Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve date with my husband

Today, being the Eve of a brand new year, my husband brought me out on a date.
Now, the odds of going on a hot date-for-two when you are a married woman with two young children isn't very high, so when my husband asked me out, I jumped for joy as if I've been invited to a prom.
I mean, a chance for me to dress up and hang out with the man I love!
We went to Pan Pacific hotel for high tea reception with couple spa that followed.
I love desserts, pretty pastries and anything sweet!
Being your typical meat-and-carbs kinda guy, this gesture is very thoughtful of him!

At the Atrium Lounge.

Very seriously ordering "proper" food for himself.

Oogling the pretty pastries and deciding which one to eat.

Cheers! To a better year.

After that, we went to St. Gregory Spa for our couple treatments. I opted for facial and upper body massage while the Hubs took the full body spa.
I'll be honest with you - I haven't had a facial in YEARS. My eldest is already 3.5yrs old and before that I was pregnant for 9 months, go figure.
To me, I cannot afford the time to lie down motionless for several hours without fidgeting and looking at the watch/phone, missing my children and thinking about the tons of stuff that needs done.
Yeah, my life is sad like that.


It was a good respite. After the therapist pressed and kneaded on my aging muscles, any trace of stress slowly melted away.
Thank you Hubby, for loving  and spoiling me.
"I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life" - Rita Rudner

We went home and found our two children to be on strike. Adam didn't nap for very long, and Ashton refused to take the bottle and, as usual, took revenge on my boobs the minute he had access to them.
I came back to a familiar territory - with toys strewn everywhere, rowdy cheering, tons of things waiting to be done.

"(24/7) once you sign on to be a mother, that's the only shift they offer" - Jodi Picoult.

Daisies flower bustier: yet another bargain hunt from Bugis Village for only $10!
Red skinny pants: MNG
Bag: Picotin PM
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia inspired Kitty flats **
** A friend is selling them for only $36/pair and they look exactly like the real CO's. Please email me if you'd like these, or click on the pink mail icon on the Top Right corner of my blog. Meowww~

I wish you and your family a brand new year with dreams fulfilled, happiness aplenty and lots of laughter all in good health! See you in 2013.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last week of 2012. That was fast!

How is the last week of the year treating you?
We're having a dandy time here. We are sick! First it was Adam, then our maid, then my mother-in-law and I, and eventually Ashton caught the sickies too!!
Chesty coughs, body aches, leaky noses, screwed up breastfeeding schedules, lack of rest.
Thankfully we are all slowly coming out of the woods now (except poor Ashton who just caught the bugs). Adam has been severely reprimanded because he didn't cover his mouth when he coughed and his saliva splattered everywhere.
Even though I eat so many different types of supplements daily as part of my breastfeeding regime, Ashton & I succumbed to the flu bug as well.
When my children are sick, I morph into a Paranoid Nurse. I check on them every second and every sneeze or wheeze sends me flying into a frenzy.
What's worse than having a sick child? Having TWO sick children, AND being sick together with them as well.
That's not all. Both the baby and I are going bald. I'm losing hair by the clumps. Come Chinese New Year, I think I might need a wig.

Oh the joys of motherhood.

On to happier things.
Seeing as how poorly and miserable I've become, Andy booked us a day at a hotel spa.
The kids will be left with my helper and MIL while we steal a few hours to pamper ourselves.
Lounging around at home before heading out.

Cream owl sequins top: From Bugis Village for only $10!
Black lace shorts: from Momoteapots

My Christmas presents! Sunglasses: Prada Baroque
Bag: Hermes Picotin PM

Close-up shot of my Feliz Navidad lace shorts from MMTP - $27.50 mailed.
What a cute pair with functional side pockets and good solid quality.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-Christmas update

Hiya! How was your Christmas holidays?
Ours was slightly bordering on insanity. I gave the helpr a day-off and the house was in a mess and I couldn't get anything done with a baby hanging from my boob and a pre-schooler zipping around at warp speed.
I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual on a non-working day and whisked my troopers (the husband and two kids) off to Church, and after that it was to a kids Xmas party at Peekaboo, an indoor playground at Kallang Leisure Park where we joined my friend, Twinkle & her hubby/kids.

For those staying in the East like us, here's one more venue to bring your kids.
Check out They often have themed parties (Children's Day, Halloween, Christmas) and can be booked for children's 1st Birthdays as well.
They also offer drop-offs for kids 4 and above for parents to go catch a movie at the cinema upstairs or simply have some time away from the kids.
Per entry on normal days: $18/child. Adult accompanying FOC.
** Bring your own socks!

Akashabu Jap restuarant: after church service lunchbreak and before heading to Peekaboo.
My little date & I both decked out in red.

Twinkle's 5 year-old, Alden, and his signature posey pose.

Alden. Going down the slide also must pose in style.. LOL

Rayden, same age as Adam.

Guess who??

Immersed in balls and being terrorised by Adam still can pose???

Twinkle's boys :)

Now we all caught the sickies. Thank goodness I'm off work and returning only next year, which granted, is only a few days away but still.... Hope you had fun this Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday lunch: Queen & Mangosteen

This rainy afternoon we found ourselves joining a zillion other people at Vivo City, with Adam spending most of the time at Toys R Us.

We stopped by Queen & Mangosteen for lunch which was an expensive disappointment.

The crowns were probably the only things I liked about the restaurant.

The food was disappointing. The yellow oil-looking liquid is supposed to be Pumpkin soup.

These are the Chicken strips which Adam ordered from their Kids Menu, and they were spicy. How many three year-olds do you know eat spicy?!

Their miserable Mixed Grill platter for (supposedly) 2 which Andy & I shared... which had only 1 pciece of each item. Half a prawn for each of us. Half a sausage too... in fact, half of everything to be shared between 2 adults.

The literally garden salad which had no dressing, and the Whipped potato which is literally just that.

Adam is not pleased!

Maybe that's why there's a need to move on.
One thing's for sure - we're definitely not returning there again.

Hope your Saturday was better than ours. Christmas is just round the corner and I went to church tonight singing along to all the Christmas caroles. Lovely weekend everyone! :)