Tuesday, January 14, 2020

{sponsored post} BakKwaDelivery.sg

When it comes to CNY shopping this year, I just want everything to be fast and easy.
I can't be in a busier time in my life right now - Adam just started P5 (his last year before PSLE), and Ashton has started P2 (bye bye honeymoon year).
Come February, my days will be spent sending and fetching them around their school/ enrichment/ tuition.

When Bakkwadelivery.sg contacted me to collaborate, I jumped for joy.
I was gonna have 1kg of charcoal-roasted goodness delivered right to my doorstep!

Let's check out the food stuff:

What BakKwaDelivery.sg website says:
"At Bak Kwa Delivery, we are highly invested in the quality of our Bak Kwa. Unlike other Bak Kwa shops who have given up the traditional methods of roasting Bak Kwa in favour of newer methods, we are still roasting Bak Kwa the same way it has been done since the 20th Century.
Charcoal roasted and bamboo sieved, our Bak Kwa gives off a mind-blowing unique fragrance and taste you’ll not find anywhere else."
 To order, simply click on SHOP.
Currently, as of 14/01/2020, the Spicy Bak Kwa option is out-of-stock, they are only left with their classic Traditional pork slices, going for $55.90 per KG (that's about 12 huge slices with each slice bigger than a piece of Gardenia bread).

There is a flat rate delivery fee of $12.90, regardless of your amount of order.
I feel the delivery fee is a wee bit pricey, but it beats having to pay for parking and queuing for hours even before opening hours to get your hands on another competitor brand.

Their website also claimed that speedy delivery can be done in 2 hours, depending on availability. 
Simply put, it was Charcoal-roasted, Bamboo-sieved goodness.
They also make great gifts for family and relatives without you having to purchase them physically at stores.
Do check out BakKwaDelivery.sg for your last minute CNY shopping!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Beijing December 2019 - PART THREE

Part three - Checked out of Le Zai Nanluo and on to Waldorf Astoria hotel.
After staying in their traditional si-he-yuan (cottage style), this swanky and posh hotel is something different, a change which we welcomed.

Today is free-and-easy day, after we checked in and dumped our luggage we walked around the vicinity in search of local street food and shopping.

Qian Men

The Chinese donch care if Starbucks is an American company, you simply had to fit in if you wanted business in China.

Qian Men street where we bought their local delights and some local souvenirs for quite a steal

The first and oldest cinema in China - Daguanlou