Sunday, December 26, 2010

the morning after: Boxing Day out

Heylow everyone~ How was your Xmas?
Ours was spent with friends, Xmas Eve was dinner with my parents, Grandma & Aunt LY.
On Xmas Day, Andy, Adam & I attended a Xmas party at Jason & Erin's new pad @ Punggol Tree Lodge and in the morning, Adam opened his presents. He now has a full selection of Thomas The Train tracks and trains, thanks to our friends and clients!

then today is Boxing Day. I call it "The Morning After".
Not fans of crowds, we brought Adam to Animal Resort off Seletar Farmway for some quiet family activity.

There, he is free to run around and be up close and personal with animals, most of which he already knows from his Melissa & Doug magnets at home.

When we came, the animals got into a feeding frenzy. Luckily, Adam is not afraid of the screaming geese that come peck peck peck!

this chooks is fostering a gooseling on top of her brood of 2 chickies because the adult geese might trample on it!

My boys are... . . . Horsing around!

You know what Andy said? "Beh pio (read: 'horse bet' or 4D) tonight come!" :P

Adam is not afraid of a tall & huge horse! He offers horsie a blade of grass he plucked from the ground.

Beautiful stallion.

then there is a lone billy goat.

"Good day mate"

Along comes a Cassowary in the same enclosure as billy goat

and Adam runs away from the big bird. Haha!

Over at the Rabbit hut...
Wabbits are less scary.


That's all from our day out to the farm - Adam's first time visiting a farm, or any animal enclosure for the matter!
Being fans of outdoors-learning instead of classrooms and TV for our kid, we enjoyed ourselves loads!
The farm is seriously lacking a Border Collie to herd the animals in place :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stroller review: Maclaren Techno XT

After trolling the HK streets with my Combi Miracle Turn, I vowed never to buy those pansy prams with tiny wheels again.
I recently got myself the Maclaren Techno XT, and to my delight it is easy to open-fold with one hand, and most importantly, this stroller can really take a beating.
I bring it out alone to malls all the time, it can go up and down escalators with ease, and we even brought it along to our recent Bali trip.

Techno vs Quest (and other smaller Maclaren models)
- Slightly heavier by approx 1kg
- Doesnt have a front safety bar (same throughout all Maclaren models but the bar can be bought at additional cost from Kaki Bukit)
- Handles are rubber and can get sticky with sweaty palms, but I overcame this issue by covering with Adam's outgrown newborn socks. Another idea I thought of: You can buy those badminton racket handle covers from sports shops.

- Bigger chasis and frame
- Bigger wheels (good for grooves and crevices)
- Extendable canopy to offer full coverage with a window for viewing
- Full decline, suitable from birth onwards
- Doesnt topple backwards when your bags are hanging on handles because of the bigger frame

With this hard-working stroller, I am not sure if I will ever turn to my Bugaboo Cameleon again.
This is definitely value for my $$!

P.S. Flying off to HK again in Feb ... my wonderful parents suggested the trip, on my Birthday weekend. OOoooohhh Happy Birthday to me in advance! :D
But first things first, MERRY XMAS and HAPPY 2011 to everyone!

Bali Indonesia Dec 2010... Lifes a beach!

We are back!

Enjoyed loads of sun, sand, water, and seafood. Even our little riot enjoyed himself running around, swimming, and getting his tan. I dont wanna come back to reality!

Adam was actually dancing outside the Hard Rock shop to the Rock 'n' Roll music!

and he danced his way back to our room :D

My Kuta cowboys!

Having dinner by the beach watching sunset. This is the life :D

Julia Roberts was here.

Natural water spring temple.

Visited coffee plantation. Coffee from civet cat poop? No thanks for me! :P

Andy is roasting poop coffee beans :D

at Kuta Beach...

Our lil Rascal!

Came back with (small) presents for my gal friendssss :)))
Recharged and rejuvenated now.

Happy Holidays dear all!
Lotsa love,
Veron, Andy, Adam :)