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Friday, December 14, 2012

I want to remember

I want to remember all these faces.
Happy and unhappy faces. The good and the bad.
One day I'm going to grow too old, or my baby is gonna grow up too quickly, then I'm gonna miss  these faces all over again.
Presenting Adam's twin - born 3 years apart.

Working with infertile couples makes me appreciate my children, and takes the saying "children are God's gifts" to a whole new level. I thank God everyday for His generosity and blessing.

Some days are dandy - the children sleep early and I can squeeze in some 10 minutes reading the news or surfing the internet. Or simply doing nothing and enjoying the quietness.
Some days are not so fine - both kids are wide awake way past their bedtimes, I feel dog-tired but am forced to go through the whole notion of attending to their 1001 needs before they are satisfied enough to finally fall asleep.
I get no off-days from my kids. I am a Mummy 365 days a year. The good news is, my kids are my greatest fans, and that is a wonderful feeling because on days when you feel lousy, you need to be with people who need you and think you are important to them.
When they grow and grow and hit the ceiling (Adam's theory) and have their own lives, then it'll be my turn to be their biggest fan!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Resorts World Sentosa: Marine Life Park

School's out!
My mummy-friend helped me get tickets to the all-new Marine Life Park at RWS from a Groupon deal.
Andy & I skipped Xmas shopping in town and instead brought my in-laws to RWS, armed with our two kids, huge bags and a pram.

Where: Resorts World Sentosa
Entry: we had the tickets for cheap together with meal vouchers, but I asked the staff and she told me normal adult tickets are priced at $29/pax. Children below 4 admit for free.

Adam was SO excited and behaved surprisingly well. He loves the ocean and anything water-themed.
Going out as a family is major operation. Can you see our bags (which took up half a seat), and our 2 children in our 7-seater?
We could fit everyone into my tiny white car, if we all arranged ourselves lying down and stacking on top of one another I guess.
Which way out Mummy??

First stop: lunch at the Malaysian Food Street where we used our meal vouchers. I love hawker food, oh flabby tummy!

My tame kids in their respective seats. But that's only because I threatened Adam that he would get lost and fed to the sharks if he ran around.

Andy & my in-laws had the Malacca chicken rice...

... while I shared Claypot rice with Adam. Have been craving for claypot rice for very long already. So happy to eat this, especially the slightly burnt rice at the bottom of the pot. Yum!
Apparently Singapore likes to be Number 1 in many things - we now have the world's largest Oceanarium at our doorsteps (give or take a 30-min drive).

My little botak darling trying to fit into the theme by wearing a Whale romper.

My oversized baby. He's gonna be 4 in a matter of months and I've given him his next birthday as a deadline for him to give up his bottle and night diaper. Good luck to me.

I was wearing a black blouse from Gap Kids with my pre-pregnancy Levis jeans.
Bag: Balenciaga in "raisin" color
Shoes: TODS purple ruched flats.
I kinda like Purple err thang!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Baby Ashton 3 months old

I'll be going back to work in exactly a week's time but Ashton is still far from weaning from the breast.
In fact, ever since we came back from Perth, he's been hanging on to my boobs for dear life, refusing any form of bottle. It's as if Ashton doesn't want Mama to ever leave him again.
Latex teats, silicone ones, Medela bottles, AVENT bottles, NUK bottles, cold turkey, spoon, we tried everything! but none worked.
The thing that worries my MIL most is, I'm not very bothered by it. As a matter of fact, I love breastfeeding my baby because it is such a special relationship which I will look back upon one day and miss all over again.

I'm really taking my time with this baby.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My baby

sprawls his legs out and makes "swimming" movements like a turtle. He is learning how to crawl.

Here's looking at you, babe!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The most beautiful morning

The most beautiful morning is when you wake up to two of the people you love with your whole life, looking at you and smiling.

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are grey
You never know dear how much I love you...

Face to face and heart to heart.

Notice how Adam has abandoned his pillow so that he can sleep closer to Daddy.

There's nowhere else I wanna be other than right here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Lunar 4th Month!

Baby Adam turned 4 months old according to the Lunar Calendar, and my fav Aunt LY came over early in the morning to pray, and it was the start of an overwhelming day for Baby Adam cos after that, he had to go back to my folks' to pray to our ancestors as well, followed by the inevitable shopping with my Mum.

As a custom, you need to put your 4 mths old (according to Lunar calendar) baby in a walker as a symbol of 快高长大 or "to grow up fast".
So here he is, in his new F1 wheels and trying to comprehend what all this is about!

The whole time he was mostly fixated on the gear-stick because it produces music when you "change gear"

Still fixated on the gear stick and driving his vehicle all over the place!

Technically, he is still only 3mths old, so although he can hold his head up and his feet can touch the ground, I think I will suspend his license for a couple of months before letting him drive again! Kiasi Mummy here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fit for a King

Ok, I said I will share some happy news, so here is the "Silver lining in every cloud" post :)

Lady Luck must've been smiling on us, because we won 4D!
We won Starters, and would have won 2nd prize as well if not for a jump in the digits.
But cant ask for more, and because Andy's folks also chipped in some $$, everyone made a little windfall :)

Part of the prize money goes to a new baby walker and a swinging high-chair!

Thanks to Baby Adam for always bringing us luck. This is the 2nd time we won 4D since the arrival of Baby Adam. The first time was on the day we bought his new rocker, and it was that very first time when we sat him down on the rocker while Andy switched on the telecast, our carplate number opened!

Adam's new wheels. Yes, this Daddy fell for the F1 hype.

His new high chair on swivel wheels. Just in time for weaning. Love the adjustable height so the dogs wont steal his food.

So how is our Lil Prince liking his new throne?

Fit for a King.


Trying to contain his excitement.

Then the whacky banging and shrieking that followed: