. Haha!

At first, Baby Adam slept in the bassinet.

But after a grand total of 15min, only Mom's lap will do.

Home after 8 hours!!! What a long tiring plane ride for us, and poor Baby Adam is jetlagged.
Local Aussie time was 7.30AM, but in SGT it was only 4.30am. Can you imagine?!

We stayed at my Uncle & Aunt's huge but cozy home in the suburbs.

Our guest room had a mini bar, toilet, couch with TV, and even a big piece of lawn attached!

As expected, Baby Adam spent most of his mornings in the lawn playing, often on his own.

Showing Mummy a blade of grass he plucked from the ground. Hehe

Getting distracted by magpies on the cherry trees

And he also walked his baby steps too!

"I made it to you Mummy! Ho ho ho"

Went to the local Carribean market which apparently sold everything from food to vehicles.

Baby Adam playing and observing seagulls & ducks in the nearby lake.

Cheeky bubs!

We also brought Baby Adam to the nearby Chesterfield Animal Farm which was only 5 min drive from our home.

He can't feed them yet, but at least he is enjoying himself under the shade of a tree.

In the Nursery Barn with tame baby animals.

more photos to come when I have time :)