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Sunday, January 11, 2015

How I reversed Adam's teeth decay and saved myself $3000.

Adam has teeth decay. Holy schmoly!

On 30 Jan 2014 after a routine dental check: CARIES HIGH ALERT!
Adam's regular dentist, let's call her Dentist A, said she wouldn't do it without general anaesthesia because he had a total of 7 cavities, the rest being small ones.
We were shocked because just slightly more than 6 months prior, Adam had 2 fillings done and was discharged with no major teeth issues.
We then brought him to Dentist B for a second opinion, thinking there was a chance she would help Adam with fillings without GA. We were wrong, and $160 poorer for the consultation and dental Xrays. She also suggested more things to be done than Dentist A, which are root canal treatment and crowning. This left me in even greater shock.

I went around asking friends and colleagues, and they mostly agreed that dental caries in children are super common nowadays, and GA is usually required to fix their (milk) teeth.
I've never heard of root canal treatment and crowning for pre-schoolers before this.
In my entire life, I have only had 3 fillings done!

Since Andy wasn't keen on putting our child under anaesthesia for root canal treatment, fillings and crowning, (on milk teeth somemore!) and Adam wasn't complaining of pain or anything, we decided to skip dental surgery and instead, I decided to try my luck on oils once again.


On 11 Jan 2015, two weeks later. 12 days, to be exact.
2nd molar has regenerated, and the last molar cavity appears smaller.

Our bathroom now welcome 2 Spidey electric toothbrushes as an addition to their dental regime.

Why choose Young Living toothpaste for kids? Here's why:

On top of that, I made my own "dental spray" which consisted of Organic coconut oil, Young Living Wintergreen and Lemon essential oils.
As Wintergreen is a hot oil, I only used 5 drops (+ 5 drops Lemon) with 5ml of coconut oil.
It is very diluted but you can still smell Wintergreen in it if you open the cap. I hope this makes sense to you :)

After brushing teeth, spritz a few drops into the mouth*, targeting the black cavity holes.

*Only therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living are safe to be ingested!
Please do not ingest or let your children ingest any other brand of essential oil if they aren't therapeutic grade!

 Source for graphics: Google images and Pinterest.

As a bedtime routine, I also apply YL Wintergreen and Valor on Adam's jaws: 1 drop of each oil neat (undiluted) on each jaw. Dilution may be necessary if the child finds Wintergreen hot.

Wintergreen is known to reverse tooth decay, build bone density, and Valor is a Chiropractor in a bottle.
Google them for their amazing range of uses and testimonials!

I also recently bought the most expensive fermented cod liver oil and butter oil I could land my hands on.
Read that Cod liver oil is good for strong teeth and overall general health in children.

What's the difference between fermented cod liver oil VS normal cod liver oil?
 [ Fermentation allows the fat soluble vitamins and beneficial oils to separate from the rest of the liver without damaging the fat soluble vitamins (unlike in some methods like heat processing where the vitamins are damaged). This cool temperature fermentation process allows the cod liver oil to maintain its Omega-3, Vitamin D and Vitamin A content. This also makes the nutrients more absorbable to the body ...
Unlike many Omega-3 supplements, Fermented Cod Liver Oil is cold processed through fermentation so it retains high levels of fat soluble vitamins and Omega-3s and these are not damaged by high temperatures.
Fermented Cod Liver oil Contains Vitamins A and D, which are both necessary for many aspects of health. While we can get Vitamin D from sunlight, Vitamin A can be harder to consume or absorb and FCLO is an excellent source, and it is difficult to obtain.]
Thanks for reading our experience on reversing Adam's dental caries. I certainly hope that with continued use of Young Living's oils and continuing our stringent health regime, Adam's teeth will be alright and at least last till his deciduous teeth make way for permanent ones!
So there, here's how we saved ourselves $3000, and the heartache and pain of letting Adam go through dental surgery.
Don't tell your dentist :)
*Disclaimer: this post is to share my personal encounter, and is in no way meant to diagnose or treat any health conditions. If doubtful, always consult a doctor.
This post is brought to you by a state registered nurse, a mum of two, and a healthcare freak.
** Thanks everyone for your overwhelming response and enquiries! I have edited this article to add on some answers and additonal graphics/ link to your questions, namely about the use of Wintergreen and the difference in fermented cod liver oil as compared to normal cod liver oil.
I hope you find this article useful :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY Home soaps, cleansers and eco-friendly detergents: Natural living is not as scary as you think!

Have you ever wondered what goes into your typical bathroom bleach, kitchen stain removers, floor detergents, and even your own shampoo and body wash?
Have you ever felt like the smell from those detergents are so pungent and wonder why your hands feel so dry and powdery after you use them to wash your dishes/ clothes/ polish your stoves etc?
Commercial detergents are often derived from petrochemicals and contain synthetic fragrances, even when advertised as “fragrance-free.”  
The term “fragrance” alone may refer to a combination of several hundred laundry chemicals including many that are hazardous.

What an irony it is then, when the very things supposed to help you keep your home clean and hygienic are also the culprits that are harmful and carcinogenic (cancer-causing).
If you are making your transition from a chemical-filled household to gradually one that encourages eco-friendly and organic products, then take a deep breath - natural living is not as daunting as you thought it is!
The mantra with natural living is - Less is definitely MORE :)
Less synthetic ingredients, less chemicals, less animal-testing, less GMOs, less sulphates and parabens = More control over your health.
Dr Bronner's castile soaps are organic, certified fair-trade, and contain no synthetic ingredients, and are available at selected organic shops in Singapore 
eg. - Taste Original at 1 Maritime Square #03-57, HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253. Tel/Fax: 62745852

- BUD Cosmetics #01-66 Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506
Tel / Fax: +65 6397 6013

Dr Woods castile soap with shea butter (unscented) is another chemical-free product I bought off to add my own Essential oils in.

Castile soaps have multiple uses - for face and body, add baking soda to make laundry detergents, adding a few drops of Lemon EO to make your floor detergent, and so much more.

Some commonly used, multi-purpose oils our family loves include Lavender, Lemon, Geranium, Peppermint, and Grapefruit.

Lavender uses: Calming, rashes, redness, sensitive skin, relaxation, cuts, burns, scalds, dry and chapped skin, scars, eczema, allergy, sooth sunburn.
Add a few drops into your laundry for nicer-smelling clothes.

Lemon uses: antiseptic, removes grease and oil stains, removes sticky residue from labels of bottles, reduces wrinkles, kills bacteria, removes blackheads, acne.
Good for mopping floors and cleaning stoves in your kitchen.
You can also use lemon to soak vegetables and your children's toys in a tub.

Geranium uses: wonderful flowery scent, perfume, regenerates tissue and cells, support circulation, good for the skin, lifts depression and negativity, shingles, eczema, fungus.

Peppermint uses: refreshing, cooling, brings down fever, bloatedness and flatulence, headache, mental recall, nasal congestion.
Add 1-2 drops in a pump of shampoo and massage your scalp for a lifting, hair-orgasmic experience.

Grapefruit uses: uplifting, induces relaxation, fights fluid retention, dissolves fat and cellulite, diuretic, obesity, refreshing. supports lymphatic and vascular system.

So there you go, making your own soaps is really not as daunting as it sounds. Plus, it can be lots of fun coming up with your own concoctions! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Transforming your home to be chemical-free: a tour into Mumzilla's household.

I have been a sucker for organic and natural products for as long as I can remember.
When I was single and still staying with my parents, they thought I was so "extreme" because back then, organic products were hard to get and also mighty expensive.
When I got married and pregnant, I paid even more attention to what I was putting ON and INTO my body.
Do not think that soaps which you can wash off will not get into your body system, they can! By penetrating your pores and epidermis (outer layer of cells), harsh and harmful chemicals will make their way into your bloodstream and body system.
I'm not trying to scare you, but it's the truth.
The good news is, you can make informed choices when you next do your grocery shopping.
Here's a peek into our home to see the natural products we use:
Eco-friendly cleaning agents for your kitchen, toilets and floors, which are also safe for not just you and your family, but also responsible towards the environment because it uses recycled plastic and not tested on animals.
I was very particular about what is used to clean surfaces and floors because I have two young children who would crawl and play on the floor and touch every visible surface.
I was certainly not gonna let them put harsh chemicals into their mouths!

Bio-Home and Earth Choice are available at NTUC and Cold Storage.

Thieves antiseptic and anti-bacterial spray for table tops and counters, South of France hand soap, Bio-Home dishwashing liquid.

Always check your ingredients, and know what you are buying. Choose products which are free of sulphates and parabens, and I personally do not support companies which test on animals. If it's natural, organic and full of goodness, there's not a need to test on rabbits or chimps or Beagles.

What do Sulphates and Parabens do to our bodies?

Sulphates are harsh chemicals found in many detergents as they can break down dirt and particles, they are the ones responsible for the "soapy", sudsy and foamy feel when you lather up your shampoo or soap. They can cause skin irritation since they are so strong, and potentially cause hair loss.

Parabens are chemical substances widely used in cleansers, shampoo, and cosmetics for prolonging shelf life. Parabens have been found to mimic estrogens, and can link to risks of breast cancer.

Manufacturers of natural products use alternatives such as Vitamin E, grapeseed, and or sorbic acid which are safer and natural.

Organic products are also in our bathrooms for adults and children alike.

Fluoride- and sulphate-free toothpaste.

Instead of bleach and artificial fragrance, you can use a cheap alternative - Baking Soda and essential oil. I put 10 drops of Peppermint into a full load of laundry to freshen up the smell together with washing detergent because our laundry is done weekly so the smell can be quite yucky.
Other than Peppermint, you can also try Lavender or Geranium (for ladies' clothes)
 P.S. Young Living essential oils and products have been integrated into our home starting from May 2014 :)
 Remember, we can all lead healthy and balanced lives by making tweaks in certain lifestyle choices we make.
Healthy living isn't a fad, it is a way of life.

Friday, October 3, 2014

One oil at a time: Cedarwood, the brain and hair food.

 Looking for an effective oil for hair loss, or simply want to promote better brain function?
Then Cedarwood is the oil for you. At only $18/ bottle (wholesale price), it is really a wonder in a bottle.
Here are some graphics for your reference :)

On my own hair, I must say the results were pretty amazing!

If you wish to find out more about the oils, please feel free to email me at
Young Living authorised distributor member ID: 1841945

Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to purchase Young Living essential oils.

By now, many people have come forward to email me or PM me via Facebook on how they can purchase Young Living essential oils and products.

The long and short of it is, it's better to become a Member of Young Living if you want to make purchases at member price (24% off retail price). Prices stated on are full retail price.

I have some commonly asked questions answered here.

Can I purchase YL oils if I am not a member?
Yes, certainly. You can purchase them directly at Young Living Singapore office at full retail price, or get an existing member, like a friend or relative, to assist you with your purchase.

How do I become a Member?
If you've tried one or two oils and find them to be useful to you, it would be a wise decision to become a member yourself, so as to facilitate your future purchases.
To join as a Member, you can sign up online in a few easy steps.

Go to  and click on "Member sign-up" on the top right corner:

You are then required to fill in your particulars for the sign-up.
Sign up as "Wholesale Member".

There will be a section which requires you to enter a Sponsor ID and Enroller ID.
These both will be the ID of the member* who recommended Young Living to you.
You can enter my ID for BOTH columns - 1841945, if you will.

*If you are an existing member and want to help your downline to build his/her line, for eg. Veron wants to sign up a new member, Sara, under Veron's existing downline, Twinkle, to help Twinkle build up her line. In this case, Sponsor ID will be Twinkle's, and Enroller ID will be Veron's.
You can also put both Sponsor ID and Enroller ID as Twinkle, not a problem, and Twinkle will get both the Sponsor + Enroller comms.

It will probably be a little bit confusing to you at this point, but don't worry, you can simply put it at the back of your head for now and revisit this option when you have gotten the hang of things.

Towards the bottom of the sign-up page, you will need to select your type of Membership.
There are 2 types of members: Essential Rewards member, with an initial purchase of minimum 100PV (points) worth of products.
Thereafter you will need to maintain at least 100PV of orders monthly.
If, at any point of time, you wish to convert your ER membership to regular membership, you can always call up YL Singapore office to do so at 6391 0170.

Or a Regular member, whereby you need to purchase a Starter kit from the following options. However, this category of membership will not entitle you to ER points, quarterly gifts, and monthly promos. There is no need to maintain 100PV of orders every month.

What did you say again, are the differences between the 2 types of membership?
Let's take a look:

source from One Drop Singapore. Click on image for full-size

For Type A as Essential Rewards member, you purchase the oils you want and depending on the PV (points) you accumulate, you are entitled to free gifts based on the above choices (100PV, 200PV, or 350PV).
* valid as of 2014.

For Type B as Regular member, you buy the starter kits and get your membership.

However for most YL users, the most viable option is A (ER member) as it entitles you to more perks from the company.

One example of Type A (ER member) purchase is as such. However, please note that the oils in the Everyday Kit may be subject to change depending on availability, but the price remains the same.
For instance, for a limited time, Frankincense will be replaced by Sacred Frankincense, and Purification will be replaced by Di-Gize in the Everyday Kit.

After you are done with signing up, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your Member ID.

If you have any further queries or wish to join as a member, we would love for you to be part of this wonderful oiling community! It's not just an oil, it is a lifestyle :)
Do email me at or click on the email icon on the top right corner of my blog page.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

One oil at a time: Abundance from Young Living.

Hello hello~! This is gonna be a fun post about another of Young Living's oils, Abundance.

noun: abundance; plural noun: abundance

"a very large quantity of something."
Now that you've gotten your "wellness" oils, you can direct your energy to something productive, something better.

Abundance is a blend oil which has the 8 powerful oils (8 is the number of wealth for Chinese):

Myrrh: One of the three gifts to infant Jesus, Myrrh has the frequency of wealth, amplifies the law of attraction. It is high in sesquiterpenes which improves oxygenation to the brain.

Frankincense: Also one of the gifts to infant Jesus by the three wise men, Frankincense is, too, high in sesquiterpenes. Like Myrrh, Frankincense are worth their weight in gold, therefore, people who possess these oils are believed to attract the energy of prosperity and abundance. Frankincense has cancer-fighting properties which is widely discussed and researched if you do a search on Google.

Patchouli: Highly regarded in India for attracting wealth (as of clove in South India), Patchouli is high in alpha- pinenes and sesquiterpenes. Alpha-pinenes also have the ability to penetrate the blood-brain-barrier to stimulate the human growth hormone. It has calming and relaxing effects.

Orange: Orange brings peace and happiness to the mind because of its rich, citrusy scent which lifts the spirit. It is rich in the powerful anti-oxidant d-limonene. It is used in Abundance because it creates joy in a person.

Ginger: Ginger has stimulating properties on the gastrointestinal tract. It is commonly used to soothe, comfort and balance digestion. Ginger promotes energy circulation in the body and is widely used in Chinese and Indian medicine to protect the body against a host of diseases. Emotionally, it gives courage.

Clove: Clove has a sweet, spicy aroma that is stimulating and revitalising. Clove oil is highly prized in South India as it is associated with wealth. With its antioxidant properties, it will create abundance in health.

Cinnamon bark: Having a strong stimulating effect on the nervous system, cinnamon bark is a powerful oxygenator, meaning it can improve oxygenation to the brain. It also enhances the activity of other oils.

Spruce: Like Ginger, Spruce was added to Abundance blend for its grounding and balancing effect, giving the user courage.

Photo is for illustration purposes only.

Abundance works with the "law of attraction", which means the things you attract things to yourself.

This oil blend is known as "Fengshui in a bottle".
It has the frequency to attract wealth and prosperity to you.
 Each oil has a frequency, as do our bodies have frequencies.
Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy.
Higher frequencies can influence substances of lower frequencies. For eg. Sacred Frankincense can destroy cancer cells.
Low frequencies make physical changes in our body.
Middle frequencies make emotional changes in our body, and
High frequencies make spiritual changes in our body.


This is my husband's favourite oil. We diffuse Abundance in the bedroom or living room before he has any meeting with clients.
Specifically, I will diffuse it at about 6AM in the mornings, because I wake up earliest in my household on weekdays. Hubby wakes up at 8am. That's effectively 2 hours of inhaling the Abundance molecules.
When you are asleep, your breathing pattern stabilizes, especially during non-REM sleep, therefore oxygenation is optimized.

Photo shared by YL member, unfortunately it is not watermarked so if this photo belongs to you, please let me know so I can credit to the rightful person :)
*Edit to add: photo is from Kai, owner of ONE Drop Singapore, and idea taught by Yvonne Zee.
Wish I knew about Young Living when we renovated our first home three years back!

Other ways of applying Abundance oil include diffusing it in your room / office, or applying on your wrists and chest before meeting a client.
I even read of some people putting 1 or 2 drops into their wallet!
Of course, this is not rocket science so there is no hard and fast rule to oiling.
Do whatever makes you happy and prosper.
And always keep a bottle of vegetable oil or carrier oil on hand in case the essential oils are too strong for you.
Essential oils are oil-based, not water-based. Water drives them deeper into your skin, making the burning effect more, while oils will dilute the essential oils.

Here's to blessings in abundance after oiling! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ashton's cellulitis cured the natural way - we are antibiotic-free.

Just two days ago, Ashton had a couple of mozzie bites which I brushed off.
He started scratching them like crazy and when I got home in the evening, his leg had developed cellulitis (bacterial infection of the skin tissues, NOT cellulite).
Clinical signs of Cellulitis include: redness, swelling, warmth at the site compared to the other peripheral limb. In severe cases, fever may develop.
As you can see from the photo below, his foot and ankle were swollen, the wounds were red and angry. The bigger wound was wet with pus.
Infected ankle was swollen and appeared bigger than his right foot.
 Another photo from Day 1:

Since it was already late evening when I got home, I did not bring him to the doctor's.
Instead, I came up with my own concoction for antibacterial actions.
The oils I used were:
- Lavender (calming, soothing)
- Purification (antibacterial)
- Thieves (antibacterial, boosts immunity, fights infections)
- Lemongrass (powerful antibacterial. Careful it is very HOT. Use in small amounts)
- Frankincense (for skin conditions, infections, healing, anti-scarring)
- Lemon (cleanses skin, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, increases white blood cells to fight infections)
The dilution ratio I used was 1:1.
Equal parts of EOs to equal parts of carrier oil (I used grapeseed oil) as I needed something non-stinging to my baby's skin, yet powerful enough to deal with the Cellulitis.

After just 1 night of application, this is the result:
No more swelling of his left ankle, redness and swelling GONE totally, and mozzie bite wounds have dried up.
No more pus.

I told my maid to continue applying it a few times throughout the day, and when I got home the next evening, she told me Ashton didn't scratch the entire day!
My mother-in-law asked me, "What oil is that??" and she was so surprised when I said they are essential oils and even her relatives have bought YLEOs for their own kids!

We managed to fight Cellulitis in just ONE night without any steroid creams or antibiotics.
Once again, Young Living works!
Disclaimer: If Cellulitis is left untreated, fever may develop and the condition may require oral antibiotics/ topical creams/ and even Intra-venous antibiotic administration.
I am a nurse working in a women's and children's hospital so I know how to assess my children.

Do seek medical advise if you are unsure.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

How I did a Medicine Makeover for my children and family.

One evening, I was feeling nesty (I'm not pregnant, thanks) and decided to empty and re-arrange the drawers in my kitchen as they were in need of de-cluttering.
I found many ziplock packets of pills of all shapes and sizes - painkillers, anti-pyretic, anti-spasmodic, you name it.
The thing with medications is, you never really need any just ONE. They always come in a combination. Need to take Ponstan or Synflex for your menses cramps? Sure, then you will need Antacids to protect your stomach. Taking Piriton for your flu? Then you can experience drowsiness.
Taking Accutane or Retin-A for your acne? Then you cannot conceive within 6 months of use as they are teratogenic (can cause birth defects or harm the foetus). So on and so forth.
 Plus, there's also this problem with feeding young children medication - the struggles, the resistance from them, fighting with them to make them swallow the colourful syrups and have them cry so hard and vomit everything out again. Not funny!
And then I found these oils:
Just basic handy oils to have in your home. You don't even need a whole range, but mind you, once you start your oiling journey, you'll love these oils so much that you just keep wanting more.
Don't say I didn't warn you!
Peppermint uses: Fever, headache, tummy aches, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence. For fever in children, rub 1-2 drops on each sole of their feet. Repeat or increase frequency if needed.
If using on body or head, dilution with carrier oil is recommended as this is a hot oil.
Purification uses: A blend oil containing Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Maleleuca (tea tree), Lavandin, and Mrytle.
Good for : Insect bites, insect repellent, sore throat, runny nose, cleanse cuts and scrapes, purify and cleanse air in the house. Combine a few drops with a 20-cent portion of carrier oil and rub on chest and back at the first sign of sore throat or flu. Can diffuse in the house for purifying and improving air quality.
R.C. uses: A blend oil of 3 different types of Eucalyptus species, RC is also known as the "Respiratory oil". It contains Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Majoram, Spruce, Lavender, Pine, Peppermint, Myrtle.
It supports respiratory function, and fights off coughs and flu. Eucalyptus also have ability to dissolve mucus (mucolytic) and helps expel the mucus (expectorant). Myrtle helps to fight infections.
Thieves uses: A blend oil consisting of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus radiata, and Rosemary.
The origin of Thieves date back to hundred of years ago in France where four robbers covered themselves in these spices when robbing plague victims. When they were caught, the magistrate took note that they were not affected by the plague and asked them to reveal their secret recipe in exchange for their freedom, otherwise a crime punishable by death back then. 
A herby, spicy blend which is my personal favourite and my go-to oil at any sign of strep throat and cough. For myself and Andy, I rub 2 drops directly onto throat, behind ears and chest. For the kids, I rub them onto their soles neat (undiluted). It is highly efficient in building up the immune system to prevent falling sick so easily.
The results of using these oils are amazing. At the first signs of any illness, I diligently oil the sick party at bedtime and by the next morning, we are all fit as a fiddle again.
It's not to say that you will be invincible if you use essential oils, but they can improve your immune system and make you more resilient.
I made the liberating decision to throw all the medications away. This shows how much faith and trust I have in the oils.

Some people I encountered have no qualms spending a bomb on antibiotics and doctors' consults, but need to do a lot of research about essential oils.

I don't blame them - it's not an easy decision to make! But once you do, you know how liberating and in-control of your family's health you are!

No more forcing medications down the children's throats. Everybody's happy :)
P.S. This post is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. If you have any pressing medical issues, please consult a medical doctor and discuss your intention to use complementary or alternative therapy (eg. TCM, essential oils, acupuncture). More importantly, know your own body.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Young Living for your children.

Having two kids (toddler and pre-school age) of my own, I am particularly interested in children behaviour and well-being.
Once you've used essential oils to improve your children's health physically (eg. Thieves, RC, Peppermint), you can now better concentrate on another aspect - their cognitive and psychosocial development.
Growing up and going to school may seem like a natural and normal process to you, but to children it can be extremely frightening and stressful. They are learning about the big wide world, yet at the same time are being thrown into uncertainty all the time.
Here are some oils which have been widely and safely used on children of school-going age, with positive results from parents.
The smaller bottles (5ml = approx 100 drops of oils per bottle) are from my FIRST Everyday Oils kit which has lasted me for over 2 months!

Cedarwood: Contains the highest percentage (98%) of sesquiterpenes, meaning they are highly effective in crossing the blood brain barrier and reaching the limbic system. Cedarwood is capable of stimulating the brain and is therefore also known as a "sleepy oil" because it promotes Melatonin production. Cedarwood is widely used for reducing brain "fog" and allows mental clarity.
I rub one drop onto Adam's crown at night after bath when his hair is still damp and pores are still open, and one drop onto his brainstem before bedtime.

Frankincense: Regenerates cells, helps in concentration and lifts depression. Frankincense can also stimulate limbic system of the brain, and has been known for its wide healing and regenerating properties.

Peppermint: With its unmistakable strong aroma once you open the cap, Peppermint is an affordable and quick way to promote focus and concentration. One drop on the back of the neck (near brainstem), and rubbed on the temples is all you need for the instant mood lift. I rub one drop near Adam's brainstem before he goes for his abacus class on Tuesday evenings, and it helps him stay alert in class. His teacher has remarked that he is focused in doing abacus, sometimes doing faster than his classmates. By his 8th lesson (there are 10 lessons a term), he has already finished an entire workbook and upgraded to another workbook of higher difficulty.
One caution is that Peppermint is a "hot" oil and 1-to-1 dilution (1 drop Peppermint + 1 drop carrier oil) is recommended if applying directly onto children's skin.

Peace & Calming: This is one of the most popular oils for babies and children alike. It is also safe for pregnancy, and is used to relief tension. It is relaxing and reduces hyperactivity. I use it 30 minutes before bedtime for Adam as a night massage routine, and it helps him fall asleep faster. No more tossing and turning, and he's never wet the bed or woken up in the middle of the night since using Peace & Calming. Better quality sleep results in a relaxed and focused child in the day-time. Some parents even use it before going to school to relieve stress and anxiety.

Lavender: Lavender is no stranger to relaxing ambiences at spas, and when used in the home, it aids calming of the body. It also helps induce sleep. Rub on the soles of children's feet because it is very strong. If using for back massage, dilution with carrier oil is needed.

Valor: aka Chiropractor in a bottle. Balances the body, balances internal energy (or "qi"), instils courage and self-esteem. A very nice, bluish, aromatic oil which promotes grounding and strengthening. Valor is often used not just for body and bones alignment (scoliosis, pain), but also for children with Autism and ADHD who have learning difficulties and problems coping In school as Valor instils confidence in them.

You may notice that most of the oils will produce same or similar effects on children, and are commonly used for Autistic or ADHD kids.
This does not mean that a normal child cannot use these oils, and definitely not all children who are hyper are sufferers of ADHD/ADD, and not all quiet introverts as classified as Autistic.

 You've gotten some of the oils you need for the family, now what?
Other than applying neat/ diluted with carrier oils onto your skin (body's largest organ), you can also diffuse the oils.
Essential oils are so potent and have such tiny molecular structure, allowing them to pass through blood brain barrier to reach your pineal gland and limbic system of the brain.
When you diffuse the oils, the precious molecules are suspended in the atmospheric air and inhaled directly into your system.
Afterall, that's where the word "aromatherapy" comes from.
Did you know? Only Young Living brand of diffusers can be used to diffuse YL EOs.
Other brands of diffuser/ humidifier will destroy the therapeutic properties of your precious oils, and certainly NO burning with a tealight!
However, you may diffuse other brands of EOs in your YL diffuser.
That's the difference in quality you pay for.
So now, fill your diffuser with a few drops of your favourite oil, diffuse, and take a deep breath.