Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday High tea at our place

Instead of going out for high tea, we brought Cedele high tea back to us.
To top it off, Chris even baked us a black chocolate stout cake, how cool is that?

Andy & I drove out to Frankel Avenue to get our Cedele this morning.

I heart.

Famous Cedele carrot & walnut cake. Not enough to pass around because all polished off. Nice!!

Chocolate stout cake baked by our Chris. Sprinkled with gold dust somemore. Shiok~!

The gang: Charmaine, Me, Chris, Meena.
Adam is using the toy from Charm as ..... a camera.

P.S. We love throwing parties and get-togethers at our home, and one tip to share: Always have a well-stocked fridge, and make sure you always have food for everyone.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Storm in a teacup

You can tell Adam loves, loves, lovessss baths in the mornings, don't you?

I enjoy photography during my free time, and I have but one aim - to capture the most candid moments life throws our way :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

My bangs

I went for a haircut near my workplace the other day because I knocked off early and had some time to kill before meeting Hubby for dinner.

When I got into the car, Hubby asked me "Who are you?? Why did you get into my car and call me Darling??"
My hubby is very silly lah.

Introducing..... my new hairstyle.

polka dot blouse & grey-wash denim miniskirt: FEP
belt: Hermes
bag: Hermes
watch: Fendi

Motherhood has made me bolder than I ever thought I would be. Even if I turn into an ugly duckling or a big fat pig, I know Adam will love me all the same :]

Monday, August 15, 2011

Singapore Flyer

In spite of being Singaporeans, Sunday was the first time we went on board the Singapore Flyer.
Didn't really fancy the idea - and still don't - but my in-laws wanted to go, so we found it a good excuse for family outing with the kid :)

I'm wearing a black jumper from my client's boutique called Fancy Empire at Tampines Mall. Her clothes are imported from Korea and only 1 piece per design :)

Breathtaking views from the Flyer. Up, up and away!

It was all good fun and a little bit of Sunday family-togetherness, but to Adam, being confined in a carriage and made to sit still for anything longer than 3 minutes is a torture :P

Now that he is no longer the teeny baby, I seriously wonder how we're gonna keep him contained on future plane rides.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


(This post is dedicated to my beloved son.)

Sometimes I look back at my own childhood and cannot help but envy my own child.

When I was young, I didn't have all the luxuries that Kai is enjoying now.
I grew up in a family that although was not poor, but neither were my parents rich.
My brothers and I didn't have our own rooms, we shared a bedroom with our Grandma/maid until I was 10 or 12.
My parents didn't have a car, and they still don't have one now. We travelled everywhere by public transport.
My brothers and I didn't travel beyond Thailand(once) and Hong Kong(once) when we were young whereas every school holiday, my classmates would fly to farm stays in Australia, sheep-shearing in New Zealand, and many other countries which I could only imagine what they looked like or see on TV.
And then, I didn't travel to anywhere again until I met my then-bf Andy.
We didn't have handheld gadgets when we were little and we borrowed books from the school library.
While all my classmates had computers and chatted on IRC and surfed internet, I persuaded my father for a long time before he relented and bought me a PC, but with no Internet. I remembered I could only install games from floppy disks while my friends chatted about their topics in IRC.
I remembered I wanted a pet dog sooooo badly, I literally begged my father to let me adopt a dog on my 21st Birthday, and then I adopted a Shetland Sheepdog named Alice. Still, I fought hard and shed much tears just to get to keep my dog because as my Dad put it: "We don't need a dog to guard the door when we are staying in a flat, not kampong".
My girl friends had supplementary credit cards, designer bags, the latest phones/digicams and lavish parties when they turned 21.
I worked and saved and depended on my then-bf to pay for my driving lessons whereas my lucky friends had theirs paid for by parents and could even drive their parents' cars when they got their licenses.

These are fragments from the childhood that I remember.
Bless my father, he put food on our table and saw us through school, but times were different.

I was definitely not decked out in Burberry Baby or Ralph Lauren threads.
I didn't have my own bedroom, play room, or a dog I could boss around.
I didn't have my tresses styled by professionals.
I didn't get chauffered to school every morning.

I hope children of today will grow up tomorrow appreciating how lucky they are.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy National Day with best friends in da World!

Had the best people in the world come over for a celebration today, and we're all decked out in RED!

All except my naughty boy, his red clothes are all at my in-laws'. Hmmmffttt! But red Superman logo can do? :P

Our nation's favourite past-time....

Red drinks somemore.

Father & son signature smile :D

Most importantly, we had cupcakes for dearest Charmaine because this is probably her last SINGLE gathering with us until she is officially announced Mrs Aunty Poh. HAHAHA

Aunty Charmaineeee

My auntiessss *heart*

Best mates in the world!

We really enjoy throwing parties and gatherings at our place. It's fun to feed and water people, and brings us much joy to have friends and family come together for some much-lacking laughter :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dempsey brunch and icecream on Sunday

American breakfast, pasta, icecream - brunch at Dempsey today was terrific with a different mix of yappy and angmo crowd.

It's Adam's first time there, we had initially wanted to bring him to Go Go Bambini, but it's nothing fantastic compared to Rochester House, therefore probably not worth your time bringing your child there because one accompanying adult has to be there so it really defeats the purpose of having an indoor playground to let parents have a meal in peace.

P.S. My men are spotting the same hairstyles now ;D

I love Sundays, dont you?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

More photos of our new home

My new neighbourhood is starting to grow on me.
- It's nestled serenely amongst the landed propoerty estates
- near the expressway
- 10 minute's walk to Simei or Expo MRT
- short drive from the airport and Singapore Expo

Anyway, here are some photos taken some time ago when our contractor came by to take pictures for his company blog.

We went to Robinsons sale and bought heavily-discounted Balmain sheets :)

Simply love, love the Chanel-inspired quilt designs on our furniture, bling bling bed frame and chandaliers.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adam is enrolled for Nursery!

Come 2012, it will be time for Adam to attend Pre-Nursery (or N1).
Andy & I have been searching/short-listing high and low for a good preschool for our preschooler for some time now, in fact, ever since we moved - and we finally found one!

Today, I took the morning off and went with Andy to the new school to have Adam registered. Kiasu I know, but in Singaporean context, we are considered very late for registration, considering hordes of parents do it a year in advance!

We met the Principal who was very patient and friendly and didn't rush the whole process.
We then did a school tour of the huge premises.

The classrooms

The Principal placed emphasis on the importance of outdoor activities and play for children and I totally agree. Check out their magnificient outdoor area, which actually consists of uphill and downhill.

Uphill, it's a little garden corner with a rabbit pen

and flower beds where the kids do gardening

Kids out at play

The school is spacious, clean, has a seperate kitchen area and even a canteen for the children to have their meals, and of course the well-kept great outdoors.
I have to admit I'm really impressed and most importantly, I can now heave a huge sigh of relief :)
Next up - to buy white school shoes and new sets of uniform!