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Hi everyone! Welcome to "Confessions of a Mumzilla".
My name is Veron and I became a Mum at the age of 26, and life, as we know it, is changed forever.
If you're looking for a blog that talks about making home-made soap, knitting projects and home-schooling ideas, GREAT, as there are plenty of such blogs out there.

At "Confessions of a Mumzilla", I mostly talk about my struggle with motherhood, wifehood, and everything else in between.
I married my soulmate, my best friend, and honest critic after dating for some 7 years.
Between Andy & I, we have 2 kids and various other pets like fish and 3 dogs (1 of whom passed away in 2012).
I graduated with a Bachelor in Nursing and am currently still practicing as a full-time nurse in the biggest women and child hospital in Singapore.

I had our firstborn barely 3 months after my 26th birthday. There I was, grappling with baby blues, while most of our peers were still partying, dating, and planning weddings.
I made mistakes as a new mum all the time (I still do!).
Thankfully, God has been very kind, He sent angels into my life in ways I never imagined possible - in the form of colleagues, online people, and especially fellow Mummy-bloggers who are selfless and nurturing mothers, unselfish in their sharing of experiences and advice.

I particularly enjoy conversations with like-minded mothers who are honest to a T about motherhood, as I believe it is okay to say things like how you're afraid your hyperactive child may have ADHD, or how lost you are at this parenting job, and how shitty your charges are at the supermarket.
It's Ok to be real, it is OK to be YOU.
So feel free to hit me with your honest confessions.

The husband:
I met Andy when I was 20, and he 21.
He and I are alike in most ways - we share the same attitudes toward finances, discipline, hobbies and animals - that's why I'm still quite fond of him.
However, in other ways, we cannot be more different - specifically I like to be on time and he is always late, we have a different religion, and he can be pretty hung up about "stuff". Like how he cannot stand Adam running his toy vehicles along the leather of his car as it will leave scratches, and stuff like that. Yes, my husband is anal like that.
I guess this is to teach us that there isn't such a thing as a perfect match, and as I quote my wise father, "marriage needs constant working-on".

He is the perfect lid for the odd pot I am.

17 May 2009.
Our first born. A totally unplanned and surprise pregnancy. Actually, I am still reeling in the shock today, few years on. But accidents happen, that is life (please excuse my puny metaphor).
From conception to birth, Adam has always been the Drama King. In utero, he would make huge movements that amused my own Mum and husband who watched my bump with interest.
His arrival story is also Oscar-worthy.
I woke up in a huge, slimy, puddle of water on my bed (think the viscosity of amniotic fluid is thick therefore it wasn't readily absorbed into my mattress and instead swished around. Too much info. Sorry).
Andy thought I pissed on myself due to "pregnancy bladder" but after I told him to grab the hospital bag, the fact started sinking in Andy's head. We were going to have a baby. Like NOW.
I was only 37W3D, but when a baby's gotta come, a baby's gotta come.
I was in the Labour ward and upon being checked, I was already 4cm dilated and the midwife exclaimed that the baby's feet were coming!! Someone call Dr Don to come immediately!
In a haste, I was transferred from bed to trolley and wheeled to OT to have my baby.
And melodramatically, my Adam is born. Till today, he is still my Drama King.
He reminds me of me, Mommy's special boy!
On the day Adam was born, I, as a mother, was also born.
The woman in me existed before, but the mother, never.

24 August 2012.
Some 2 years and 3 months following the birth of Adam, our second (and last) baby was born.
Apart from coming from the same place, the similarities between my two children end there.
Andy and I could tell their differences since conception. Ashton has always been in the "correct" position in my womb all the way since my first scan of him (unlike Adam who was head-down one scan, transverse the other, and breech in the end).
And unlike Adam, Ashton is less vocal, but very sweet and is very easy to please. He is the kind who has no problems with sleep as it requires very minimal effort to put him down for naps or bedtime. Despite his quiet disposition, he has a way of tugging at my heartstrings, simply by his gentle gazes and tender touches. He has lesser toys, far lesser attention, and uses hand-me-downs, but still he is a very good-natured baby.

Ashton is my second chance at motherhood. The baby with whom I could right the wrongs I did with Adam.
Oh my precious Ashton!

Disclaimer: This blog is made of 100% natural ingredients, therefore, irregularities in grammar and spelling are natural and not to be considered faults but inherent of the beauty of it.
All photos and ideas belong to the author unless otherwise credited.


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