Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Adam's 3rd Vaccination

Cheeky Mon-mon!

The clinic:
Fake trees and playground with toys strewn everywhere, with children playing merrily on the Little Tikes slide & swing. What a Dreamland! How great it is to be a kid :)

PoPo with Cheeky Baby.

Nowadays, he wants to grab and pull everything in sight!
You can tell how mischevous he is, and can imagine how we're all kept on our toes, cant you?

After his 6-in-1 and Pneumococcal jabs, we went to Long House at Thomson for lunch then headed home for some much needed wind-down.

Exciting news

I got exciting news to share - SOMEONE is going to have a baby!! WOW!
No, that person is not me...Can't handle work, 2 dogs, PT studies and TWO babies all at once!
It's one of my best mates..

But that's all I can reveal for now :( because we have all sworn to secrecy.
She's hoping it will be a girl... but if it's a boy, I have heaps of boy's stuff to pass on to her!
*jumps up and down in joy and goes off to pack Baby A's barangs*

By the way, some updates about myself:
- I've been REALLY busy lately with work and Baby A so if I've not been replying emails and SMSes, please forgive me!
- You didnt get it wrong in the 1st paragraph.. I've enrolled myself to a Part-time postgraduate Nursing Degree program. It has always been my goal and I thank my family, Hubby, and friends to give me the support I need. It wont be easy juggling work, studies, baby and family but I guess somehow I will just get through it, I hope!
- I have been converted to Office Hours work schedule. No more shifts. Yippee!
- Andy has been bugging me for Baby No.2 because he prefers our children to have closer age gap (Baby A is the only baby in the family. How lonely) . Uh-oh.. But honestly, we have no time for another baby. And I really prefer to leave it to God to give us such miracles, like Baby A - we never asked or tried for a baby but God gave Adam to us anyway, therefore he is named Adam. He is a reminder of God's Almighty creation.
As for Baby No.2, if we do conceive again, I mind not so the gender, but more importantly I will continue to pray for his/her health and wellbeing. Until then...

Some updates about Baby A:
- Baby A is going for his 6-in-1 vaccination and developmental assessment at Dr Simon's @ MAH. Today.
- He has recently been hypnotized by our food and keeps drooling whenever we are at the table. He has also grown increasingly hungry - hourly milk feeds, cereal, then more milk again!
I guess it's time my Baby started a solid regime of solids. Time to plan his meals!

Okays I gotta go. Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Meena's Birthday Celebration 2009

29 OCT 2009 Thursday night at Marche, Vivo City.
This time, we made a point to leave our men and babies at home and just have a well-deserved Girls' Night Out to celebrate Aunty Meena's birthday.

Chris, Charm & I arrived first so we went to find a secluded spot.

The aunty then arrived.

Charm's story: "Eh aunty, I kena retrenched today... because I was late for work again and now I have to leave early to meet you".

"You wanna see my barang barang from work??"

What's inside??

a pleasant Surprise!!

We made Meena wear this bib throughout the dinner and walk around Marche wearing it.. Some friends we are :P

Things we bought her: Stencils for making Xmas cookies for us and doggies.

3-tier stand for displaying her bakery when she has friends over.

More kitchen items...

And a special Birthday cake which Chris baked.. "Let her eat cake" !!

Our Food:

'cuse us, too hungry to bother about etiquette already.


Make a wish...

Holy cow!

It was a wonderful night.
When I look at myself in retrospeck, I just want to laugh out loud at my once callous and extravagant ways, and like what Meena says, she "heaves a huge sigh of relief".
I'm really lucky for friends like them. We've come a long way to have our friendship where it is today.

Thank you, babes, for:
- the milkbones in bulk (the good ol' doggone days)
- cheap dogfood lobangs
- the many outings to Pet Movers (dog poo land mines)
- being there for my wedding and handmaking my ring pillow
- being the 1st people to play with Baby Kai's dickie when he was born (!!!)
- giving me shocks and palpitations nearly all the time (esp Charmaine)
- chipping in and helping me with Baby Kai's Full Month shower (Chris baking 2 HUGEASS boxes of cupcakes)
- talking about babies, BFding, pooping patterns and colic
- our insane shoppings and girly gatherings (whipped cream party, fondue buffet, festivities, birthdays)
- getting "our cbs stripped by stangers" (Only Meena will say something like that!!)

Oh my, will our list ever exhaust??
What a wonderful experience it is to share these life journeys with my gals.
I cant ever ask for more. Therefore, I wanna say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEENA!" AUNTIES FOREVER!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Once Baby Kai has acquired a new skill, he would keep repeating it.
He has learned how to roll, so his free time is spent rolling and rolling. In fact, he rolls over better than the dogs do it!

Today I'm on sick leave. I had the runs and it's really not easy to have to look after a baby when you are sick.
I left Baby Kai in his cot because there are few occasions where he nearly rolled off the bed!
And I happily went about doing the chores of washing his bottles and preparing his cereal in the kitchen when I heard him yell..
When I rushed into the room, there he was, his both legs stuck in between the grills of his cot and he couldnt roll back.

I dont know whether to laugh or to cry..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Penguin Daddy

This evening, Andy came to fetch me from work and this was our conversation in the car:

Andy: Hon, dinner is ready, but only have meat and fish.. no veggie.
Me: How come no veggie?? (Im a green-lover)
Andy: Today mon-mon didnt sleep the whole day, so no time to cook.
Me: Wah didnt sleep whole day ah.. He very naughty hor?
Andy: I wouldnt call that naughty. Please dont say that about Baby.
Me: Erm ok.. Wah, he very wakeful, alert and attentive hor?

It feels good to have a switch in roles for a change :)

P.S. I'm really proud of Andy for being a proactive Dad. These days when I leave for work, he takes over the Morning feeds and sets up Baby A's bath before going to work.
When I come home in the noons (I mostly knock off at 2.30pm), I look after Baby A and we both go and fetch Daddy A home after he knocks off in the evenings.
Therefore, at least one parent is around at staggered timings to play the parenting role.
Baby A is our responsibility, not our parents', and our approach to parenting is that we want to be around to nurture him as much as we can.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'll take it!

We decided to trade in our manual car for something else (read: idiot-proof).
The VW Golf GTI - hardly the make of a family car, but I'll take it!

My new car:

in my fav Candy White color somemore.

(photos courtesy of google. This is a prototype photo. Mine is still being shipped over from Germany, ETA Mid-Nov.)

Q: What's special about GTI?
A: I like the reversing camera and LCD display for parking goondus like me, the electronic seats control for lazy people like me, the Sunroof for my darling Baby A, hatchback boot for the 2 dogs, and most important of all, Auto transmission for kayu drivers like me. Kinda tired to drive Manual liao.. And leather seats, as compared to alcantara bucket seats (which our previous car had), make it easier to clean up baby food and milk!

Can't wait for it to arrive :)

Deepavali 2009

SUNDAY 25 Oct 2009
Deepavali Lunch at Meenas's.

This Charm very sampat.. Muruku photos also must take... Alamak
But I admit, thats's ALOT of hard work!

Can you tell these are our leftovers? Meena was so generous to cook so much for us :D

Playing in the kitchen - Charm's showing off her 2mths preggy tummy.

Hubby & I.

Desserts time - Charm devouring the Gula Melaka agar agar.

The hosts

Isabelle the feisty woman.

Tinkerbelle the one with lots of kisses to go around.

Thank you Aunty Meena for cooking us yet another sumptious meal!

PS. We're going to Marche this Thursday for Meena's belated Birthday dinner. Girls Night Out only.. No boys allowed.. Therefore, Andy & Adam not allowed. Zzzzzz..